Episode 38 – What do you think I am?



“Moou~, I wanted to hear you sing, Saku-kun.~”
“Okay, okay, that’s enough. Let’s get going.”

I let go of Shiina, who was miffed, and walked with a large stride.
I can’t wait to get into the karaoke room and relax while enjoying the drink bar and soft-serve ice cream.
Well, it’s not possible to relax when this girl is around, but it’s a lot better than out there.
“Saku-kun, here we are~”

She pointed to a building with various tenants. The second floor of the building is a karaoke bar.

“Come on, let’s go in and get a big private room.”

I salute her with a flirtatious salute and climb the stairs with nimble steps.
If it were just the two of us in the karaoke room, I could understand why we would be so excited, but I don’t understand why we would be so high when everyone else is coming later.

“Saku-kun~, I’ll take care of the bill and stuff, so go ahead and go into the room and leave it for me.”

Shiina tosses me the keys as she stands at the register.

“Eh, ah, okay.”
“I’ll be right there, and everyone will be here in a few minutes.”

I rattle the keys and walk down the hallway, listening to the singing coming from the other rooms.

“Here it is.”

Today’s room, indicated by the number, is a corner room.
The room is about four times larger than a normal room, and the monitor is not a TV but a projector.
It even has a mirror ball and maracas, so it looks like a party room.
It looks like it will be a party.

“At first, a drink bar.”

I put down my luggage, got up from my seat, and went to get a drink.
At that moment, Shiina, whom I could see faintly, was still standing at the cash register.
I wondered if she was writing something down because the party was using a group.

Well, not caring about such things, I quickly returned to the room and drank the melon soda from the straw with great energy.
The strong carbonation splashes down my throat, and my tiredness flies away at once. It’s a moment in my private time.
As if to interrupt this time, she said

“Thank you for waiting, everyone’s already at the front of the store.”

Shiina opens the door with her hips while holding two glasses.

“Yes, did you give them the room number?”
“Of course I did, what do you think I am?”
“Menhe…………, it’s nothing.”
“Ah, I brought you something to drink, but you already have it.”
“I was thirsty.”
“Well just as your girlfriend bring it for you. I was so thoughtful.”

She narrowed her eyebrows with a mousy smile.
I’ve told you many times, I don’t remember being her girlfriend at all.

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