I couldn’t hide my reaction to the words of my childhood friend who I was walking with while we were leaving school.

“Hey, it’s Tomose, so I’m going to talk to you…”


‘Finally, I have someone I like~”


I – Kanda Tomose was so astonished at that moment that I couldn’t move my body.

A stunned voice was leaking out on its own.

Ruminating over her line over and over again, only the obvious facts flooded my brain.

As soon as I stopped, my childhood friend Yukimura Tsukane took a step ahead of me and turned the front of her body toward me.

Instantly, her glossy black hair sways silently.

Before I know it, my mouth is half open and I can’t close it.

I can’t think of any words to say.

I am sure she saw my shameful face.

But I am so upset that my awareness of it is immediately blown away.

I wonder if my trembling hands are paralyzed.

Tsukane looked at me strangely, and felt weird.

“Weird face, is it so strange that I can have someone I like, oi?”

“Ah, no,…… because, you see, you’ve never been wavered by anyone, no matter how many people have confessed to you, and now? It’s normal to think it’s a joke, isn’t it?”

Yes,…… Tsukane is popular.

It’s not just that she was born with good looks.

She also puts a lot of effort into her beauty regimen.

In addition to such a premise, her friendly personality was very well received by boys.

That’s why…I wonder.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew this day would come.

But when I thought about that day coming, my …… chest tightened up.

I feel like I’ve been grabbed by the gut.

“What, you thought I was going to be single for the rest of my life? That’s rude!”

“I didn’t say that much!”

Two years and a few months had passed since we entered high school.

However, Tsukane has never had a boyfriend.

There are several riajuu groups in the same grade.

But my group was unique in that not a single person had a girlfriend.

It was just a group of guys who had known each other since junior high school.

Since we were such a close group, this was normal for us.

Until now, I had always wondered in my heart what was so special about us, but now the time has finally come for that to happen.

However, it is a story if the confession succeeds….

But I can’t imagine the scene of Tsukane being rejected.

To be frank, Tsukane’s declaration of confession was no less than a declaration that she has found a boyfriend.

Tsukane is also aware of this.

“Ahhhhhh …… now I’m one of the riajuu, huh? Aren’t you happy?”

“………… nothing.”

The mood naturally returned to the usual tone.

However, something swirling in my heart slows down my thinking.

The fact that the tsukane can be so natural is eerie.

Nevertheless, I want to adapt to her senses.

“Uwaa, you’re so interested in me, and you’re making such a face! Ah, maybe you were aiming at me!? Perhaps??”

“…Eh, no, I don’t know. I’m not sure.”

Black eyes, as if she could see right through me.

I stare at it, and my eyes water.

It’s not like I’m lying.

However, I can’t seem to change my suspicious attitude.

It was a shock because I was worried about Tsukane…

No, no, it’s not like that.

When she, the person who is with me until now, got a boyfriend, I felt as if she was far away from me. ……

—Huh, I wonder if this is love. Do I love Tsukane?

I’m not even aware of it.

But I feel like I’ve been betrayed ……

This can only be described as love.

In other words, isn’t it like being heartbroken?

I suppressed the self-deprecation that threatened to burst out of the gaping hole in my stomach and denied my love for Tsukane.

I should be calm.

It’s just a …… trivial, everyday story about a friend falling in love with someone else, isn’t it?

“….Yeah, right. Yeah. I’ll support you honestly.”

“Really~? Don’t you usually try to find out who is it here?”

“You always say what you want to say first. If you don’t, it means you don’t want to.”

“Uwaa, don’t act like you understand me. Well, that’s right though.”

—What, you’re testing me.

I wonder if it’s so funny that I’m upset.

I’ve got a bad childhood friend.

But, understanding huh ……?

That means I’ve never been the understanding one.

The most recent words I recall sting.

Normally, I would have been able to let it go with a joke.

Why is it that my heart is so torn out?

Somewhere in my stubbornness, I argue with her.

“If you don’t want to say it, that’s fine. I won’t get in your way.”

It doesn’t matter to me.

It is none of my business.

I turn my head away, not wanting to look at her face.

Then – suddenly – she grabs my arm.


My throat was completely dry.

I somehow managed to squeeze out my voice and looked at Tsukane’s face.

There was a slightly sullen expression on her face.

“You seem to be cheering for me without any heart! It’s the love story of a childhood friend, you know? We’re talking about love right now. You should be more passionate about it.”

Passionately ……, what on earth does she expect me to do?

I don’t care about your love …….

I don’t want to get in the way of other people’s love.

That’s why I’m trying to be harmless, so why do you care about me?

“You know what? If I insist, you’ll get angry.”

“Haa? I’ve never been mad at you for such a trivial thing.”

“The pudding that used to be in the refrigerator.”


I’m going back to the old story.

The incident in which Tsukane ate my pudding without my permission.

I was angry and protested persistently, and as a result, my parents scolded me more than Tsukane. That’s all.

I think I learned Tsukane’s stubbornness at that time.

Well, …… I am also obsessed with that time and talk about it whenever I have a chance.

Then Tsukane blushed and retorted.

“You still hold a grudge against me? I can’t believe it. …… Are you an idiot?!”

“Look, nagging makes you angry.”

“That was you who made me angry!”

“You’re right.”

She gets grumpy easily if I persist.

As you can see.

Tsukane also becomes quiet after that.

Her unchanged voice is reassuring to listen to.

But if she gets a boyfriend, even this opportunity will probably diminish.

I tried to imagine it, but stopped.

This is the part where I say something more like me.

“Well, then, let’s play a game.”


“If I win, you tell me who your favorite is.”

It’s an old habit, I guess you could say.

We have been playing games, even if they are trivial. You could say it’s a game of chance.

–This is the last time.

However, I can only imagine the sound of Tsukune leaving, and I regret leaving it behind.

That’s why I want to leave a spider thread hanging.

It may be too thin to connect the hearts of Tsukane and me.

But it would be just right for a memorial.

“Okay. If that’s the case, okay. If I win, what’s in it for me?”

“What do you want?”

“Well, you’ll do anything I say. Anything, absolutely anything.”

“You’re greedy. …… Okay, I’m in.”

Tsukane was in a good mood as soon as she heard my words.

The face is not the usual face of scheming.

It genuinely looks like she has already decided what she wants to ask for.

Why not put it into words?

I guessed from her slightly reddened cheeks that it was related to Tsukane’s love affair.

I don’t want any specific cooperation or anything like that.

I’ve never seen Tsukane’s eyes so serious before, and it makes me nervous too.

“What is it about?”

“I thought rock-paper-scissors would be good, but ……”

“Playing by luck, it’s not good.”

Tsukane said in a broken voice.

For a long time now, Tsukane has had no luck when it comes down to it.

…… I guess so.

I’m not a big fan of luck either, even though I accept unconditional requests.

“That’s right. If it’s a competition of ability, then the midterm exam is coming soon.”

“Okay, that’s decided. Then, I’ll confess to you right after that.”

Tsukane’s voice was toned as if she was soaring.

I’m also good at studying, but I always lose to Takune. That’s why she thought the odds of winning were high.

I couldn’t help it, my heart was crushed by the last word.

At the same time, a black feeling welled up in my brain.

–I will not lose.

(TL/N : I don’t know, but this might be a large misunderstanding thing…this we’ll be fun)

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