My bad premonition was right on target.
This woman is pregnant with my child without me even touching her.
How convenient is this woman’s mind? If it goes this far, it’s a serious matter.
I mean, it’s an imaginary pregnancy. Everyone in the class was stunned.

“Ah~, she’s doing it again.” “Shiina-chan, aren’t you going to buy a doll baby or something next time?”

See, I can hear voices coming from all over the place. Besides, the stares hurt me as usual.

“The doctor said I’m three months pregnant. I think it’s probably from the last time we did it without rubber.”
“Now we have a family of three, Saku-kun! Oh, what are we going to name the baby~”

Oh no, the veins in my forehead are about to snap.

“Hey, aren’t you happy? It’s our child, right?”
“Oh~, you don’t trust me if I don’t tell you, do you? I have proof!”

With a high level of excitement, Shiina took a picture out of her bag.

“This is an echo picture of the inside of me! How do you like it? You can see our baby right here!”

Bouncing her body, she pointed to a small baby-like shadow in the center of the picture.

“………………, that’s ………. …”

I’m so stunned, I look pale.
Of course, this echo is a found image. Firmly at the top edge of the photo is Google’s image information.


I silently get up, grab my bag, and walk out of the classroom.

“What’s wrong, Saku-kun? Are you so happy you feel like crying?”

Shiina also stands up and speaks to my back.
I was completely different. If I stay with her any longer now, my blood vessels will burst and I will go crazy and go insane.

“What’s wrong! Are you in trouble? We have to get over those things together, you and I!”
“I just want to be alone normally.”
“No, you can’t! It’s more relaxing with me, isn’t it?”
“Leave me alone.”

I said with a forced smile as I walked out of the classroom and closed the door.
I leaned my back against the door and looked down.

I was about to scream so loud that I almost broke the windowpane.
I’m going to stay here for a while to calm my nerves.
I let out a sigh and sipped the coffee in my bag.

“Hey guys! Come to our wedding! We’ll make it the best ceremony ever!”

Shiina’s voice echoed from inside the classroom.

“The date hasn’t been set yet, but we’re planning to have it at a wedding venue by the sea, so look forward to it!”

Shiina declares this to everyone in the class.

……………… I’m running out of patience. I have to shout once to make myself feel better.

“Don’t screw with me~~!!!”

I didn’t even go somewhere deserted, I just screamed in front of the classroom and let my screams echo through the school.

(TL/N : I feel bad)

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Ermin Lopez
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milky violet
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“Dang lady who I forgot your name, it appears I don’t have any milk!”

“? We don’t need milk, I have like 8 jugs of milk in the frid-“

“Time to buy some milk!!”

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Poor guy

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Nahhhh that’s messed up my guy going bald because of stress at the age of 16 or something