“Nagi. I want you to show me how.”

“Yes, okay.”

The next day, I decided to play with Nagi again.

I said “play”, but not just playing.

Nagi is very smart. She doesn’t have a tutor……but I heard that she does a lot of self-study.

So I asked her to teach me elementary school stuff ahead of time, even though it was a little early.

And Nagi. I was also taught Nagi’s name properly.

I had never seen the word “Nagi” before. It means that there is no wind at all. When I heard that it was a calm sea surface, I nodded my head.

When I looked into her eyes. I thought it was like the sea.

I think that name is very suitable for Nagi.

“And this is.”

Nagi is also a very talkative girl when I talk to her. She could talk a lot, as if yesterday was a lie.

“….Ah, so that’s it.”

“Yes ! It’s surprisingly easy if you try !”

It was fun to have Nagi teach me.

While I was being taught in this way–Nagi started to fidget.

“Nagi? Is something wrong?”

“N-no. …..Um. Tomorrow, elementary school starts, right?

“Ah. I see.”

Nagi is anxious. Because she is transferring to a new school.

By the way, I heard that her school is the same as mine.

I’m glad to hear- that–

“Don’t worry. Nagi will get along with everyone.”

–Just a little bit. I was lonely.

I’m sure Nagi will be popular.

“I want to be in the same class as Souta kun.”

“…..I hope so.”

I was a little bit scared.

I don’t have any friends. Zero. So I’m afraid that if she knows about it…….she will stop being my friend.

“It will be. And so, I can play a lot with Souta kun at school.”

“…….You can play with a lot of friends, even if it’s not with me. Nagi.”

“I don’t want to. I prefer Souta kun.”

I was surprised by Nagi’s words. Nagi was also surprised by her own words, and her face turned red.

“T-that was……um.”

She’s flustered. She was at a loss for words, and I looked at Nagi who was restless…..

I thought it was cute. And my face was also getting hot too.

“….It’s not a lie. I want to be with Souta kun.”

And then. At those words, her face heats up again.

“……Hm. I’d be happy if we’re together.”

The only thing I could do was to reply.


“Hey everyone, we’re going to have some new friends today.”

With a thud. My heart was starting to make a racket.

No. It’s been loud since a while ago.

Next to me. Because there were more desks.

I’m in the back of the class.

This desk has been here since morning, and some people were asking the teacher about it. But the teacher just laughed and didn’t tell.

And the number of friends will increase……that means there will be transfer students.

Now, when I say that a new student is coming. –There is only that girl.

“Well then, please come in. Shinonome Nagi san.”

The door rattled open.

A girl with pure white hair…..Nagi entered.

She walked to the blackboard and turned to us.

“Starting today, I will be transferring to this school. My name is Shinonme Nagi. I look like a foreigner, but I grew up in Japan, so I can speak Japanese. Nice to meet you.”

Saying this, she bowed.

Everyone gulped. It’s probably the same thing I felt about Nagi at first…..I think.

“Okay, everyone ! Nice to meet you too !”

[ [N-nice to meet you too !] ]

Everyone greeted with the teacher’s words.

Nagi’s blue eyes looked at me.

“Nice to meet you.”

Then, Nagi smiled a little.

“Well then. Souta kun, you were an acquaintance, right? After lunch, can I ask you to show her around the school?”


I nodded at the teacher’s words but. The children around me seemed dissatisfied, saying things like [Eh !] [That’s not fair !]


“Were you surprised?”

“I was a little……surprised.”

Nagi was thrilled that the surprise was a success.

She had been in a different seat at first. The teacher said, [If there is someone you know, we can at least put you in the seat next to them].

And then she mentioned my name.

“Fufu. Then it’s a success !”

The girl smiling in front of me is getting a lot of looks around her.

The atmosphere is quite different from before.

How should I put it?

I feel like there was a coldness like [ice] until a while ago. But now there is nothing like that.

“….Ah. This is the library. There are many books here.”

“A library? I can study there.”

Study. Yes, it is true that you can study in the library. But I have never seen anyone studying there.

“I also like books. I hope you will take care of me from now on. May I come in?”

“Y-yeah. I think the teacher might be there.”

The smell that is typical of a library enveloped me as I walked in with Nagi.

“……Oh, are you the transfer student?”

The female teacher at the counter saw Nagi and recognized her immediately.

Nagi stands out quite a bit, so maybe she’s spoken of among the teachers.

“Y-yes ! My name is Shinonome Nagi ! I like books, nice to meet you !”

“Oh my, thank you so much for your politeness. I’m…right. I’m called Librarian teacher.”

“……Librarian, teacher?”

“Yes. Fufu. If I’m just a teacher, it’s hard to know which teacher I am, right?”

A teacher who is somewhat soft and gentle. That is the librarian-teacher.

“I understand. I’m looking forward to working with you, Miss Librarian.”


Then we greeted each other and walked around the library with Nagi.

“Oh, this book. I forgot to read it when I was at my previous school.This one looks good too.”

“……You like books?

“Yes. I didn’t have any friends at my old school.”

Nagi looks a little sad.

“Not at all?”

“Yeah. Not even one.”

I was surprised. I thought Nagi would be popular.

I was about to open my mouth……but stopped. I thought that was not the right thing to say.

“I’m sure you’ll make a lot of friends from now on. Nagi.”

I thought that would make her happier.

Nagi would be happy to have more friends. From yesterday’s feeling, it seems that she will play with me too.

I thought that if it would make Nagi more happy than before, it would be okay.

But Nagi shook her head.

“As long as Souta kun is there, I’m fine. Souta kun is all I need.”

With a thud. My heart skipped a beat.

Yesterday’s words came to mind.

[I don’t want to. I prefer Souta kun.]

Similar words. My mind became noisy. My head was filled with various thoughts.

I shook my head to get rid of those thoughts.

“Souta kun.”

Nagi grabbed my clothes.

Her face looked like she was scared.

“Souta kun, do you have any good friends?”

“……Friends. Nagi is my first.”

I was going to say that I didn’t have any friends earlier, but stopped.

I didn’t want to talk about it yesterday. It was the same until just now.

But when I heard that Nagi didn’t have any friends. I felt I had to tell her.

Nagi’s face was bent down when she heard my words.

“Your……first? Me.”

“Yeah……that’s right.”

“We are the same !”

I was a little surprised by the loudest voice I had ever heard.



She took a small breath.

Hereyes narrowed and she smiled.

I thought so, but then she made a surprised face. She shook her head.

“No, that’s not right. I’m not happy that Souta kun didn’t have a friend. I’m happy that I was with Souta kun…….”

Nagi said in a panic.


She laughed. It’s not a bad laugh.

Just a little bit. I thought it was cute.

“Uh-uh…….that’s not it, you know.”

“I know.”

I said to Nagi and looked at a nearby book.

“……Nagi. Do you have any book recommendations?”


I asked her. Nagi’s face lit up again.

“Yes ! A lot !”

Nagi said so and got a lot of books.

During lunch break, Nagi’s recommended presentation will be held.

During that time. The librarian was watching us with a smile.

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