Thus, after sweating it out on the farm, getting bitten on the leg by a giant crocodile, bleeding, and paying 10,000 gold coins of the Kingdom of Ilas, I finally made peace with Mandane.

Normally, in anime and novels about other worlds, it is common knowledge that the protagonist easily obtains cheat-level abilities, becomes a warrior, and achieves his dreams and goals without any effort. However, this other world seems to be different.

No pain, no gain; you can’t get what you want without paying the price. I wonder how much I will have to pay in order to reconcile with Luvia, whom I am about to meet.

Well, for now, I’ll think about what I’m going to do later. …… For now, let’s enjoy the trip with the three girls standing in front of the carriage.

“Erik! Come on, come on!”
“Yeah! Sorry!”

My pondering led to Mandane calling out to me in a cheerful voice

Sera, Sophia, Mandane, and myself. Except for Sera, who was a maid, everyone was dressed as a lowly aristocrat. I felt a bit sorry for them. But these three people trust me. So I must show them my sincerity.

After inhaling and exhaling deeply, I smile and open my mouth.

“Come on! Let’s go!”

After all that had happened, we resumed our journey. Along the way, commoners and nobles waved to me and said something like, “Eric is our family, come visit us anytime. It really warmed my soul.”

When I said goodbye to His Majesty the King of Ernia, he told me that he would take steps to ensure that the people would not be suspicious of Mandane’s long absence.

As I looked out the back window at the three of them chatting happily, I thought to Myself.

Sophia, Mandane, and I each have an important mission to govern the kingdom. Therefore, it would not be good to prolong the situation. I really want to make things right with Luvia as soon as possible. But I wonder if it will really work out. ……

In the past Eric said some very bad things to Luvia. I heard from Mandane, who is related to Luvia, that Luvia is trying to kill me and my father. In fact, she wants to erase our very existence. Like burning books.

I have been thinking a lot about Luvia since we left the borders of the Kingdom of Ernia.

She is one year older than me. Her father was assassinated two years ago, and the queen reigns as queen, and like in my country, they have a government of fear.

I don’t know how things have changed now, but for several years I led a group of bureaucrats and merchants into the crossed-off Kingdom of Henesys without permission and committed all kinds of tyranny against Luvia. At the time, Luvia was the most beautiful, most attractive looking woman I had ever seen.


She is furious.

She had long, silky, pink hair, fine eyes, a graceful body, and red eyes that were ready to kill me,

Red eyes that were intent on killing me.

The rumor is that princes from countries outside the Orient send tremendous amounts of gifts. If you were to convert it into gold, it would amount to one-fifth of the Henesys Kingdom’s national budget.

However, Luvia has sent all of them back, and to this day, no foreign aristocrats or royalty have ever seen her in close proximity, except me.

She is indeed a woman shrouded in mystery.


I am worried about the future. I am worried, as I continue on my horse-drawn carriage along this road that continues to be green.


However, I feel a soft sensation on my right arm that blows away all that pressure. I look to my right, still holding the reins, and see Mandane with a worried look in her emerald eyes, her glossy lips moving.

“Something wrong?”
“Fuee? N-no! I-It’s nothing. ……”

I don’t think I’m guessing intentionally. The driver’s seat is narrow, so it inevitably hits the Mandane because of its size.

S-soft ……

“Why are you using honorifics all of a sudden?”
“N-no,…… more importantly, why are you over here? I thought you were in the back of the truck.”
“Fufu, this isn’t my country anymore, and I don’t have to worry about what people think!”
“W-well,…… yes, but I think it’s even easier to stay in the back of the truck.”
“I’d prefer to be next to …… Eric. ……”

I freaked out for a moment and my arms moved a little. But the giant marshmallow of Mandane gently caught my arm. As I was feeling the most wonderful comfort from the sensation of sinking down like a black hole, I felt a pleasant softness from my left this time, although it was a little less destructive than Mandane’s. I turned my head to my left to see what it was again. I turn to my left to see what it is all about again……

“Even Sophia!?”

Sophia is looking up at me with a slightly sulky expression on her face as she puts her breasts against me with all her might. What is this composition?

“W=what’s wrong?”
“Your reaction is too different from the one with Mandane…..”
“E, Eh? What do you mean?”
“Hmm? I can’t hear you very well, your voice is too quiet. What did you say?”

“It’s about breasts.!!!”


Now, I’m trying very hard not to be aware of it, and I’m using all my rational faculties, but I can’t believe she said it so clearly that it’s imprinted on my brain. ……

“I knew …… Eric likes the bigger ones!”
“Huh? What, why are we suddenly talking about that?”
“I knew it the gentle Eric was just an animal when he opened his lid!”
“No-no, ……, I mean, …….”
“Hmph! I don’t know Eric anymore!”
“H, hey! Wait! Sophia!”

Sophia, in a rage, suddenly got up from the running carriage and climbed into the back of it. As she turned around, half in disgust and half in surprise, she saw Sera’s face through the window.

“Sera-chan! You are smiling brightly, but there is a dusky black aura wafting from behind you!”

This is scary…….Today for the first time I learned how scary this girl Sera is. I don’t know why she has such an aura, plummers.

“Haha…………. did I do something wrong………”

Mandane said to me in a depressed tone.

“N-No! It’s not your fault, Mandane-chan. …… might or might not be.”
“Which is it?!”

I don’t know either ……

Because at some point, Sophia even came up next to Sera, and she was staring at me and Mandane so hard……

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