“Honestly……I saw a hell of a lot of stuff at the end of the year…….”

The resentment melts away in the guest room, where silence reigns.

I lay down on the soft bed, but my body was on fire and my sleepiness was blown away.

I unavoidably checked into a love hotel.

I had used a love hotel before with my ex-boyfriend, and I was not nervous that I would not make a mistake with Kingo, but I still felt uncomfortable when I entered the hotel.

The room was cozy and had no atmosphere, but the bed, which had a strong presence, gave the impression that it was a place to do the deed.

“Since there’s no couch, we’ll have to sleep together…….”

I can’t let him sleep on the hard floor. Today, I’m going to sleep with Kingo.

No, I don’t mean to be lewd when I say [sleep] !

I really just [sleep] with him.

Absolutely nothing will happen…….

Kingo and I have been friends since high school.

He is a friend with whom I can talk about anything, like study, career, love, music, and so on. So when he was kicked out of Lyconess, he was the first to ask me for advice, and I responded sincerely.

That’s about all I can do.

But it is something only I can do.

It’s the only way for me, who is not that great at all, to be on the same level as that very great guy.

My proud friend.

It feels a little strange to imagine that I could have a relationship with Kingo after all these years.

It’s not that Kingo is a bad guy. In fact, he’s a good one.

He may be a little plain, but he is smart and has a well-defined face, so if he dresses up properly, he will look good. Because he loves music, he also has a rich heart and is kind.

A salty faced, smart, and interesting young man.

All in all, he’s a pretty good guy. I have no problem with him as a boyfriend.

But the reason why I don’t give him my love is because he is Kobayakawa Kingo himself.

If you’ve been friends for too long, you won’t be thrilled by the slightest thing.

I guess it takes a trigger to turn on the love switch.

I’m on the verge of being turned on.

My body is on fire from the shame of Kingo seeing me naked and the shock of seeing him naked.

“why are you getting big…..”

No, I know why. Because he saw a naked woman, his body is overflowing with male hormones.

Even if I don’t have much experience in love. I understand that much.

The question is how Kingo will treat me after this.

When he saw me naked, I somehow managed to let it slide with friendly communication. That should have saved me from any awkwardness.

But this time, on the contrary, I saw him naked….and he was completely getting bigger.

I’m already embarrassed.

“What am I doing…..! This makes it sound like I’m excited about his body !”

No, well, it’s not that I don’t think anything of it when I see his body.

I’m a human being and I have sexual desires too.

But I confess, I am a virgin. I have had two ex-boyfriends, and people around me think I have a lot of experience in relationships, but I have never had my first experience.

I got into a relationship with one of them, but it didn’t end well.

I was old enough, I was interested, and I thought it was about time for a relationship, so I got up the courage to take my ex-boyfriend up on his offer. I was trying to reciprocate his love.

But when it came time to have a naked relationship, I got scared and put a stop to it.

In the end, things fell apart because of that, and I broke up with him.

I became completely timid, and since then, I have never had the chance to lose my virginity.

I was lightly traumatized.

But the time may have finally come.

I haven’t seen a man’s body in a long time……

And the lower half of his body is very energetic…….

A man’s body is honest.

Even though he makes a face like [We’ve been friends forever !], he actually sees me as a woman.

Eh, is it a physiological phenomenon? That’s why he doesn’t do anything?

Even if you show me something like that and say, [Don’t worry] there’s no persuasive power !

I mean, I think Kingo’s thing was bigger than my ex’s.

It’s going to fit inside me, right?

“Haa….. Kingo, what do you want to do with me……?”

To be honest, I don’t have the confidence to say no if he presses me now.

Even if he didn’t feel like it at first, it’s possible that he was so excited by my nakedness that he couldn’t control it.

Kingo is also a man, and he does not have to feel guilty about Yua, whom he has been single-minded about.

It is up to him whether he will attack me or not.

What should I do then?

“How will he react if he finds out I’m a virgin? Will he laugh at me…..or rather be nice to me….”

Even if we are my friends, even if it is Kingo, if that guy comes on to me and creates an atmosphere, will I accept it……

I have no idea how I would behave then.

I’m sure it’s impossible to pretend to be an experienced woman, since I have no experience to begin with.

Some guys say they don’t like virgins because they are too heavy (according to my friend).

“Well, Kingo won’t say such a terrible thing, and he will be kind to me, right? After all, it’s Kingo. But it’s Kingo……. What kind of face should I make after I did it with him……”

Do we end it with a one-night stand, or do we start a relationship after confirming physical compatibility? Something tells me that’s the norm in the West……

Or a sex buddy who has casual sex? Would that be fun?

No, no ! There is no way you should have such a sordid relationship with your best friend.

Let’s still say no, even if he presses me. Let’s just stay friends. It would be better for both of us.

“But for now, let’s just check the rubbers……”

Yes, there is a contraceptive amenity on the sideboard. As expected from a love hotel.

“In case……yes, in case of emergency……..”

“Phew……that’s refreshing…….”

“Huh !?”

The door leading to the bathroom opens and Kingo comes out.

He was dressed in pajamas with the same toiletries as me, and the way he roughly wiped his damp hair was so manly that I was surprised.

“Oh……Ryoko !? I thought you were sleeping?”

“Well……I kind of woke up…….”

My body is on fire. And although I won’t say where, it was moist and humid.

We unexpectedly showed each other our nakedness, and our night had just begun…….

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