After Naoya ran off, I was left to walk alone on the busy morning path to school.

It’s too late to talk about it now, or perhaps it’s just that I’ve been different up until now, or perhaps being alone suits me best.

Being alone is better suited to my skin.

I-I don’t feel lonely.

Originally, someone like me wouldn’t have anything to do with someone as bright as Naoya, and the only reason we’re able to talk is because we’re childhood friends and have a close relationship.

“But I don’t want to tour the soccer club…”

I’m a sports guy, as you can imagine.

I don’t even like running. I’ll do well.

I am often asked if I have any hobbies, but I really don’t have any hobbies.

When I go home, I just watch a little bit of the hottest anime, and if I had to say, I’d say I observe people.

Well, maybe it’s because I’ve been leading such a life, but when I say, “I want a girlfriend,” my mother and sister remind me to make friends before I get a girlfriend.

It’s a pity, but I can’t help it.

Also, I haven’t mentioned it before, but I have a very cute younger sister. I think she surpasses me in terms of cuteness, and in addition, her personality is the exact opposite: cheerful and kind. Her grades are even better than mine, which are not so bad.

It hurts a little to have such a sister tell me to make friends.



I finally saw the high school I was going to.

My high school is a public high school in Sapporo, Hokkaido. As most residents of Hokkaido will know, the entrance examination is based on discretionary questions, and thanks to this, it is a sort of preparatory school.

If you ask me why I entered the school, I have no particular reason. I had a hard time when the teacher asked me why I wanted to enter the school, but I think high school is just like that.

By the way, Naoya got a sports recommendation and I got a general entrance exam.

–I heard that the top class of the school is quite well ranked, leaving aside the mediocre ones like me.

It is said that local geniuses are gathered here, and it is also a public high school. Traditionally, the school is community-based, with many students having strong communicative abilities and active in club activities. In addition, the school building is equipped with the latest facilities.

“No wonder it’s so spectacular. ……”

When I came up to the high school, I saw many students wearing the same school uniforms, and it was brilliant to see students with friends and couples.

I’m a little worried that there doesn’t seem to be room for me.

It’s not like junior high school, though, and I’m sure I won’t be bullied.

–I was about to reach an intersection when I saw a couple of brilliant young people.



With an exhale.

I was waiting for the traffic light to change, yawning in a daze, when she appeared in front of me.

The long platinum-colored hair that shines like a jewel in the breeze, and the pleasant faint scent of fabric softener that rides on the wind and stimulates the nostrils.

Her piercing azure eyes, which freeze the area as if in the middle of winter, tell the story of her cool-headedness, and her lip-painted vermilion lips exude femininity.

A beautiful, muscular, once-in-a-billion-years beauty with a mature profile was standing right next to me.

Yes, I don’t have to tell you, she is also very different from the others around her – she looks familiar to me.

I had been shown this photo by Naoya just a few minutes ago.

She is a high school girl who is rumored to be a literary and martial artist, good looking, and has everything going for her – her name is Hinami Fuyuka.

“Beautiful ……”

“Uwaa, ……bad.”

“Those eyes are scary and horrifying.”

“Is she a model?”

“It’s the senior I’ve heard so much about!”

“I think his name is… Hinami Senpai!”

“Top of her class at school and athletic prodigy.”

“The cool-headed princess.”

“I heard she’s the student council president and she’s perfect.”

These intuitive words, which come out before we can think of them with reason or our brains, keep popping out one after another from the people around me.

I stared at her even though I knew I shouldn’t have.

Of course, I was also gazing at her with pleasure.

Not that I was saying that it was the best thing in a long time to be able to admire her because she is a cool woman without girlishness or anything like that.

–But I couldn’t help but be excited to see her like that.


Stop it, stop looking at her, me.

But she is too beautiful. It’s even scary.

What’s with that senpai, she’s too beautiful!

No questions asked. She is a one-hit wizard. Tyrannical, devastating, and explosively beautiful!

There was no way I could not fall in love with her – no, I was too afraid to fall in love with her!

She is so beautiful that I can’t help but be terrified.

I forgot the first girl I ever fell in love with.

Really …… amazing.

People who have seen actresses in person often say that the real thing is better than the picture, and I think I understand that feeling a little better.

The pressure in her eyes and the aura she exudes is not that of a citizen.

I didn’t know how many seconds I had been staring at her – but after a while, the light turned green and she walked on.

I couldn’t move my feet as I watched her walk, clearly exuding a different vibe.

I couldn’t even get in line with her, and the backs of people I couldn’t even line up with were getting further and further apart.

—- that moment.


It was a spectacular noise.

The sound of tires grinding against the concrete of the road echoed around the area.

When I turned my eyes to the sound, I saw a car braking suddenly, unable to stop.

The car’s body veered and plunged into the road at an angle.


One girl screamed.

As the people’s eyes went to the car, I saw Hinami-senpai crossing the street at the end of the unstoppable car.

Immediately I feel it.

—Bad, if I don’t do something, she’s going to die.

Yes, I was thinking in my head.

I understood the situation in an instant, and before I knew it, my body was in motion.

My right leg kicking the ground.

The flow seemed slower than usual, and my activated vision and nerves were moving my body at a tremendous speed.

My legs were definitely faster than usual.

They say that your legs are faster if you are being chased by something, but the power that a person in dire need can exert is immeasurable.

In the blink of an eye, Hinami-senpai’s body was by my side, and I didn’t have time to hesitate.

One second.

One tenth of a second beyond that.

“Watch out–‼‼‼‼‼‼”

I close my eyes and throw myself down.

The next thing I know, my body is flying through the air, just barely crossing cars as I hug her body.

There is no impact.

I’m going to fall.

My senpai will be fine.

Go ——


It wasn’t long before I realized that intense pain was rushing through my back and head like a bolt of lightning, and my vision was shaken all at once.

Hey, is that strange?

Sound, I don’t hear it?

Now I couldn’t even see my vision anymore. ……

My consciousness became more and more distant.


Oh no……, this is the one that will kill me…….

My consciousness is going…..don …………don ……don …………don ……don …………don …………don …….

“——Y-You ok—ay–! —!??”


It seems she was …… safe……

Then, well, —- is fine.

And then, my consciousness was cut off.

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9 months ago

Well, every gifted people always have some flaws. Dude got hit by a car and she asked him “You okay?”

9 months ago
Reply to  DudeComesUp


9 months ago

Got hit by truck

*Bystander/Supposed victim: “are you ok?”

insert Nick Young’s “What” meme image