[….You won’t do it?]

The words are still ringing strongly in my ears.

I looked at Nagi, wondering if I had misheard her. Then, Nagi stared back at me.

“You don’t have to hold back.”

The hand that was holding my hand is gently let go, and that thin, beautiful finger is placed on my chest.

“……D-don’t tease me too much.”.

“I’m not teasing you. ….I’m serious.”

The closer Nagi came to me, the stronger her flowery sweet smell became.

There is almost no distance between me and Nagi. We came to a distance where we could touch each other if we moved even a little.

Nagi’s blue eyes shot through me. She grabbed my hand again.

And then she put her hand on my chest–


I called her name once. Nagi’s movement suddenly stopped.


When I called her name again, Nagi slowly removed her hand.

She looked a little anxious. Nagi was staring at me. I hugged her.

“Fwueh? S-Souta kun?”


Three times. I called her name three times.

“I love you.”

I want her to know how I feel.

“I love you, Nagi. ….I really love you, Nagi.”

Fearfully, Nagi crawled her hand on my back. She hugged me back.

“That’s why I want to treasure you, Nagi.”

I patted her back to reassure her.

“B-but that’s. Does that mean…..I’m not attractive as a woman?”

“That’s not true. ….I don’t know how to say it. I can feel Nagi’s feminine charms to the fullest. I’m trying my best not to direct my gaze there.”

“……You can look at me more.”

While the small mumbled words tickled my heart. I ignored them for now and hugged Nagi tightly.

“–Nagi. You still feel sorry for me.”

When I said that, I heard Nagi gasp.

“That’s. But I love Souta kun. W-wel, you know. My desire to do that kind of thing is true.”

“…..Yeah. I hope so. No, I think you’re right. But…”

If I loosen my grip on Nagi, she will do the same. I looked into Nagi’s shining blue eyes at close range.

“I want to be on equal terms with Nagi. If I do it now…..Nagi will be overwhelmed.”

Nagi’s eyes shook for a moment when she heard my words. ……I knew it.

“I’m very glad to hear you say that, Nagi. But I think…’s still too early.”

The problem with Nagi was resolved just this morning. It’s not strange to want to please me even if it’s a little unreasonable.

Of course, I don’t want Nagi to push herself too hard.

There’s plenty of time from now on. Take it easy.

Nagi looked at me.

“……I’m sorry.”

She said so.

“No need to apologize. This is my selfishness. …..Um. I was not ready for it yet.”

Saying that to Nagi, I smiled and put my hand on her head.

“Take it easy. Let’s be happy together, Nagi.”

Then I stroked her head and her cheeks softened slowly.


She smiled and nodded her head.

–Just when I thought that, Nagi’s face suddenly approached me.

Soft and warm lips were placed on top of each other.

“……But if you can’t take it anymore, please let me know. I’m always ready. Don’t worry.”

While her cheeks turned bright red. Nagi said that while wrapping my hands with hers.

Even though I just said it myself, my brain is shaking.

The sweet smell of her hands almost made my thoughts drift, but somehow I managed to hold on.

“It’s not good to hold back, you know?”

“……Got it.”

Although it feels like I’m already wobbly and standing on top of the piled up rubble.

Somehow I nodded, and Nagi smiled in satisfaction.

And then–Nagi looked at me. 

“…You know.”

“What is it?”

It’s a little different from her mysterious looks……She looked a little awkward.

“…..I may be a little bit of a shy girl.”

“What happened all of a sudden. ….You don’t have to worry about that now.”

“No, that’s true but. ……Um, you see.”

Nagi’s face turned red and…she covered her mouth with her hands.

“K-ki….kiss, I want to do it. I think I might love it.”

Nagi looked away shyly and said so.

“When I kiss Souta kun, my head feels fluffy. My heart feels warm, and I feel happy and….the feeling of love overflows. So, you know.”

Nagi turned her moist eyes to me.

“……Can we do it again?”

Why did Nagi–

“Of course.”

I wonder why she’s so cute.

I somehow managed to squeeze out a few words. Nagi’s eyes lit up and she dropped her hand.

“Excuse me.”

She brought her face close to mine. Her soft and warm lips touched me.

They were overwhelmingly sweet. I know it’s an illusion, but I can’t help but feel it. It feels sweet.

Our lips touch each other for less than a few seconds. Nagi pulls away and said,

“One more time.”

She puts her lips on top of mine again. Her eyes were slightly open and she reached her hands behind my back as if to pamper me.

She hugged me and put her lips on mine. Just as quickly as before, it was over.

Our lips were placed on top of each other. It was the third time.

No, not just three times. Our lips were placed on top of each other again, and then separated–just like chicks begging for food from their parents. The kiss was repeated.

How long did it last? Maybe ten minutes.

It was repeated so many times that both Nagi and I were lightly out of breath.

“…..No. This. I don’t want to stop. I’m so happy.”

It’s like when you’re sleepy. Nagi forgot even the honorifics she usually uses when she said that. …..However, while Nagi was saying that, her arms were holding me firmly.

HEr cheeks were red, and a single tear trickled from her moistened eyes. It’s not because she’s sad or anything. I could tell from looking at her that it was the opposite.

I smiled as I wiped the tear drop with my finger.

“If you’re so happy that you’re overflowing, you can do it until you’re satisfied, Nagi. I’m happy too.”

I said that. Nagi stopped just before she put her lips on mine again.

“N-no ! I can’t ! I-it’s going to be morning !”

“……is it?”

“Ah,……I knew it, just one more time,……n-no ! Y-you too, Souta kun ! Don’t spoil me too much !”

Nagi with blushing cheeks looks cute even when she is angry. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s just right for me to spoil you, Nagi. …..It’s okay to be a little selfish.”

“E-even so……it really will be morning. You can’t.”

Nagi let go of the hand she was holding. She gently placed her hand on her chest.


“When I kiss Souta-kun, I become happy. ……This is where my heart is pounding. But I feel relieved because Souta kun is by my side. I want to do it all the time. But that’s why I can’t do it. ……I feel like I’ll be looking for it outside as well.

It is true that it’s not a good idea to do so, and you have to be aware of TPO or you will cause trouble for those around you.

“So. Once a day…n-no more than twice, please.”

At that time. Like when I patted her head more often. Nagi said while hurriedly correcting the situation.

“Oh, I understand. If you want to increase it, just let me know, okay?”

I replied. Nagi nodded happily.

“Yes !”

She replied cheerfully. We lay down again.

The two of us lay on our backs… When I turned my face to Nagi, our eyes met.

“Souta kun.”

“What is it?”

“I love you.”

She squeezed my hand tightly. –It’s not something that can be layered, it’s called a lover’s knot, where fingers are intertwined.

I love you too.

Nagi’s face breaks into a smile as she replies. As if to express overflowing joy.

“… See you tomorrow, then,”

“Yeah. See you tomorrow.”

“Yes ! …..But it’s possible that my heart is beating so fast that I can’t sleep.”

I smiled at Nagi’s words.

“Same here. ……Then let’s talk about something until we get sleepy.”

“Yes ! By all means !”

To Nagi, who nodded her head eagerly. I talked to her.

I talked about where I want to go and what I want to do with Nagi. We talked again and again until we both fell asleep.


My body feels awfully hot.

“….uta kun.”

I heard someone’s voice calling me. My consciousness wakes up rapidly.

“Souta kun, are you okay…..of course not. You’re very hot and sweaty. Please wait, I’ll bring you some water.”

Nagi’s beautiful face was right in front of me. A cool hand was on my forehead. As soon as I felt her hand leave my hand, Nagi walked out of the room.

I tried to get up and….my vision blurred.

–Oh, this feeling. I miss it.

I must have caught a cold.

When I slowly understood it. I saw that Nagi had brought me some water.

Until yesterday. I felt fine until just a few minutes ago.

Let out a hot breath. I received the water from Nagi.

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