Okay, now I can go to school in peace.
I let out a sigh and emerge from the bathroom.

I slowly return to my room and fix my appearance in front of the mirror.
I fix my crooked tie and wax my hair.

Then I go downstairs, grab a small carton of coffee milk from the refrigerator, and leave the house.

The weather is clear. No sign of Shiina.
I woke up from a bad night’s sleep, but now it’s a perfect morning.

I was sipping coffee milk and basking in the warm sunshine, walking along the straight road to the station, when I heard a voice saying

“— hmm?”

I felt a gaze from somewhere. It was a nasty look, too.
I felt a tingle down my spine and instinctively felt threatened.
But when I hurriedly looked around, no one was there.

I thought Shiina might be lurking somewhere, but that was not likely.
It was her. She must have thought I was headed to school and got on the train already.

If she had followed me or ambushed me at the station, I would have reported her to the police.
At this point, she is a bad stalker.

I looked around again, but Shiina was nowhere to be seen.
It was just a misunderstanding. With this thought in mind, I proceeded to the station again.

After walking for a few minutes, I arrived at the nearest station.
From this station to the school is four stops, or about 15 minutes.
I went through the ticket gate, got off at the platform, and checked the timetable.

“Five minutes to go.”

Five minutes until the next train. I sit down on a bench nearby.
I’ve been so tired since this morning ……………, and it’s all Shiina’s fault.

Why do I have to be so sluggish on the morning of a school day? I can’t concentrate on my classes.

Well, most classes I’m either sleeping or looking at my phone.
I’m so tired, I’m nodding my head.

“Here, take this to cheer you up,”

I was so tired that I was nodding my head, and a nutritional drink was held out in front of me.

“Oh, uh, thanks. Thanks.”

I took it, bailing, and looked up.

“You must be tired, Saku-kun. You need to get more sleep.”

Shiina looked at me with a smile on her face.

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11 months ago

This girl… She must have installed GPS tracker in his phone