Tanba-san’s top secret, according to Shuta.

I am intrigued, but at the same time a little disgust is laid bare.

A hidden source of information or something like that must be a malicious line.

“Wait, let me tell you first, I’m telling you this because I had a bet with Tomose.”

…… seems to be a cunning way to do it.

He’s trying to get me to listen to useless stories for such a reason …… that he needs them for his bet with me.

I have to say it’s mean-spirited.

From there, Shuta lowers the volume of his voice even further and begins speaking in a low voice that only I can hear.

“Actually, she seems to be looking for an excellent male classmate. I didn’t get the details, but it’s a bet between her and her parents.”


Well, this is certainly an interesting story.

I’ve felt this for a while now, but I think Shuta is really good at drawing out stories.

I always feel in my mind that I am in danger of being scammed when I talk to him.

And the important thing about Tanba-san – I’ve never actually talked to her, so this is probably just speculation, but I could get a pretty good idea of her.

She’s so much like a sl*t that a boy like me would call her a sl*t.

I guess there was something underhanded about her friendships.

Maybe there are things she’s holding on to that my buds can’t see.

I reflected a little on the fact that I had called her a sl*t.

“Tanba-san isn’t a sl*t, I know that. So what does this have to do with you interrupting my studies?”

“The story goes on. I skipped a lot of stuff, but I confessed to Tanba-san and she told me such a story. What do you think she said then?”

…… I’m starting to get a dim idea of what’s going on.

The source of the information is Tanba-san herself?

“I don’t know. Just tell me now.”

“Tomose seems irritated today, doesn’t he? Are you getting enough calcium?”

Don’t stir things up.

I actually don’t care too much if it’s a usual thing.

But Shuuta is very good at stroking others in the opposite direction.

That is why…

I don’t have to pretend when I’m dealing with Shuta, so I feel more at ease. You could say I gave in because pretending to be so tiring makes me so tired.

“I just haven’t had enough sleep, that’s all. So what?”

“She said she’d give me a chance to be her boyfriend.”

“Don’t do it. That’s what you call keeping”

“Tomose is extreme. Not that, she said that she would confess her feelings to the person who got the first place in the next mid-term exam.”

“I see, let’s take back what I said. Is that why you interfered with my studies?”

“Well, she didn’t really mean that confession, but she wants a temporary boyfriend.”

“Tanba-san,… she a scum?”

I took back my previous statement, but it was a similar thing.

No, it’s worse character to be a keeper.

However, there is a part of what he just said that I don’t like.

Are you saying that Tanba-san goes out of her way to talk to the other party and evaluate them?

Is such a person obsessed with titles?

I really don’t know anything about Tanba-san, but I feel caught up in her actions.

“What are you going to do if Tomose comes in first place, just in case? I mean, why are you so worked up?”

“Because I’m competing against Tsukane.”

“Eh, you’re kidding! Wow, your timing sucks.”

“Don’t worry, neither you nor I are going to win first place. We’re not that smart.”


“It would be funny if a girl came in first place.”

If she wants a hypothetical boyfriend, Tanba-san won’t choose a girl

…… maybe.

From what I hear, the rules are full of holes.

I wonder if Tanba-san is not good at bargaining.

Well, I can’t judge the details, can I?

I’m only hearing about it through word of mouth, and rumors are just that, rumors.

“I remember when Tomose won first place in the first exam of junior high school.”

“Why do you remember? It’s gross. But that can’t be helped. Tsukane also got the same first place.”

There were rumors about this because we were childhood friends.

They ended up saying that we were a perfectly compatible couple, so I had to correct them every time I was asked, which was tough.

“You know, Tomose has that much potential, but I don’t want him to take it seriously.”

“The level of difficulty of studying is different between junior high school and high school, isn’t it? My strengths and weaknesses are becoming more apparent, and it’s not that easy.”

“Well, I see. This is why I interrupted you. What’s the call?”

“Let’s call it a draw.”


Apparently he was dissatisfied, but that didn’t mean he could concede the win.

“I could tell that Shuta really meant it, but I think you should have studied it yourself before you interrupted me. ……”

“Aaahhh, the right argument hurts my ears. I’ll call it a draw.”

The reason why Shuta liked Tanba-san was muddled.

I guess he chose it based on her face anyway.

I know him well because I’ve known him since middle school.

This guy was easy to fall in love with and easy to cool down.

He is a man of action, but he is like a land mine.

I always wished he would get a girlfriend as soon as possible.

Then the chime rings.

It just took away a few precious minutes of my life.

I’m going to sleep late for the day to make up for it…..

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