“Come on, eat up and get ready for school, Besides, Yukiho-chan is waiting for you, isn’t she?”
“She’s just here on her own. She’s not waiting for me.”
“Yes, yes, puberty is embarrassing, isn’t it? Go on, get going.”
“Tsk …………….”

This is not because I am an adolescent and my parents are annoying.
Even in adulthood, parents who poke their nose into unnecessary matters will still be annoying.
Sighing, I went out of the living room and went up the stairs to my room where Shiina is.
As I get closer to the room, I hear voices coming from inside.


It wasn’t just a monologue, it was a sweet wheezing voice.
This is getting worse than sleeping in bed.

She’s definitely masturbating in my room, that Shiina.
No, wait. It’s not good to assume. Maybe she’s just giving a massage.

Maybe she’s just so comfortable that she’s letting out her voice.
I’d have to see it with my own eyes to know for sure.

I climbed the stairs to the end so as not to make a sound, and quietly opened the door to my room.
And there it is.

“My Saku-kun, you’re the best ………… Love ……………”

I saw Shiina on the bed, sniffing my pants and reaching for her crotch.

“—–a—- ts——!!!”

I screech to keep my voice down.

This guy is seriously crazy. I’ve known it for a while.
I mean, where did she get my pants from?

I want to run away right now, but I can’t take my eyes off Shiina, and although it irritates me, my son is very excited.
My body and mind are in conflict.

But what should I do?
I have my uniform and bag in my room, so I have to go inside to go to school.

“Huh~//…………saku-kun, is he here yet? /, I want to show him that I’m doing it..hyuuuuuuu!”

Probably useless. She won’t stop until I enter the room.
This is a dead end.

If I pretend I didn’t see her and go in, she’ll say, “Finally, you’re here// See? ……… look how much I’ve grown.”

I bet she’d open her legs and show me her that.
I would beat myself up to keep myself rational if she did that.

(TL/N : Things getting really out of hands)

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1 year ago

Wtf lol she’d go that far?

9 months ago

Bruh this girl is deadass weirdo not that I complain tho