Time flies.

The day goes by quickly. Just when I thought I had just woken up, it was already time to go to bed.

I realized that more than a year has passed.

Time has passed quickly since I met Nagi. But after meeting Eiji and the others, it went even faster.

Everyday was fun. I talked with Nagi, Eiji, Nishizawa, and Hayama at school. We played after we went home. On holidays, when Nagi was free, we went out to play.

But that’s not all.

I tried my best to stand next to Nagi.
So that I would not embarrass her.

First of all, I studied hard. It is a student’s duty. I was not bad at studying, so I think I improved a lot.
In addition, I also worked hard on certification exams. I used my free time and focused on the ones I could take at school.

–Nagi as well. She worked hard in both her studies and exams.

As a result, I was one rank below Nagi in the test results. I was in second place.

–Not enough.
No matter how far I went, I was one step behind her. No. She is tens of steps ahead of me.

The only thing would be an English test. Which she didn’t take.

But that’s all.

She has not stopped her studies, and on the contrary, she continues to produce results. She even won a prize in a famous competition. Nagi’s name is becoming famous in that field.

Nagi was originally quite famous in that field, too, it seems. Recently, however, she has been interviewed by TV and other media. She told me that she asked Soichiro san for help and refused all of them.

The second semester had begun for the second-year students.

The school trip was approaching.


“Okay. You already decided where we’re going, right?”
“Yeah. I’ve already decided at the last minute.”

The school trip will take us to Nara, Kyoto, and Osaka.
On the first day, we will go to Nara to see the Great Buddha and then to Nara Park. The second day will be free to explore Kyoto. However, we have to choose some historical buildings designated by the school to visit.
The third day will be in Osaka. This is a free day to play at a certain theme park.

I asked Nagi about it, and she said that theme parks are not included in amusement parks. No, I don’t know the definition. According to Nagi, it is a different thing.

I understand what Nagi means. At any rate, it was decided that this place is not an amusement park.

By the way, there has been a big change since I entered the second grade.

“So, we’re basically free, right?”
“Right. The teacher said we could chat as long as we didn’t make too much noise.”
“Thanks to the two of you for investigating.”
“You three did the research, too, didn’t you? Bus routes, places to eat lunch, etc.”

Nagi and Nishizawa. And Hayama was in the same class. Eiji is in the same class consecutively.

And the group for the school trip was these five. Normally, there would be three boys and three girls in the group, but there would inevitably be two boys left over. As a result, Eiji and I were paired up.

On the day of the event, the five of us would go around in various places. The group leader was me and Nagi.

“Let’s check on the second day.”
“AII right.”

Hearing Eiji’s unenthusiastic reply. I was looking back on the day.

“…..The place to stay is separated by gender, right?”
“Yeah. Well, that’s normal. The school would not want to cause problems by having boys and girls sleep together.”

Nagi looked a little disappointed.

Since then……Nagi has been staying at my house, she often wants to sleep with me.
I heard that the quality of her sleep is very different. Well, I can’t let her sleep next to me so easily. Soichiro san laughed when he heard the story.

In the end, one of us stays over. Usually once or twice a month.

“….Hey, Eiji. Hikarun. Isn’t the conversation between these two strange?”
“The way he’s talking, they’re sleeping together, aren’t they?
“Childhood friends are amazing”
“Hikarun you idiot ! Normal childhood friends don’t sleep together ! Eiji too !”
“That’s right. Kirika has a bad sleep habit. She’ll kick you.”
“I’ll hit you. Harder.”
“I’m sorry.”

I heard some unnecessary conversation.

I only recently found out about it. Eiji and Nishizawa are also childhood friends. They had been friends since preschool. He told me that he confessed his feelings for Nishizawa before their graduation ceremony in the sixth grade and they started dating.

“Well, it can’t be helped. I’ll put up with it for two days.”
“……We don’t sleep every day, so it’s okay, right? Well, there are two of us, and it’s fun.”
“Yes. Of course ! I’m looking forward to it.”

Nagi, who changes her facial expression from one to the other, is very fun to watch.
Nagi knows that I’m enjoying it. Nagi’s mouth was aggravated.

“Souta kun, you meany.”
“I’m sorry.”
“You’ll be punished when you return !”

Nagi’s punishments are often adorable. She would suddenly hug me and pat my head. Or she silently demands me to stroke her head. It makes me wonder what a punishment is.

While such an exchange was going on, Nagi gently touched my arm.

“That aside. School trip. Let’s have a lot of fun, Souta kun.”
“Yeah. Let’s have fun.”

Because I’m in the same class as Nagi and everyone else.
I was going to enjoy it as much as I could. I nodded my head.


Night of the first day

“It was really powerful.”
“It was hard to put into words. I wonder if I should say it’s a masterpiece. It was amazing.”

The first day was quite busy.
From before noon, we took the Shinkansen and private limited express trains to Nara. For lunch, we ate train lunch on the Shinkansen.
And after the move, we headed to Todaiji Temple after roll call.

“The deer were cute, too. Hikarun was surrounded by deer.”
“Oh, stop it. I’m mildly traumatized.”

After that, we went to Nara Park and played with deer.

“The deer crackers were very effective.”
“They were very familiar with people. Souta kun was swarmed by them.”

Nagi’s words made my cheeks twitch.

I thought….deer were supposed to be cute. I got a little scared.

“I’m going to take one meat.”

The dinner was sukiyaki. Eiji used chopsticks to take out the meat and put one piece of meat on a small plate.

“Even so, it’s delicious. Sukiyaki here.”
“Right. The shiitake mushrooms are also delicious.”

It was a large room and rather noisy.

However, even at this time, we were having a relaxing time somewhere.

“Ah, Eiji. Lend me your ear.”
“Oh, what is it?”

We were sitting at a table, three of us and two of us, facing each other.
I’m with Nagi. The other side is…..Eiji, Nishizawa, and Hayama from the right as seen from me.

I was wondering what was going on with the two of them. Nagi nudged me on the shoulder.

……I’m a little worried about Hayama looking at me with a grin.

“What is it?”
“Um, you see.”

The voice as clear as a bell is suppressed to the limit.
The voice mixed with breath seems to tickle not only the ears, but also the brain.

“I was thinking of visiting your room tomorrow.”
“……Are you serious?”

Nagi nodded as I replied in a small voice.

(It’s okay.)

She moved her mouth to tell me so. If Nagi says so, well……I guess it’s all right.

If the teacher finds out. I’m worried.

Hearing those words made me look forward to tomorrow.


“It’s refreshing. Sleeping in the same room as you.”
“We’ve played together before, but never stayed together.”

A normal room consists of groups of three, but Eiji and I are the only boys in this group.
The hotel is also quite large.
Everything is run by a relative of the principal. They have been taking care of it every year recently.

I think it might be frowned upon by other schools. Well, I don’t think there’s any point in me worrying about the details. I’d better not.

While I was thinking about this while preparing the futon, Eiji continued to talk.

“You should come to stay at my house. I have already told my mother aboutyou and the others. My sister also said she would like to meet you.”
“Well, I’d like to visit them at least once.”
“Yeah. You can run away from home if you want.”
“Fortunately, my family is on good terms with each other.”

I turned off the light as it was and lay down on the futon. Eiji was also lying down a little further away.

“What are you going to do? Do you want to talk about love like a middle schooler?”
“Do you want to cheat?”
“No. I’m all about Kirika. You want an endless repeat of our romance episodes?”
“My bad.”

I look up at the ceiling while apologizing to Eiji.
Her image comes to mind.

“Love story, huh.”
“Oh? You really want to do it?”
“I don’t want to. I don’t have any love stories.”
“You must be mistaken, you have nothing but love stories.”

I laugh at Eiji’s words. I’m sure he’s already found out.

“Hey, Souta.”
“What is it?”

He called me in an unusually serious tone of voice. I replied, but….

“No, nothing.”

He answered in his usual tone of voice.

“How unusual. If there’s something you want to ask me, don’t hesitate.”

Eiji showed an unusual look of distress.
However, not long after. The sound of sighing could be heard.

“I’ll pass for today. It’s late at night.”
“……I see. Well, if you feel like talking, talk.”
“Yeah. Maybe tomorrow.”

I thought that it would be okay to talk to now. I guess he is not in the mood right now.

“Then, good night. Souta.”
“Yeah. Good night. Have a good dream.”
“You too.”

Within a few minutes after those words, Eiji fell asleep.

What was he going to say?

Well, I thought I would find out tomorrow. I went to sleep too.

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