Episode 6 – Standard morning situation




The next morning I woke up to the sound of someone whispering and discomfort in my abdomen.

“—– good morning.”

This feeling of waking up from sleep, not knowing if it is a dream or reality. I almost fell asleep twice.

“It’s morning, Saku-kun.”

The voice that was stuck in my ears woke me up at once.

“Ah, you’re finally awake.”

I slowly move my head toward the voice.
I saw Shiina staring at me with a blank expression in my futon.

“Ha! What are you doing!”

I jumped out of bed and stuck myself to the wall to get away from Shiina.

“Why are you so surprised, Saku-kun~, you scaredy-cat”
“Of course I freaked out! Idiot!”
“You’re terrible, Saku-kun~. I’m the one who woke you up, so you should be grateful, right?”

Shiina is sitting on the bed in a maiden-sitting position and tilts her head slightly.
Upon closer inspection, she was wearing no undergarments and only a shirt buttoned up to her chest.

Through the gap, I could see a glimpse of her cleavage and pink bra.
It didn’t matter. I was not aroused by her.

“What are you doing here?”

I said, looking away so as not to look at Shiina too much.

“Of course I came to wake you up~. Saku-kun’s a sleepyhead.”
“That’s not what I meant! Why did you come to wake me up?”
“Isn’t this a standard situation between childhood friends or lovers? To wake you up in the morning on the futon.”

I put my index finger on my chin and look at the ceiling,? and it comes to mind.

There are tons of situations in anime and manga where people come to wake people up in the morning, but people are different.

The ideal girl would be graceful, with large breasts, good looks, and a clear head. A beautiful girl who can even do sports.
This is the childhood friend who would wake you up under the covers or on top of you, smiling and saying, “Good morning.”

This is the ideal situation.

But what about now?
A woman who is delusional and thinks she’s dating me, who has broken into my house without my permission, and is under the covers before I know it.

It’s a complete nightmare. Or it’s just a scene from a horror movie.
Anyway, it’s still scary.

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