[The third place goes to the first class ! But the gap is closing fast ! Good luck !]

Ba-dump, ba-dump. My heart beat louder and faster.

The field day had begun, and finally it came down to the last event.

It was a relay showdown between classes. The first, second, and third classes from the first to the sixth grade were to compete in a relay race. Each class decides who will represent their class, one male and one female, in the relay.

The end is approaching.


Exhale. The next person is receiving the baton more and more.

One person in our class fell down in the middle of the relay. The gap was almost half a lap.

But. Because the girl in front of me did her best. The gap had narrowed considerably.

I calmed my breathing, and my back was sweating from the strain.

I did not mind this time.

“Souta kun !”

“Yeah !”

I received the baton from Nagi, who tied her pure white hair into one knot, and ran.

She passed the baton to me in a flowing way. The start was successful.

I liked running.

There were days when I would run if I had nothing to do, even though it didn’t make sense.

Until I met Nagi, I would even go running outside on days when my dad was busy.

After I met Nagi, that frequency decreased. But I still liked running.

It feels good to run as fast as I can.

I often read in the book that Nagi recommended to me that I can feel the wind, and it is really true.

I felt the wind all over my body. But it’s not enough.

I want to run faster. I want to feel the wind more.

–I thought that was all I wanted to do.

But now I have another thought.

–I want to show Nagi how good I am.

Last year and the year before, I did my best and was praised for winning the first place.

I wanted to show her my cool side this year, too.

“Souta kun, do your best !”

I could hear Nagi’s voice even while I was running. Her voice was like a beautiful bell.

She told me to do my best. I can’t help but work hard.


I almost smiled.

–It’s fun. Ever since Nagi came.

No matter what I do, it’s fun. No matter what happens, it’s fun.

Having a friend is such a fun thing.


Softly, in the back of my mind. Someone asked me.

No, not someone–it’s me.

……Really, are you having fun because you have a friend?

I can’t answer that question.

……Not a friend–

Ignoring those words. I kept running as fast as I could. The goal was right in front of me.

[Right ! First place, first class has crossed the finish line !]

At the same time, I heard the voice.

I had almost no memory of running.

I only remember that it was fun.

Once I understood that I was in first place, I felt tired all at once.

Because the last person runs one lap. I don’t have a lot of energy either. It was only natural that I would get tired.

Sweat was pouring out of my body. The wind that I had been feeling all over my body was gone at once.

When I was breathing well, I felt a jolt through my entire body.

“It’s amazing ! You’re amazing, Souta kun !”

She hugged me tightly.

It was hot and soft. She smelled good.

My face became hot all at once.

“N-Nagi. I-I just ran earlier.”

“……? A-are you about to collapse !? I’ll support you !”

“N-no, not that !”

It smelled so good. My heart was pounding.

“U-um. I-I’m sweating a lot. I bet it smells.”

“……? It’s a sign that Souta kun worked hard.

Nagi tilted her head cutely…..she opened her eyes and left.

“P-perhaps, I stink of sweat !?”

“N-no, it’s not like that. It’s rather nice sme……i-it’s nothing.”

“……! I-I see.”

Just like that. I realized that this place was still on the ground…not far from where I was running.

The line of sight is amazing.

“N-Nagi. Let’s go back for now.”

“Y-yes !”

Ignoring my dad who was holding the camera in the distance….I think Nagi’s father was holding a camera next to him. Maybe it was just my imagination.


It wasn’t my imagination, apparently.

I don’t remember Nagi’s father being that kind of character. Because she said her father talks a lot these days. It may have been a strange influence.

While thinking about such things, I pulled Nagi’s hand and returned to the class line.

“Souta kun.”

Nagi, who sat behind me, poked me on the shoulder and called my name.

When I turned around, Nagi put her hands in a tube and put them on my ears.

“I also like your smell, Souta kun…….I also like the smell of Souta kun when he is sweating.”

The voice that was whispering in my ear made me shudder. Something ran down my spine.

I don’t know what that something is.

But it was not something unpleasant.

A shiver ran down my spine, and Nagi gave a small smile.

I belatedly realized what the words meant.

My face got so hot that I had to look forward to hide from Nagi.


When the field day is over. That time will come.

“Minori kun was amazing.”

“Yeah ! You were so fast at the end !”

Some girls would come and talk to me.

“That was great, too, but–“

“The hug with Shinonome at the end ! Isn’t that crazy?”

They were talking to me all at once, and I could only smile affectionately at them. Moreover, Nagi is going to washroom/

I keep smiling affectionately, wishing she would come back soon. It’s pretty tough.

……What’s tough? It was the gaze of boys, not from the girls.

Everyone is looking at me very uninterestingly.

I was in the middle of a hardening of my face because of my smile.

“S-Souta kun !”

I was relieved when Nagi entered the classroom. Nagi was walking towards me.

“N-no ! Souta kun, no !”

My mind went blank.

I was hugged tightly in the head. The back of my head was soft—no, no. I heard girls hate it when I think about something like this.

“Kyaa ! So bold !”

And the girls scream…..scream? I think they’re happy.”

“I’m sorry~”

“We won’t talk to him without your permission, Shinonome chan〜”

“I wish you happiness〜”

After saying that, they went back to their seats.


I was relieved when Nagi let go. Nagi gently put her hand on my shoulder.


“It’s nothing.”

The look on her face said everything. I was wondering what to do, when I saw the girls looking at us from the other side.

“…..It’s kind of nice.”

“Too cute.”

“I’m glad I talked to him.”

“Make you want to support them.”


They seem to be talking about something, but I can’t quite make out what it is.

I suddenly looked at the classroom. I saw three people who were quieter than the others.

The three are the boys who had been involved with me until the year before last. They are Katou and the others.

“……Nagi. What did I really do?”

“What do you mean?”

Maybe Nagi did something. She was very angry in the beginning. Even after I changed my personality, she was still angry.

Lately. She stopped talking to me at all.

“Fufu. What are you talking about?”

“……Wou know what I’m talking about, don’t you?”

“Well, what do you think?”

Nagi poked me on the nose with her finger.

“Sigh. Did you see that?”

“I can guess.”

“I don’t want to destroy that world.”

“I know.”

As usual, I can’t understand the conversation of the girls talking in the distance.

“Geez. Don’t look away.”

“I-I didn’t.”

I shook my head and Nagi laughed a little.

“Souta kun. You really worked hard yesterday.”

The white hand rested on my head.

“I-it was field day. Everyone worked hard and so did Nagi.”

“Right. Everyone did their best. I did my best too.”

Nagi came around from behind to the front of the desk. She squatted down, put her arms on the desk and rested her chin.

“What if I say I want a reward for my hard work?”

“……W-what do you want?”

“The usual.”

The usual. ….That can only be one thing.


“Yes ! Now !”

Nagi smiled. She is smiling so much.

I can’t…..say no to this.

Gently, I reached out my hand. Nagi quietly offered me her head.

I put my hand on her snow-white hair.

It’s very smooth and feels good.


Nagi was also smiling pleasantly.

“Haa….so cute.”


“Is she the incarnation of cuteness?”

I was so fascinated by such a cute Nagi. Making the words coming from far away couldn’t be heard.

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