It was a holiday.

I got up earlier than usual and spent the morning tidying up my room.

Today, I was supposed to have a visitor in the morning.


“Yes, I’m coming out.”

I opened the front door and there was……

“Good morning, Ryoko san ! I’m sorry to bother you today !”

There was Ari chan with a suitcase and a smile like a big flower on her face.

“Good morning, Ari chan. Come on up.”

“Ehehe, excuse me !”

Ari chan was walking up to the front door with her suitcase in her arms.

Today Ari chan is dressed like a high school girl in a black cardigan and a red pleated skirt. She was wearing thick-soled sneakers on her feet, and her makeup was a bit gaudy, giving her an overall look of a high-school girl.

“Ari chan, your makeup looks so cute today.”

“Ehehe, thank you very much.”

“Why don’t you do that on a regular basis?”

“Indeed……. Being casual while getting tutored is impolite.”

Ari chan smiles bitterly while scratching her cheek. Is it really impolite to dress up like you’re going out to a place where you’re being given a private tutor as a favor?

Ari chan seems to have an innocent personality, but I guess she has been well disciplined because she knows this. The perfect amount of friendliness is her weapon of choice.

“That’s true. Besides, if you’re too fashionable, you’ll get distracted.”

“Fashion is a distraction?”

Her small head tilted to the side.

Well, you probably don’t understand the logic behind that. What I’m worried about is not that Ari chan will become distracted.

There’s about one person who gets distracted when such a cute girl is around. That’s what I’m worried about.

“Fufu, don’t worry about that. I’m just talking about this one. Anyway, Ari chan, did you bring that thing I asked you about?”

I cut the chit-chat to the chase and got down to business. I made a promise to Ari chan today.

“Fufufu, of course ! Ryoko san, are you prepared too?”

“Of course ! I dragged it out of the closet at my parents’ house.”

“Ehehe, then, let’s open it up !”

She opened the suitcase with great enthusiasm and took it out from inside…..

“Ta-da ! It’s the uniform I always wear !”

It was a uniform of a blazer and a checked skirt.

“Oh ! This is the Atago All Girls’ Academy uniform, the dream of every Hokusei girl !”

I couldn’t take my eyes off the fashionable and cute uniform.

Atago All Girls’ Academy uniforms are designed by a famous designer and have been ranked the top in a nationwide ranking of the cutest school uniforms.

Not only are the uniforms cute, but they are also designed in traditional colors and have a calm, elegant look that girls adore, and some girls even go on to higher education just to wear this uniform.

I have tried on many different kinds of uniforms, but this is the only one I have not tried on yet. Today, I was supposed to borrow this uniform.

“Hey, hey, let me try it on right away !”

I couldn’t wait to get out of my hoodie and long skirt. I had changed into a sports bra and panties without clasps and decorations beforehand, because I didn’t want to damage or stain my underwear.

“Of course ! This is the blouse and the hem should be at the waist for proper dressing. The blazer is fastened at the first button, and a ribbon is tied around the collar to finish it off……”

Ari chan helps me get dressed with a familiar hand. When I have my buttons carefully fastened, I feel like I’m a noble lady.

“Once you put on the lapel pin, it’s done ! A fine Atago chan is ready !”

“Wo….wooow ! ! ! !”

I gasp when I see my reflection in the mirror.

It is definitely me on the other side of the mirror.

But it’s me, the cute me I’ve never seen before.

The neat and intelligent aura created by the school uniform is clearly distinct from the dowdy sailor uniforms of my alma mater.

Wearing such a cute school uniform is sure to attract the attention of every boy on the street ! Just by being there, you are guaranteed to become a heroine of the world.

I wish I could have gone to school in this uniform. How much fun it would have been to walk around town, have tea with friends at a café that looked good, and go on a date with my boyfriend who goes to a different high school in Joshi Park ……

I wonder… three years suddenly seem gray. There are some happy memories though.

“Haa…..I’m jealous of you. I’m sure you must be having fun every day,…….”

“Hm, I it would make you happy, but why are you looking so melancholy?”

“You have no idea. You don’t understand the pain of a woman who spent her youth in a prison uniform……”

“Were you in a girls’ juvenile detention center?”

“Fufu…..that’s what public high schools are like.”

Ah, my youth, which has nothing to do with glitter…

“Ah, that’s right. Ari chan, would you like to try on my uniform too?”

“Yes ! I’ve always wanted to try on a sailor suit !”

“It’s not that big of a deal, but since you’re here, go ahead.”

It was my turn to help her change. I was able to teach her how to put on her sailor suit while she was in her underwear.

As a side note, Ari chan was wearing a matching top and bottom cherry color bra and pants.

 “Wow……this is a sailor suit. Ehehe, isn’t it quite cute? What do you think, does it suit me?”

Ari chan flips her skirt and turns.

At that time, I was shocked.



“Cute ! Ari chan is cute, Ari chan !”

Without thinking. I couldn’t help but shout !

Because ARi chan is so cute !

The unadorned, navy blue-based sailor is mocked in the city for being “gross,” but for some reason, when Ari chan wears it, it even looks like a dress. I wonder if it’s because she’s Atago chan on the inside that she has such a graceful look.

“You’re so cute ! I’ve never seen such a pretty girl before !”

“Y-you’re exaggerating ! I’m not cute at all ! My friend Nagine is in a different league.”

“How modest of you. If you had attended our school, you would have become an idol of the school ! All the boys will be in love with you ! Everyday you get a storm of love letters ! They steal your shoes every day !”

“I don’t want my shoes stolen !”

Sure, that’s gross. But that’s how good the sailors looked on Ari chan. I’m sure it would be a lot of fun at a public school if she could wear it so cutely.

“They say it’s tacky, but I think it’s cute enough. I’m sure Ryoko san would be able to pull it off cutely.”

“I made an effort in my own way. But we don’t allow makeup, you know.”


Local public schools have strict school rules. Skirts must be worn below the knee, makeup is forbidden, and decorative hairpins are not allowed. So we called it [ash-covered youth.]

“But there were still cute girls, weren’t there?”

“There were…… Yua was so cute.”

I remember my former friend. The woman who is also the ex-lover of the best friend.

“Ah, I guess Yua was cute even back then.”

“Well, in her case, she secretly wore make-up to comply with the school rules, but she was said to be the most beautiful girl in the school because the material was good.”

“Wow ! But Kingo was dating the most beautiful girl in school ! Kingo is amazing.”

Her eyes of respect turn towards the young man she idolizes. Her enthusiasm is truly something to behold. But she doesn’t know the truth. It’s a good opportunity, I’ll tell her an old story.

“Yua was not at all refined at first,” she says. She was like a potato covered in dirt.”

“Is that so !?”

“Yes, yes. That girl only became more beautiful after she started dating Kingo. Love makes a woman beautiful.”

I suddenly remembered something. A while after they started dating, Yua came to me for advice, looking desperate.

[How can I be like you?]

At that time, Yua was a maiden. All she had in her heart was her eagerness to be liked more by Kingo.

“Well, let’s talk about the old days and take some pictures. We have to leave the young and beautiful us alone.”

“Life is short, so fall in love, young girl !”

“Shall we send them to Kingo, too?”

I was walking to my apartment with my shoulders hunched in the wintry wind. At that moment, the phone in my pocket trembled.

“What’s this, Ryoko…..what !?”

I jumped up when I saw the picture sent to me on LINE. To my surprise, it was Ryoko in Atago All Girls’ Academy uniform.

Did she borrow Ari san’s uniform?

Regardless of that…..she’s cute !

She’s always been beautiful, so she looks good no matter what she wears, but Atago’s uniforms are so much better looking.

Then, I received a call from Ari san.

“Mhm, Ari san also sent a picture……eh !?”

This is Ari san in a familiar sailor uniform. The girls’ school uniform of the alma mater was said to be one of the most disgusting in the city, but when Ari san was wearing it, she looked as good as an idol’s outfit. She even looks like Kanna Hashimoto in her sailor suit.

“C….cute ! I don’t remember there being a girl this cute in my school !?”

I searched my memory, but…. hmmm, there was no one !

There was never a girl as pretty as her !

So I’m raising my personal Best Sailor award to ehr !

My heart warms. I saw something nice at the end of the year.

I was soaking it all up when an additional message came in.

[Hey, which one is cuter?]


You want me to decide that for you !?

How could I decide !

But I felt like I had to answer something, but I couldn’t answer anything, and my thinking got slower and slower.

But even though I was brain-dead, I still saved the images.

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