“Ah, Saku kun. Can you open a window on my side of the house?”

Shiina suddenly changes the subject and makes a suggestion.

“Ha, Why?”
“Because you can see something good~.”

The good things she says are only bad things to me.
I can guess what she’s talking about.

If I open the window, I will see Shiina waving her hand from the window of her room on the opposite side of the room, completely naked, with her breasts emphasized.
Or she will write “I love you, Saku-kun” on a large piece of construction paper and show it to me completely naked.
Either way, she is still completely naked.

“Why don’t you look~? I’ve already finished getting ready.”
“What are you getting ready for?”
“It’s for~…………saku-kun’s pleasure.~”
“I’ll pass.”

And I hung up the phone.
If I had seen it, the scene would be burned into my brain for the rest of my life.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t care.

I don’t want to look at it openly, but if I just peek at it, it won’t do much damage.

“Just a peek.”

I headed for the window and gently opened the curtains.
Shiina’s room is directly across the street, and I had forgotten to close the curtains halfway.

The scene I could see through the window was that she was wearing underwear, but it was not a show bra like she always shows me, but a full black pair of her competition underwear. It was erotic.

In addition, she was holding a makie pen and a large sheet of construction paper.
The paper was decorated with heart stickers and lame, and it said, “Let’s have sex!” was written on the paper.
I was glad I didn’t open it right then and there.

If I had opened the window, I would have been embarrassed to react.
If I were to sneak a look like this, no matter how erotic I looked at it, it wouldn’t do me any good, but if Shiina saw my reaction, she would be overjoyed.
She said she was excited by her own body.

“Haa. ………………”

Closing the curtains, I fall into bed.
Let’s forget about this.
I’m going to go to bed, forget all about it, and come back in the morning.

“But first…”

I get up from the bed and barricade the door with a chest of drawers.
Now it looks like Shiina won’t be able to get in.

I took all the necessary precautions, and with a sense of relief, I went to sleep.

But however: ………………

“Saku kun, What’s the matter, Saku-kun, why won’t the door open, hey hey hey maybe while I could not get in, hey hey hey what’s going on? I You don’t want me to wake you up in the morning, because that’s what happens when you don’t let me in the room Right right right?.”

Shiina babbling on and on forever while banging on the door.

This is the worst I’ve ever seen.

It looks like a …………… horror movie.

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