“Oh~, it’s full of couples~”
“Shut up, don’t be so excited.”

Once inside, what stands out more than the attractions are the unusual amount of couples.
They were flirting with each other as if they were showing off everywhere. Let them all blow up.

“Shall we compete with them? — Saku-kun!?”
“Let’s go for a ride, quickly~”

Shiina, who thought I was next to her, tries to hug me, but I don’t stay where I am, so she strikes out.

“Mouu~ I think it’s against the morals to leave a girl behind.”

She puffed out her cheeks,

“It’s better than you, who’s always hugging and saying things that would get you in trouble”
“You know what~? I’m doing this for you, Saku-kun.”
“There are more ways to do it.”
“Oh, would you have preferred to be cured in bed?”
“I didn’t say anything about that.”
“Then what would you like me to do for you?”
“………, nothing in particular.”

I just want you to be normal, why can’t I tell it here.
Maybe it’s because if Shiina just stays next to me and pats me on the head, I’m going to feel completely at ease.
Besides, it reminds me of something else at the same time that I haven’t fully forgotten.

“I wonder if you’d like it if I did a roller coaster ride with a panties glimpse.”

The thought crosses my mind as I climb the stairs and get to the end of the little line.

“Of course not.”
“Eeh, but you’ve got a certain thing about you, don’t you, Saku kun?”
“Which part?”
“When I intentionally pressed my breasts against you, when I snuck into your bed, and when I attacked you at karaoke, you looked at my breasts, didn’t you? And also my thighs and buttocks”
“I didn’t look …….”
“You think you haven’t been exposed, but you have.”
“I didn’t look …..”
“That’s what makes you so dirty, Saku-kun.”

On the other hand, where are the boys who do not get dirty when they see that?
If there are any, then he has a dead libido. And he’s not a man.

“At any rate, you’ll understand if you try it, won’t you?”
“I don’t know.”
“Then I’ll go show it.”
“Don’t bother showing it to me.”
“Well, it wouldn’t be a lucky pervert moment, would it?”
“Don’t be convinced.”
Shiina shakes her head, and I’m dumbfounded.
Is this girl always wearing mini-skirts because she wants me to have a lucky pervert scene with her?
If that’s the case, she’s a good tactician. I wish she would use her head more effectively.

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