Episode 18 – How much are you using?




Hearing this, my face, which had been mild-mannered so as not to offend Shiina, becomes sharp.

“Hey, where are you putting the GPS?”

I say, lowering my voice and glaring at her.

“I don’t want to tell you that, I don’t want you to take it away from me. Besides, what’s the point of finding one?”

She smiles and pokes me on the bridge of my nose.

“Suuu, Haaaa……”

I take a deep breath and suppress the feeling that I’m about to lose my temper.
Until this time, I had been mild-mannered so as not to offend her.
But I can imagine a more horrifying scene if she gets angry here, so I’m going to hold it in.

“I want you to take off the GPS because it makes me anxious.”
“Anxious? What’s making you anxious?”
“I don’t feel comfortable when I’m being watched all the time.”
“I’d feel more comfortable if I had you watching me all the time.”

I suppressed the urge to say, “I’m not like you, you bastard.”

“The GPS makes me want to leave Shiina, so I want you to take it off.”
“Does that mean, if I remove the GPS, you’ll want to stay with me?”
“…………, that would increase the possibility.”

What am I talking about!

I’m just making a stopgap measure, but isn’t that a bombshell! I’m about to get in trouble!

“Really? Then I’ll gladly take it off!”

Shiina’s face lit up and she began to touch me, telling me to hold still.

“Let’s see, here, here, here, here, and…oh, here ……… and this one, too.”

As she mumbles on and on, the GPS comes off my body out of nowhere.
The second button, the back of my collar, the sides of my shoes, the crevice of a small pocket in my bag.
How many of these things was I wearing? Isn’t it usually just one or something? This is not the level of just in case.

“That’s all of them.~”

After removing all of them, Shiina puts them in her bag.

“This is really all of them, right? There’s not a single one left, is there?”

I checked while touching my own body.

“I have never lied to you, have I? That’s all there is.”

If you ask …………, she has never lied to me, even though she is a persistent and annoying person.

No matter what kind of ghastly things she did, she’s never wrapped her arms around it. No matter how gruesome it is, I don’t let it go.

This seems to be …………… trustworthy.

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