“Saku-kun, are you feeling sick today?”

Shiina says, tilting her head slightly with a superior look.

“Why do you think so?”
“You’re not saying much more than usual, and you haven’t eaten much, have you?”
“I’m the same as usual, so don’t worry.”
“Even so, you still have to eat your dinner, don’t you?”

She smiled and offered me an omelette.

“Yes, aaahn?”
“No, I don’t want it.”
“No, you have to eat your food.”
“I’m eating my own food.”
“You can’t have just one melon bread. You have to eat my omelet.”
“I don’t need your help.”
“Are you saying you can’t eat my omelet? Or are you just embarrassed to be oohed and ahhhn in front of everyone?”
“If you’re embarrassed, I don’t blame you, Saku-kun is a shy guy. You’re cute in that way, too.”
“I just want to eat normally, you know?”

As I said that, the contrast in Shiina’s eyes disappeared.

“Hee~, so you say that…”

She put the omelet back in the lunch box, took out her phone, and showed me the screen of my parents’ phone call.

“I’m going to tell Saku-kun’s mother in tears, [Actually, I was dating Saku-kun, but we got into that ………… kind of situation, and then he let me out inside of me. I had ……… a baby inside me.]”

I hurried to stop the message.

“I told you not to tell my parents! Besides, it wouldn’t be good for you if my parents found out.”
“……………, under the circumstances, I don’t have a choice.”

It would be bad if my parents found out about this relationship. Especially me.
If they find out, even my parents will think that Shiina is in a relationship with me and interfere with us.
They will probably sign a contract for an apartment for us to live together.
Well, Shiina doesn’t want her parents to get involved, so she hasn’t lied to them about being in a relationship with me.

“So, ……………? So you can’t eat my omelet?”

She asks me again, flicking at her phone.
I know I’m only putting myself in danger by refusing badly here.

“I’ll eat ………….”

I had no choice but to eat.
When Shiina heard the answer, she smiled and said

“Yes, yes~! Do you want an ahn?”

She took a pair of chopsticks and brought the omelet to my mouth.

“There’s no need to ahnn.”
“I do. This is also a communication between two people who love each other.”
“Oh, I see.”

I smiled a drawn-out smile and I bit into my omelet.
Yes, it tastes good. Not too sweet, just the way I like it.

“How do you like it? Tasty?”

She puts her hands on her cheekbones and looks at me with a fixed gaze.
I don’t have to lie and say it’s normal here.

“Well, it tastes good.”

I said, scratching my cheek.
Then Shiina licked my chopsticks off my mouth and said

“Yes, that’s good!”

She smiled smugly.

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