Izumi Hisako. She is a beautiful girl with long black hair that exudes a fresh fragrance and red, piercing eyes that frighten others.

She is a beautiful girl who is loved by people of the same sex and the opposite sex alike, but she has a difficult personality and is a rough and tumble person in her own right.

She is brusque, bossy, and arrogant, as if she might become a dictator in the future.

I am one of those who are fascinated by the young lady, and I am her one and only slave.

Although her behavior has been causing me to take more and more stomach pills recently, I have been feeling a mysterious sense of comfort.

—Is it possible that I am an M?

I wondered if I was an M or not.

But what about the Izumi Hisako in front of me?

The young lady would never ask for a lap pillow with a “ehehe……” expression on her face. She would not be staring at me with a bright red face, looking at me in an innocent manner…I, with my superior insight, finally realized what was going on when I saw the bright red face of the young lady.

I instantly put my hand on her forehead.

“I see, you must have a cold. …… I’m sorry, I didn’t notice.”


“I am ashamed of myself for suspecting the young lady was a fake. You’ll get cold if you stay like this, please soak in the bathtub.”


The young lady’s nose suddenly erupts with nosebleed, and although I suppress her nose with a tissue, instead of healing it, the bleeding is accelerating.

Her face is also red and hot. It must be a symptom of a cold. I let her soak lightly in the bath and prepare a change of clothes and water. Later, I would have to inform Yuzuru-san that the young lady would be staying overnight.

Without saying a word, I picked her up in my arms and went straight to the bathtub. She is quiet as a borrowed cat, but her breathing is a little rough.

When she arrives at the changing room, the young lady makes a request with her cheeks flushed.

“U-Um…I don’t have the strength to wash my body if I’m alone, so come with me…
“Please warm up quickly.”
“A-Akane, Baka…! ”

I leave the blushing young lady behind after taking a bath, and silently wipe the wet hallway.

It seems she has enough stamina to soak by herself. If I was in such a state that I was unconscious, I would have been killed by the young lady who had returned, but I had to take care of her by wiping her body and helping her change her clothes. I don’t want to die for such a stupid reason, such as nursing being the cause of death.

Looking at the clean and restored floor, I picked up my cell phone and called Yuzuru-san. Unlike me, it only takes one call to get through.

“Akane? How’s Hisako? She’s giving you trouble ……, is that what she always does? Ah, I’m sorry to put you through Hisako’s selfishness.”

“It’s Akane. It’s …… always the case, so it’s fine. So, I’m going to let the young lady stay over today.”

“I’m sorry for every time. …… So, what’s wrong with Hisako?”

─ ─ Please go out with the premise of marriage!

The confession of the young lady comes to mind. I thought about keeping the young lady’s confession quiet, but then I realized how important it is to report back to Yuzuru san, who is taking care of me, so I told him what happened.

“I’m sorry, …… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Me neither.”

“Haa, …..that girl.”

On the other end of the phone, Yuzuru san lets out a huge sigh. I can picture him being stunned.

Forcing each other to understand the chaotic situation, the conclusion he came to was….

“Are you getting married …… to Hisako?”

“I know I am indebted to Yuzuru-san, but I must decline this matter.”

“Is that a quick answer, ……? It’s your life, the outside world has no say in it. The reason is …… well, I can imagine.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

I bow to Yuzuru san on the other end of the phone.

The generosity of his response to a man who had rejected his beloved daughter’s marriage proposal only heightened my respect for the man.

He ends the call by asking me to take care of his daughter.

–I was in the middle of preparing drinks for his daughter after her bath when I saw her standing silently behind me, wrapped in a towel.

—I wondered if she had heard the whole exchange.

“Akane….. won’t you be my boyfriend? Can’t I be your girlfriend ……?”

“I’m sorry, miss…”

“No, no, no! I don’t want to hear such words! Why, I’m here too ……! What’s wrong with me? How can I make you love me? Please, please, …… love me for loving you.”

I turn to face her, feeling that the young lady is being her usual selfish self, and I ask her,

“Why did the young lady suddenly confess to me? I can’t imagine that from the way she usually behaves. I’m sure Yuzuru-san would be worried that something had happened.”

“…… that’s…”

“Can you tell me the truth about why the young lady suddenly became like that? I’m an idiot, as you know, and I’m not good at figuring out what’s going on behind people’s backs.”

“…………will you believe me?”

The young lady is also an honest person. She hates lying and is honest with herself. She is a very different kind of person from me, who tries to explain myself in a poor attempt to get out of a situation.

I listened to her, knowing that there was no doubt in my mind about her honesty,

“I’m from the future. ……”


“I am the young lady, Izumi Hisako, from the future ten years from now.”

…… from ten years in the future?

A magnificent universe and a stunned cat float in my brain.

But, so it comes to that. I see. What does that mean? What does the future ten years from now have to do with your confession to me? More importantly, did such a supernatural phenomenon occur…?

“It’s a fool’s errand. Ten years ago, as you know, I had a high self-esteem and a reckless certainty about you. This slave absolutely loves me …….”


“Arrogant and irreverent. With this natural beauty that I was born with, when will you make love to me,…… it’s okay to drown in it. Yes, I’ve wasted so much time being passive.”

“…… Haa.”

“A Loser. By the time I realized it, it was too late. You were already in love with some bastard.”

I thought I heard a crazy remark from the young lady, but I’ll take her word for it for the time being.

“And then I was hit by a truck and killed.”

“What’s this sudden turn of events?”

The young lady tells her story.

[I hate myself, I wish I was dead, I’m such a clown.

A life is worthless if I can’t be next to you.

If there is another life again – let’s not act so vain.

I laugh at how miserable I am to cling to the next life.

Knowing it is selfishness, but if there is life again, may I be by your side again.

I can swear that this time I will not fail again. I have learned the lesson of my own failure.

So this time…may I be able to tell him how much I love him.]

“That’s how it happened. ─ ─ In light of that, Akane, what are you going to do about my Great Declaration of Love? Answer with a yes or no.”

No, as I said earlier, it’s even worse…”

“WWWWWhy, why, why?! your childhood friend, who is a beautiful and talented wife and wise mother figure, says she loves you!? It’s a great deal right now, it’s free and it’s currently on sale! ”




Hearing this sequence of events, I was reminded that the young lady is heavy and still troublesome.

She is so vindictive that she exercises a mysterious power to start her life over again for the sake of the one she loves. I feel a different kind of fear toward the young lady.

And then I experience a further fear.

“Please! Please make me Akane’s wife! I’ll accept whatever play Akane requests! …On the contrary, as much as I would like to do…it was a fair amount when I was in junior high and high school, but now that I’m a perpetual virgin, it has grown to an extraordinary degree.”

The young lady threw away her own pride and announced her love on her knees.

I didn’t want to see her half naked on her knees.

“I decided to follow my love! I vowed to throw away my shitty pride and expose my true nature! I swore to myself for the second time that I would give up my shame so that I would never regret it again!”

“W-What are you doing, young lady?”

The young lady threw off her towel and revealed her true self, and at that moment, I blinded her with my own eyes and saved the day.

“Now, let’s spend our wedding night together!”

With that, the young lady pounced on me.

This is a very bad situation. If I didn’t do something, I would really end up getting engaged to this young lady. I don’t want that to happen.

The girl has an overwhelming advantage because of her own mismanagement of self-inflicted wounds. For some reason, she is more powerful than usual.

“Please be patient. Don’t worry, soon Akane wants it too.”

The young lady is like an animal that has lost all sense of reason. She had nothing to lose by abandoning her pride, and she had become an overwhelmingly powerful person.

“Forcing someone without their consent…”

Calming the excited young lady… As I follow along with my blurry vision, I catch sight of the tea I prepared for her after she takes a bath.

“Forcing me to have sex…”

Desperately, and in a desperate attempt to resist, I finally pick up the tea. I make sure it is cold.

“You should be aware that this is a crime, you stupid young lady!”


I splashed the tea all over the young lady’s face.

—-An attempt was made by Izumi Hisako, whose age is unknown, to force a high school boy to perform sexual acts on him.

The suspect, Izumi, generally admits to the charges, stating that she was unable to control her sexual desire and love and engaged in indecent acts.

Since she was blaming herself for her crimes and showed signs of remorse, she was able to reach a settlement with the victim, a high school student.

It was a disgusting case. ……

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