◆Four People Group Chat◇

[(Ryoko)Let’s go to the sauna !]

[(Kingo) Why suddenly?]

[(Ryoko) Since Ari chan has been so busy preparing for the second exam, so I thought we’d take her to the sauna to refresh her.]

[(Ari) Yay ! Thank you, Ryoko san !]

[(Shino) Sometimes it’s important to refresh yourself, isn’t it?]

[(Ryoko) That said ! Well then, tomorrow, we’ll all get together in the sauna and get in shape !”

[(Ari) All right !]

[(Shino) All right !]

[(Kingo) All right !]

[(Ryoko) Ah, men and women are separated, so Kingo can prepare by himself.]

[(Kingo) (´・ω・)]


That’s how we came to [Hokusai Bathhouse]. It is a long-established bath house in a suburban commercial district, and is a hole-in-the-wall spot because there seem to be few people there even on holidays.

“I haven’t been to a bathhouse for a long time〜. I’m looking forward to the sauna !”

I bought three tickets for myself, Ari chan and Shino senpai at the ticket machine. The warm and humid atmosphere unique to bathhouses may have been what got Ari chan excited.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a big bath. Do you often come to the sauna, Ryoko san?”

“Sometimes. My friends invited me and we all went to the sauna together.”

“I see… with friends.”

“No, we’re just normal friends.”

Shino senpai, I don’t think you have to think about it that deeply, do you?

And then, Ari chan joins the conversation.

“Ehehe, then we’re friends too ! Ah, I wish Kingo had come too.”

As Ari chan laments, Kingo is not here today.

“[It’s boring to go to the sauna by yourself.] He said.”

Ari chan wanted to go out with Kingo, even if it was separately. Still the same as ever.

“It can’t be helped. I’m sure he’ll feel lonely sitting in the sauna alone.”

“No, I rather wonder why he thought he could join.”

The sauna is naked, so of course it’s separate for men and women. 

So, today, we went without Kingo. The three women came to the sauna to get in shape without Kingo.

After checking in, we went to the changing room. The unique humidity of the bathhouse was rising rapidly, and we could immediately feel our skin being moisturized.

“After all this time, was it a good idea to come to the sauna right before the exam? I’m starting to worry that you might be fatigued or something.”

As she undresses, Shino senpai expresses her concern.

“You don’t need to worry about that. If you enter the sauna properly, you will get tired, but you will not be exhausted.”

“That’s right. It’s well organized…it’s very deep.”

“Hey, Ryoko san. What is the meaning of [Toning] in the end? Is it to improve blood circulation?”

“Listen to me very well !”

I explained to Ari chan without a pause !

“The word [Toning] is a kind of trance state.”

[ [Trance?] ]

“Yes, that’s right. By repeating the rotation of the sauna, water bath, and outdoor air bath for two or three sets, the brain secretes narcotics at a high rate, and you will be in a pleasant trance.”

[ [Oh〜.] ]

“It warms up the body and helps with cold and stiffness, which is a good thing. It’s the perfect way to maintain your body before exams.”

Recently, Ari chan has been working hard to prepare for the second round of examinations. The results of the common test were not good, and they are desperate to make up for their losses in the preliminary rounds.

On the other hand, Shino senpai and I have also been taking advantage of the spring break to study since the beginning of February. It’s about time for everyone to get tired, so we decided to detox here.

All three of us are now completely naked and go to the bathroom. Since we are all women, there is nothing to be shy about. After taking a hot bath, we immediately entered the sauna room.

“Wow, it’s so hot〜”

“I haven’t been in a sauna since I was little…….”

The heat was so extraordinary that Ari chan and her friends were already breaking out in a sweat.

The bathrooms were busy, but the sauna was unoccupied and reserved for private use. We could relax as much as we wanted, and no one would bother us if we chatted.

“Well, Shino san〜.You’re really big in person.”

“Haa…..I knew you would say that.”

That’s why conversations like this are possible. From the changing room, Ari chan is very curious about Shino senpai’s breasts. She looks like a perverted middle schooler.

I was also overwhelmed to see them in the flesh.

“What cups are those, Senpai?”

“Even you, Ryoko san. It increased the amount of cups during the New Year and finally became a J cup.”

[ [J !?] ]

It was bigger than expected ! [J] is a word I have only heard in gravure or porn.

The tension, the three-dimensionality, and the eye-catching weight were out of the norm. The biggest among my friends, G cups, now looks cute.

Or rather, I want to touch them…….

“Fwueh〜 So big〜. Misumi sensei is big, but Shino san is also amazing. I mean, who’s bigger?”

“My sister is also a J, so we finally got in line recently. Sigh…I never catch up with her at times like this…”

Her sister is a J cup too !? I heard from Ari chan that it was big, but all sisters are J..Misumi sisters’ breasts deviation value is too high ! I knew it was because they eat the same food and that both sisters grew up together.

Moreover, I feel like Senpai doesn’t mean it at all. Ugh…I was finally promoted to D due to my efforts…..

“So lucky……. I’m not getting any bigger….. My breasts will always be flat…..”

“There’s nothing good about being big, you know? There aren’t many types of bras, and there aren’t any clothes that suit me, so I can’t look as fashionable as Ari chan. Above all, it makes my shoulders stiff.”

“Hmm, But I’d like to kill a guy with my big breasts just once !”

“What are you going to do with them…..”

Indeed. Is there anyone who wants to seduce men with their big breasts? Ari chan, you are a strange girl after all.

“There’s nothing good about being big. I can feel the gaze of men… Personally, I admire Ryoko san.”

“Eh, me?”

The topic was suddenly brought up, and my shoulders jumped. It is unexpected that such a heinous glamorous body would envied me.

“Ryoko san, you are so beautiful because you are slender and have breasts and buttocks.”

“Indeed ! You seem to have a lot of clothes that look good on you.”

The eyes of both Ari chan and Senpai, who took advantage of the opportunity, crawled over my body.

“Ehehe…..thanks. I actually have confidence in my proportions.”

I’m not too full of praise. At 165 centimeters tall, I’m taller than average, and I have long arms and legs. My breasts are not as big as someone else’s, but they are on the big side, and my hips are in good shape.

Well, I am a good woman.

“With such a good style, you must be very popular. Ryoko san has a cheerful personality.

Shino senpai’s tone was serious. It’s rare for her to talk about love life. Is something wrong?

“Ufufu, I’m not bragging, but I’m popular, you know?Mainly, Yamashina kun persistently asks me out on dates.”

“Oh……him? Beautiful women have a hard time, don’t they?”

The envious glances turn to pity. Beauty is fun, and I don’t feel bad about being pampered by boys. But it’s not always a good thing, because some guys can be persistent.

“But I still admire Ryoko san. I’m going to a co-ed school next year, so I’d like to be pampered by boys at least a little bit.”

“Ari chan is cute, so you will definitely be popular with the boys. You’ll be a favorite among her classmates and upperclassmen alike.

“Ryoko san, you’re so good ! I’m not cute at all. My friend Nagine is so cute.”

“You’re being modest again〜. Ari chan, you’re good-looking and charming, so boys will like you. But don’t get caught by a weirdo like Yamashina.”

“I’ll be careful. Ehehe, I’d like to be in love, but there’s something I want to do more of once I get to college.”

Although she was sweating profusely, Ari chan still felt relaxed. She said something to that effect with a big smile on her face.


“What is it that you want to do?”

“That’s a secret !”

“Hmm, I’m curious.”

Senpai, with her cheeks puffed out in dissatisfaction.

What is it that you want to do, Ari chan?

I had never met anyone at an all-girls school, so I thought she was interested in romance, but is there something more appealing to me than that?

“I’m sure love is great, but there’s no shortage of things to do, like study, part-time jobs, and clubs. You should do as much as you like, because you’re working hard right now.”

“Ehehe, I’m looking forward to it〜. By the way, Ryoko san, aren’t you going to get another boyfriend?”


What’s the matter, all of a sudden?

“You said it’s been a while since you dumped your last boyfriend.”

Giik ! !

I remember I told Ari chan that I dumped my boyfriend, and I made it seem like I did !

But this girl is relentlessly poking at sensitive areas.

I’m sure she’s an airhead…….

“Listen, Ari chan. Before you become a college student, please remember this. College is not a place to fall in love. But at the same time, it’s also a place to fall in love. Don’t enter college with the prejudice that you have to have a lover, okay?”

“That’s right, Ari chan !”

For some reason, Shino senpai is on board too. This is unexpected, but reliable. Senpai began to speak enthusiastically.

“Unlike high school, college is a place for independent study and research. Circles and socializing are fine, but you mustn’t neglect your main job.”

“I-I’m a little scared, Shino san…… You’re exactly like Misumi sensei〜”

To be able to shrink Ari chan with one blow is a terrifying beautiful ink effect.


“The important thing is to have a good balance between academics and other things. As long as you get your credits right, you’re free to do whatever you want. I’m sure it’ll be fun starting in the spring.”

Yes, many things will change in the spring. For better or for worse, encounters and partings will change us.

The encounter between Ari chan and Shino senpai and the parting of Kingo with Lyconess are like seeds. They will sprout in the spring and bring change to us.

There was a part of me that was looking forward to that change and a part of me that was afraid of it.

Perhaps it was because I had been indulging in a position that I thought was enjoyable or comfortable.

I was the youngest member in the circle and the youngest freshman in the university. That will change in the spring.

I’m a little afraid of that.

But there is no use in worrying. Time passes equally. I’m going to be Ari chan’s senior next year, so I should be able to show her something cool.

“That said. Time is almost up, so let’s go take a bath. I’m sweating a lot.”

“I’m reaching my limit too…….”

While we were chatting, my body was completely flushed and covered in sweat. Shino senpai’s face was flushed too, and countless drops were dripping down her plump chest.

“I still have plenty of time.”

“Ari chan, don’t overdo it, okay? Let’s take a water bath and an air bath.”

Everything at your own pace, right?

After that, we finished our three sets and got in shape.

We were all set for our final battle.

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