“……uta kun”

In the pitch-darkness of my sunken thoughts. A gentle voice tickled my ears like a gentle breeze.

Then, something warm caressed my cheek.

“Souta kun. ……Geez.”

The voice with a small chuckle is pleasant to the ear. The next moment I think so.

“If you don’t get up soon…I’m going to do something naughty.”

Something like that whispered in my ear. My consciousness was awakened at once.

I opened my eyelids and saw a beautiful face right in front of me.

Like the bottom of the sea, like a jewel. Beautiful blue eyes that made me want to look at them forever.

Her lips were a light peach color and so fresh that I couldn’t help but want to touch them with my fingers.

Her cheeks are smooth and glistening, without a single blemish.

Her face was reminiscent of Western Europe, and she had a beauty that caught everyone’s attention.

Her pure white and silky hair slid down her shoulders and fell over her cheeks. It tickled a little.

Nagi gently scooped up the hair with her fingers and put it over her ears.

“Good morning, Souta kun.”

Nagi brought her face close to me and dropped her lips.

I felt a soft touch on my shoulder at the same time as I smelled a soft and sweet fragrance.

I wonder what it was. I don’t need to see it, but I will try not to pay attention to it as much as possible.

“…..Good morning, Nagi.”

I replied, and Nagi smiled softly. That smile is something you can’t help but admire.

That smile is something that comes to me on a daily basis. …..I’ve never been able to get used to it, even though I should be.

“Now then, Souta kun. Let’s have breakfast together when you are ready. The Miso soup is ready.”

“Y-yeah. Thank you.”

Nagi is a morning person. …..I told her I would wake up with an alarm, but she said she wanted to wake me up herself.

Nagi was about to return like that. She raised her voice and stopped.

“Souta kun.”

Nagi turned around and called my name again. As I was tilting my head wondering what it was, Nagi approached me.

“Souta kun, I’m replenishing your energy.”

My body was wrapped in something soft and warm. I realized I was being hugged and…..I put my hand around her back.

I love Nagi in my hand. I hugged her tightly and strongly.

Nagi responded by making her hand stronger.

“I’m not going to make that arrangement anymore. Whenever I feel like it, I’ll kiss you, hug you, or….beg you.”

“Yeah. Whenever. …..I’ll tell you when I feel like it too.”

I heard Nagi giggle and whisper in my ear, [I love you].

She is my girlfriend–my fiancée, Shinonome Nagi.


Souta kun is really cool, kind and….cute.

I couldn’t help but stare at his sleeping face, and before I knew it, five minutes had passed.

It feels like it’s too late now because I was greedy.

“Nn, it’s delicious. It warms my body and makes me feel relieved.”

“Fufu. I’m glad.

Souta kun eats really deliciously. I almost forgot to eat my own meal and kept looking at him.

Souta kun also has a beautiful way of eating. I think his parents raised him well.

Then we chat with each other while eating. We talked about how Hayama san and her family would spend their winter vacation and how Makizaka san and the others would spend their time.

“Come to think of it, both Papa and Mama went out, which was a rare occurrence for them.”

“Went out……until night?”

“Yes. Suzaka san and the others are working overnight, so I told her I was staying overnight. It seems that they came back this morning.”

Suzaka san is the person who took care of Mama in the past.

She was hired to help her after she lost her job due to a certain incident. She’s still good friends with Mama, and I heard that she’s staying with her and working for her because of the good employment conditions. She also has days off, but spends most of them at home.

She used to play with me a lot and still teaches me how to cook and so on. She’s a good person.


“Yes.Especially recently, we almost always have dinner together. Before, we used to have dinner together as long as Papa and the others weren’t busy.”

When I said that, Souta kun smiled softly. He muttered, [I see].

“I see you are getting along well with each other.”

“Yes !”

With Papa and Mama. I talk to them quite a bit more often these days. They both call me in between work, and over dinner they ask me about school and about Souta kun and the others. On the contrary, I’ve been hearing more and more about their work, etc.

–But I don’t know what to say. It’s all thanks to Souta kun.

“Thank you very much.”

“……Hm? Sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

I whispered so quietly that Souta kun couldn’t hear it.

“I said, [I love you].”

When I said that, Souta kun’s eyes rolled back in his head and his cheeks turned red.

It was so cute that I couldn’t help but smile. Souta kun looked away quickly once. He matched my gazes.

“I love you, too.”

That’s what he said.

……Ah. It’s strange.

Even though I should’ve been told that a lot. I don’t feel like getting used to it.

The muscles in my cheeks loosened up, almost revealing my sloppy mouth. I hid it with my hand without thinking.

I was so filled with feelings of “I’m so happy” and “I love you” that I almost overflowed.

I know that Souta kun will accept it when it overflows, but it’s still no good.

I will always want Souta kun. I don’t care whether it is at home or outside.

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, so I somehow restrained myself and ate my meal.

“…..It’s delicious.”

Souta kun drank the miso soup again and muttered quietly. The words made me even happier.

This is how he conveys even the slightest feelings.

Souta kun is–my lover and fiancé.


When I thought about that, I couldn’t help but smile from the corner of my mouth, and Souta kun looked at me with a small smile. It was a very kind smile.

In the meantime, happy times passed–the time to return to Souta kun’s hometown drew near.


After spending two hours on the Shinkansen, we arrived at the station. This is the first time for me to travel this far away from home.

If it were true, it would take another 30 minutes by train.

Souta kun looked at the entrance of the station and let out a sigh. There was–

Souta kun’s mother. ……The person who would be my mother-in-law, Minori Kazumi were there, and a strong man was standing next to her.

“Soutaaa ! My beloved son !”

“Dad. I beg you, please don’t shout.”

That strong man…..who was Sota-kun’s father…..which means he would be my father-in-law, came up to us. He hugged Souta kun.

“I wonder how many years it’s been since…..we’ve seen each other like this.”

“It’s been four months. I went back for summer vacation, right?”

“You idiot. It’s been about four years.”

“Yes, yes.”

Souta kun seemed to be a little bit happy even though he was……somewhat dismissive in his way of speaking.

“Geez, dear. Nagi chan is overwhelmed, you know?”

“O-oh. I’m sorry.”

Souta kun’s father let go of Souta kun. He looked at me.

……So huge. One size larger than Souta kun.

Even Souta kun is not short, but there is a big difference. He’s around 190 cm I guess.

Souta kun is not thin either. I think he’s blessed with a good physique. He has big hands.

But he’s bigger than Souta kun. He had an appearance that stood out from the people around him.

I couldn’t help but flinch. My mother-in-law looked at me and giggled.

“Don’t be nervous. He’s a shy person. He’s so concerned about the smell of aging that he sprays deodorant all over the room and even tries to spray himself with it.”

“What are you doing, Dad…..?”

The two of them said that, Souta kun’s father laughed a little. He looks shy.

You should never judge a person by their appearance. Yes, it’s all right.

“I-I’m very happy to meet you for the first time. I have known Souta kun for a long time. I’m his girlfriend……no. His fiance, Shinonomi Nagi.”

Somehow I managed to say it without biting my tongue. Don’t loosen your expression even though you’re relieved.

“Nice to meet you.”

Then, when I lowered my head…after a short silence.


“Wait, Dad…..”

I could hear the exchange between Souta kun and his father. I looked up to see what was going on.

Souta kun’s father was hugging him again.

“I’m glad. I’m so glad. There’s a girl who understand your good point, Souta.”

“O-okay, I get it. Get away from me, Dad. You’ve got snot in your nose ! It’s dirty !”

Moreover, Father-in-law was crying. Souta kun tried to pull him away, but he didn’t budge.

Then, my mother-in-law let out a sigh.

Zubiish !

And she chopped Father-in-law’s head with her hand. With a lot of force.


“Seriously…I told you not to be sticky with Souta outside. But more than that.”

“Such a thing…it’s a matter of life and death.”

“I’ll get to that later. Dad. Self-introduction.”

“Y-yes ! My name is Minori Daigo ! I’m Souta’s father ! My dream is to be called “grandpa” by my grandchildren and to be called “I love you, daddy” by Souta !”

“I won’t say that.”

Father-in-law straightened his back and bowed beautifully.


I thought back to that exchange. I couldn’t help but laugh.

–I thought I understood why Souta kun is Souta kun.

He is kind, firm, and considerate.

He was a bit of a spoiled kid, and he was good at spoiling people, which I knew very well.

“From now on, please take care of my dear son. Nagi chan.”

‘Yes. I will surely make him happy. –I will be happy. Both of us.”

Once you accept those words. I tell them my intention.

–I don’t know if Souta kun is talking about that or not.

Either way, I can’t take advantage of the situation just to accept it like this.

Especially if I know that Souta kun is loved so much.

But not now.

I haven’t thought about when to cut it yet.

But for now, let’s switch over and enjoy. Let’s enjoy Souta kun’s hometown.

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