I skipped today’s lecture.

I was supposed to have the same lecture as Kazakiri-kun.

I have been helping out at another Snow Tops store since this morning, and I check my bank account in the locker room at the end of my part-time job.

I needed the money to carry out a certain project, and I had been working extra shifts every day.

Today’s lecture was skipped in favor of the part-time job, partly because attendance doesn’t affect my grade. …… The real reason I skipped it was simply because I was so moved that I cried when I got the present yesterday, and I’m a little embarrassed to see Kazakiri-kun.

I gently touched the non-hole earring on my ear.

I wanted to put it away because it was so precious, but I was overcome by the desire to wear something …… cute.


I wonder when was the last time my feelings were this strong.

It’s very similar to that moment when I felt a strong admiration for the pink-haired heroine in the anime I used to watch on Sunday mornings.

I have always been very attached to things that I have liked.

It is obvious when I look at myself in the mirror.

I love what I love and hate what I hate.

That is why it was impossible for me to fall in love with a boy, but now I am in love with Kazakiri Yuya-kun.

He is a very special person who has moved my strong core. ……

“I can’t wait to meet him …….”

I’ve been thinking about this, and just as I was changing into my casual clothes and leaving the locker room, I received a phone call from Hinata-san.

Hinata-san? What is it?

“Yes. This is Sakimiya.”

“Ya-hoo, Sakimiya-chan.”

“…… what is it? I’m outside.”

”About the circle! The day after tomorrow, we’re going to have a meeting in the conference room on the fifth floor of Building 4, so please come.”

Yesterday, Hinata-san invited me to join a travel circle.

Yami san and Kazakiri-kun are also going to join, so I decided to join too,……, but ever since I heard about it, I’ve had a bad feeling about it.

I heard that there were only girls in the club, so I thought I’d be able to join without any stress, but when I thought about it, it actually meant that Kazakiri-kun would be the only boy.

And I’m most concerned about …… a girl who is a classmate of Kazakiri-kun’s.

Kazakiri-kun told me about a girl in Hinata-san’s circle who is a classmate of his before, and I’m very concerned about the relationship between her and Kazakiri-kun.

“Hinata-san, can I ask you one question?”

“What is it?”

“I wonder what kind of girl is Kazakiri-kun’s classmate.”

When I ask that question, Hinata-san reacts with a thoughtful ‘mmm ……’ and goes silent.

“You’ll have to wait and see what kind of girl she is, but I think Sakimiya-chan would get along well with her, don’t you?”

“……I’ll look forward to seeing her the day after tomorrow, then.”

I end the call with that.

get along …… well with me?

With no understanding of the meaning of those words, I walked on my way home.

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