*A little heavy

Let’s talk a little about the old days.

“That’s fun! Saku!”

Two years ago, during the spring and summer of my eighth grade year, I had a girlfriend.
Her name was Taki Chisato. She was a good friend of mine in the same class at the time.

She had shiny semi-long black hair with a cherry blossom pin in the front. It was her trademark.

She was popular with everyone because of her affable personality and sparkling smile.

In April, when the same cherry blossoms as her hairpin bloomed. When we switched classes, she confessed her feelings for me.

Of course, I immediately responded, and this was the beginning of a relationship between me and Chisato as lovers.
Shiina was more than happy to give her blessing, and she helped me in many ways, such as making plans with me before our date and helping me decide what to wear.

I think my life was smooth sailing for a junior high school student.
However, such a life did not last forever.
In the middle of summer vacation in late July, Chisato and I went to a summer festival.

We took Purikura pictures and promised to cherish them for the rest of our lives. I promised her when we parted at the station that I would cherish her forever, but that promise became something only I could keep.
We broke up ……………… in a way, you could say we broke up.

“Chisato-chan, I heard she had an accident. I don’t know the circumstances yet, but let’s head to the hospital as soon as possible.”

A phone call from her mother left me speechless.
But I didn’t have time to think about it, I ran home and headed to the hospital immediately.

Chisato’s mother and my mother were in the PTA together, so it seems they had been involved with each other and were good friends. When I told her that we were dating, she was overjoyed.

If my mother and Chisato’s mother had not been involved, I would not have received that phone call. I shudder to think about it now.
When I got to the hospital, the doctor told me,

“We did our best, but ……………”

And that was it.
Everyone there was in despair.

A few hours after taking purikura pictures at a summer festival and promising to cherish her for the rest of my life………………

She died and we broke up.

This is what happened summer 2 years ago …………… bitter …… bitter memories of my ex-girlfriend and purikura

It was right around that time. Shiina’s distance from me became strange.
Wherever I go, whatever I do, Shiina cares and worries about me.

At first, I thought she was taking pity on me for losing my girlfriend, but it gradually escalated.
By the time I entered junior high school, I was in almost the same situation as I am now, and she was imagining on her own that she was dating me.

Maybe this girl went crazy because I worried too much.
Maybe I was the cause.

I still keep it in my wallet.
Chisato in a yukata and me in a jinbei, smiling, doing the piece, pinching each other’s cheeks, and bag-hugging each other while blushing for the first time.

And between the two of us is a Purikura with “I’ll love you forever” written in large letters, like a junior high school couple.

(TL/N : Finally some back story)

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1 year ago


milky violet
milky violet
1 year ago

You freakin kiddin me. I’d much rather prefer having a cliche cat fight between the yandere and the ex girlfriend instead of this.

milky violet
milky violet
1 year ago

unless… no… I don’t believe it!… UNLESS THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND MURDERED HER! Haha just joking… OR AM I??? Haha no seriously I am joking, this is supposed to be light hearted right?