I take Shiina’s hand.

“Huh? …………What’s wrong, Saku-kun?”

This action. I’ve been giving you a lot of trouble.

“I’ve been giving you a lot of trouble so far, you know. You were worried about me, but I ignored you or jumped on you every time. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t be honest or ……… I was still a child. I’m miserable, clinging to the past, waiting my whole life for someone who won’t come back. But you always stood by me like that and never gave up on me. It’s true that I did some things that went too far. But now that I think about it, I’m really grateful, and I feel like a real scumbag.”
“That’s not true! Saku kun has been suffering for a long time, and he’s been trying his best! You have nothing to blame yourself for!”
“You’re the one who’s been working hard! It must have been hard for you to deal with such a jerk every day and work as a model too and not be with me, but you kept smiling. I asked Abe-san about it. About Shiina.”
“That’s right. You’ve been crying behind the scenes and thinking about me very seriously. You just don’t show it so that I don’t worry about you. You’re really great.”

Shiina also held my hand back.

“That said, there was nothing I could do for …………… Saku-kun… …………”
“No, the story is not over yet! The best story from me to you is yet to come.”

The best story. There is only one such thing.
Perhaps that’s what Shiina wanted the most.
A feeling of gratitude for everything that has happened so far.
And I’m moving on.

My memories of Chisato are memories of the past. They are no longer sad memories, but happy memories.

“Shiina ……………”

I only look forward. And I face Shiina properly.

“I want you to stay with me.”

The top of the Ferris wheel. The gondola was illuminated by all kinds of lights, and the words echoed like a proposal.

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