— Ah, the day has come.

Finally, the time of the game.

Me, Tsukane, and Shuta gather around the table.

–The time has come for us to show each other our grades.

In the past, everyone’s grades used to be posted in the hallway.

Now, however, we are given a sheet of paper with a summary of our grades and our rank in our grade and class.

The grades themselves are also announced on the school’s website.

However, I preferred to see all the rankings at once.

The paper, which I had not yet seen, was still on my desk, inside out.

The last game, the last time to play with the bundle of sound.

It was the last time to leave.

I wished that as soon as the paper was turned over, everything would be flipped over.

I can’t stand it anymore. ……

And yet, Tsukane never stops.

“One two”

With one word from Tsukane, each paper was overturned.

My grades were …… first in both my grade and class.

And Tsukane’s grades, which I saw beside me, were both second.

I won …….

I don’t know what to be happy about.

But anyway, I won.

That’s the only fact that fills me up.

“No way!”

“I won this game!”

Tsukane looked like she couldn’t finish her sentence.

Seeing her made me feel even better.

Something seemed to be wrong with the direction of my excitement.

Wasn’t there something about winning first place?

I forgot …….

“Wait a minute, by two points!”

“Even if it’s by one point, I still win the game, right?”

“I’m so frustrated!”

Tsukane bit her lip and expressed her regret.

In fact, it was a close call, and I understand how you feel.

But the look on Tsukane’s face tickled my fancy.

—She’s a charming, emotionally …… cute girl.

It was a moment of heartbreak in …… first love.

To distract myself, I turned my attention to Shuta who was beside me.

I don’t understand this guy’s feelings any more than I do.

Shuta has nothing to do with it, I’m No. 1, and there’s no way he can understand.

Shuta’s mouth was gaping open as if his soul had been drained out.

He then started to complain.

“Look, I knew you two were too strong. It means you’ve been cutting corners in the exams so far, and it’s not fair.”

Shuta’s ranking is 31st in his grade and 9th in his class.

It’s not a bad score, but it’s not even close to ours.

If there is a difference of 50 points, it is a high rank in the whole grade.

But from me and Tsukane’s point of view, it is a low rank.

I was in the top 20 even in the last exam.

Even if I didn’t take it seriously, I probably wouldn’t lose to Shuta.

So I don’t want to be accused of cutting corners.

“Ah, Shuta, one pashiri. The expiration date is permanent.”

“Bring it right now with a red seal.”

“You bastard!”

Shuta ran away.

Well, it would not be possible to prepare it immediately if it comes with a red seal, so it can be done at a later date.

…… That’s right. I won, so let’s have Tsukane pay the wager as well.

“So, can you tell me who Tsukane likes?”

“Uh, yes. But I’m embarrassed now, so can we do it on the way home?”

“Okay. Then, let’s go home. I’m going to the bathroom for a sec.”

“Okay. I’ll wait for you at the shoe box.”

The nearby men’s restroom was opposite the stairs, so we parted at once in the classroom.

Tsukane looked embarrassed and walked away as fast as she could.

You talk about the person you like, and would that make you blush?


If she gets a boyfriend, we won’t be going down to school together and I’ll miss her.

I wish I was the one that Tsukane likes…..

It reminds me of the blue bird in meter link.

I wonder if I can’t notice the happiness that’s close by.

Tsukane seems to have been my closest happiness.

I thought that since we were childhood friends,…… we would always be together on such basis.

“Haa,…… this is ridiculous.”

I want to disappear now.

I’m terribly afraid to ask the other person

It must have felt good to have won the battle.

…..Life won’t go on like it is.

As I finished using the restroom, I had several candidates in mind as to who Tsukane’s favorite person might be.

“Die, everyone”

The good-looking guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend because he wants to concentrate on the sport he’s into.

A good-looking guy who had recently broken up with his girlfriend.

–I don’t like them all.

If he was good-looking enough, he could have been me.

I know it’s not polite to call myself that.

But I had heard rumors that I was, so I had a mysterious confidence in myself.

Tsukane has the kind of personality that can handle any kind of scum.

That’s scary.

There are actually good-looking guys who have a dark side.

If Tsukane doesn’t know, I’m worried that she might be choosing men based on their faces.

The reason why the name is not known clearly is because of the person’s virtue and caste.

Caste doesn’t change for the slightest bit.

“Ugh~~~~!= Aaahhhhhh!~”

I made a clenched fist and slammed the wall with my feelings of helplessness.

My face in the bathroom is so miserable.

If I had done something about it when I heard from Tsukane, I could have changed the situation, couldn’t I?

I was always a good student and I’m not bad looking.

It might have been possible to recruit collaborators from the entire school year.

If I had done so, I could have taken action to change Tsukane’s mind……

If not, I don’t think my heart can take it anymore.

–I don’t want to see her.

–I don’t want to know.

–It’s so hard …….

As soon as I stepped out into the hallway, I was about to leave when a voice called out to me from the side.

“I’m sorry, Kanda-kun. May I have a word?”

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Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
5 months ago

It’s the usual childhood friend thingy~

You didn’t made a move with all the time you had and now you’re breaking down like a 5 year old kid who got his fav toy stolen and now you can’t get it back since the snatcher is riding a motorbike~