And so the day came quickly.

Yesterday was hell after I got home because we had played with little thought of what today would bring.

While I was getting sleepy from exhaustion, I researched tourist attractions, facilities in front of the station, popular gourmet stores and cafes for girls, and wrote as much as I could on the memo function of my smartphone. I was totally unprepared to go out with girls.

“…… this is bad.”

I woke up and went to the sink as fast as I could.

The mirror showed me that I had thin dark circles from lack of sleep, and my tension dropped dramatically.

I washed my face and it looked a little better, but here’s what I’m worried about.

How will I persuade my younger sister, Karin?

My family consists of my father, mother, me, my sister, and my pet “Hachinosuke”. However, my father and mother are usually busy with work, and they are rarely at home these days because of their business trips.

It’s not that I am in need of money, it’s just that Karin and I are now old enough to be independent, so we are free to work, and the two of us work because we like working for each other.

Because of this, Karin usually does the cooking and I do the other household chores, but Karin takes care of me when I oversleep or do other things.

Thanks to this, she has become a bratty sister who is very attached to her big brother and has recently exploded in junior high school.

She has a tendency to think of girls who approach me as enemies, and at one point even called a girl who talked to me a “vixen”.

And recently, she has started to care about Hinami-senpai, whom I saved in the most recent accident, which is a bit complicated and I am not yet in charge of explaining it to her. I don’t want to quarrel too much with my sister because I am grateful to her for many things, and Naoya is also giving his approval to this bro con ship.

But now is not the time to talk about such things.

The time is 9:23. From here, I would brush my teeth, eat dinner, persuade my sister, set my hair, and decide what to wear. It’s a 10-minute bus ride from my house to the train station, so I estimate that I have about an hour and 10 minutes to get there.

“—This is very bad.”

I spat at myself in front of the mirror and slapped my cheek twice.

To be honest, I’m tired of being a slacker. The only thing is, I don’t want to be embarrassed here and say I shouldn’t have done it after all, or that I’m late.


To be honest, what Karasume-san said was right.

It is too late to think about it now. All I have to do is think about the first entry, which is to head to the front of the station and wait for 10 minutes in advance so as not to be late, and say “I’m not waiting for you” to the senpai who came a little late.

Yesterday, I thought about it, looked at my notes, and managed to do the rest in a haphazard way. Above all, not doing is not the best thing.


A spirited slap.

Touching my reddened cheek, I opened the door and went to talk to my sister.


The time came quickly, and I spent about 10 minutes on the bus, trying on the clothes and divine set that Naoya had taught me yesterday, just to see how to do it.

I was so worried that I was about to throw up until yesterday, but for some reason, only my heart was pounding and my chest was bouncing.

I was surprised at such a state of mind.

By the way, I didn’t talk to my sister about talking anything. No, I didn’t run away, nor did I come all the way here without talking about it.

When I wanted to tell her, she left a note saying, “I’m going out with my friends today,” and nothing special happened.

I guess if I told my sister where I was going today or something like that, I could see that she would say something like, “Eh, you’re definitely being targeted for something like that,” so I’m glad, but I think I’ll hit this wall someday. It’s depressing.
Well, I couldn’t have fun worrying about such things now, so I would have to wait until after all the other things were over.

I quickly got off the bus and came to the object in front of the station about 13 minutes before the appointed time.

“…. indeed, she hasn’t come yet, has she?”

I looked at my phone to check the time again, looked around and sighed with even more relief.

I was in the middle of thinking that apparently I would be able to say the “I’m not waiting for you” line as planned.


Something touched my shoulder with a thump.

Then I heard a familiar voice close to my ear, close to my back.

I huffed and quickly turned around.

Her sparkling silver hair was tied back in a single knot, and her jewel-like azure eyes were staring at me.

There was a beautiful woman, Hinami Fuyuka, standing there, dressed in a white one-piece dress and a denim outerwear, looking modern and yet smelling like summer.

“–Fujimiya-kun, right?”

The sound of her voice, which made me tremble, and I let out a panicked cry.

“Y-yes. …….”

“I-I’ve been waiting for you~~. Then U-um. I look forward going out with you today”

That very mature and beautiful bow made me lose what I was thinking about last night, and it made a sound that ripped out something hidden in my heart.

“I’m sorry I’m late……”

A lame start.

It’s a lame start, I’d say, but it’s far from ideal.

However, I even thought that this might be a good thing for me.

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