The days of the three of us, me, Sayaka, and Yume, were over.

Because Dad and Mihoko san came back from their honeymoon–both of them were getting along far better than before the trip, and even the atmosphere was heated…, as far as this is concerned, it’s the same as before.

“Minato kun.”


That night when the two of them returned.. I was alone with Mihoko san.

Dad seemed tired and fell asleep, but Mihoko san was still knitting in the living room, and I got thirsty and went downstairs and bumped into her…..that’s the current flow.

“How did you get along with the two of them while we were gone?”

“…..Um, I think we got along fine.”

The two of us had talked about it at the time they were gone at dinner, but I was nervous when Mihoko san asked me about it again.

The reason for this is because…..I’ve kissed the two of them.

The fact that I can’t say that I’ve been kissed by both Sayaka and Yume, and that I obviously had an unusual relationship with them,……makes it impossible for me to honestly say that, and I was a little flustered when Mihoko san asked me about it.

“Fufu, then that’s good. Why don’t you sit next to me?”

“Next to you?”


I hesitated for a moment, but I nodded and sat down next to her.

I thought about it earlier, but it’s rare to be alone with Mihoko san like this, and I didn’t want to refuse an invitation like this.


“Looking at the situation just now…..I think something happened.”


“Minato kun seems to be bad at telling lies. It’s a sign of honesty.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“It is.”

……Well, it’s true that honesty may be a virtue rather than telling lies, but sometimes a necessary lie is necessary, and I’m not too happy about it.

“……I’ve told you before that those girls have been through a lot–but that’s why I’m so glad they’re opening up to you.”


“No matter what form it takes, those girls are smiling beside Minato kun,……and that’s all that really makes me happy.”


Mihoko san’s smile told me that she really was.

While gently stroking my head, Mihoko san continued her words.

“Even though Minato kun is still a new acquaintance……I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to have a son like you.”

“Mihoko san……”

“I hope you will think of me as your real mother sooner or later, even if you are not used to it yet. I’ll probably cry with happiness when you do.”

……Hey, Minato.

Isn’t it the time? Shouldn’t you say those words at a time like this? It’s no good not saying anything back after being told this much…..isn’t it, Minato !

I took a deep breath to calm myself down, and then I said as if I was gathering up my courage.



I felt irresistibly embarrassed the moment I called her mom.

There is no mistake that Mihoko san is my mother now that we are already a family,……but I was still embarrassed to call her that.

But I think this is a big step forward,……and Mihoko san actually jumped on me, seemingly moved,……eh !?

“Minato kun~! !”

“Guhaa !?”

M-my back……! I’m hit in the back !

Although it didn’t hurt that much, Mihoko san pushed me down enough to make me feel a little bit of pain that bothered me.

I thought about retreating immediately, but the way Mihoko san was looking at me, I couldn’t do so and…..I let Mihoko san do what she wanted for a while.

(Mom,……I called Mihoko-san ‘Mom’)

I felt like I heard a gentle voice saying that it was fine with such a question in my heart.

A little later, Mihoko san got up and apologized, but I smiled and reassured her that it was okay and called her mom again.


“Haa !?”

……You’re so cute, Mom.

But because someone like this got to know my dad and became my mother……I want to protect this warm home–and I’ll always protect it without making Sayaka and Yume cry.


“What is it?”

“……I will take good care of Sayaka and Yume.”

“……Yeah. Thank you, Minato kun.”

Perhaps due to the influence of calling her mother, her awe-inspiring tone changed to a broken one.

I was sent off by my mother, who continued to smile happily, and I returned to my room from the living room, but for some reason Sayaka and Yume, who shouldn’t be there, were waiting for me.

“What are you doing?”

“I thought we could sleep together.”

“Look, I laid out the futon for you.”

Before I knew it, the table in the center of the room had been cleared and two futons had been laid out.

This was totally the three of us going to sleep together, but I wasn’t going to say no…..rather, I wanted to get to know them better.

“Then the three of us would sleep together.”



And so the three of us get under the covers.

But within a few seconds, the two of them crawled into my futon in the middle—not only were they hugging my arms from both sides, but their beautiful eyes were constantly staring into my face.

“……Hey you two, can I have a word?”



I put my arms under their necks and pull them close to me, holding them by the shoulders.

The two of them didn’t seem surprised and pressed their bodies even closer to each other.

“……I want to be with you two forever–as a family, forever.”

I murmured.

The answer came immediately.

“Me too. I want to be with you all the time.”

“Of course. I’ll always be with you, okay? Now that you’ve said all that, there’s no revision, right, Onii chan?”

Of course I laughed too.

I want to be with the two of them…..and now that feeling has become even stronger, I really want to be with the two of them forever and ever……maybe I should say too strong.

At this moment, I was certainly caught by the two of them.

But…..I also wanted to catch the two of them forever, that’s how strongly I felt.

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