“Okay, rehearsal’s over ! Thank you for your hard work !”

Hiyoshi, the director, gave the order, and everyone was cheering, not just the performers but also those behind the scenes. I applauded from the corner of the classroom.

“Then everyone, let’s do our best in today’s performance !”

“All right~!” “Kay.” “I’m already getting nervous.” “Damn, aren’t we already winning?” “Can’t we practice a little more?”

Everyone was talking to each other about their nervousness and expectations. I felt like I’m going to be a bit nervous, so I made myself invisible like a ninja and left the classroom.

I walked down the corridor, which was more colorful and crowded than usual.

The class next to mine is a haunted house. A boy with a pale face and makeup with blood dripping from his mouth is at the entrance working as a receptionist. A man and a woman, who looked like a couple, were just entering.

I thought I heard a scream, but it wasn’t  from the haunted house, but from the classroom further next. I glanced inside and saw that guests were getting into a large mechanism and going around in circles in the classroom. It was the kind of coffee cup rides you often see at amusement parks. The seats were made of planks of wood and attached to a steel pipe assembly. Although it was human-powered, but it was spinning smoothly.

The smell of sauce and sweetness filled the air from somewhere.

The school was completely festival-like. It’s hard to say that I’m used to it, but I’m starting to feel more and more like I don’t belong here.

It’s thanks to Yua that I’ve been able to forget that lately.


My feet naturally headed toward the floor where the freshman classrooms were located. I didn’t mean to intrude in the booth. I was just going to see if I could get a glimpse of her.

–I think it was first year D class, wasn’t it….?

I peeked inside the classroom while pretending to pass by. At first glance, Yua was nowhere to be seen. What I saw was a crowded room and a macho maid (a man) with a very tight shirt. He was well tanned, his arms were as thick as year-end hams, and his chest were like a gorilla.

Become the character you want to be. That is cosplay. No matter how unfitting it is, if the person himself is satisfied with it, it is fine. But that body is too intimidating for a waiter. He looks like he could shatter a glass with his grip. The customers, on the contrary, seem to be pleased with him.

I walked past class D.

–I’m going to kill time by myself again this year…….

I headed for the special classroom building.

A maid with a sign on her shoulder came walking from the other side of the corridor.

It’s Yua. Her waist-length apron compliments her good style even more. Her flared skirt is knee-length, and her straight legs, wrapped in white tights, stretch out from it. Although not particularly revealing, why do I feel a certain amount of eroticism? Is this the power of the maid’s uniform?

“Ehh~, bread roll, bread roll, would you like some bread roll?”

Yua is trying to attract customers with a line that seems to ruin the magical power of the maid uniform.

“Mister, you seem to like bread rolls.”

What kind of offer is that? Mister is in trouble.

“W-well, I don’t hate it.”

“But what’s a ‘Bread roll’ anyway?”

“Eh, well, I don’t know……”

“Bread roll……, hmm, it’s kind of funny when you think about it.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I’m a first year class D, so I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Saying that, she handed the flier.

–You’re not very good at attracting customers, are you……!

I’m a little surprised that she’s so good at this kind of thing.

Yua’s eyes caught mine. At that moment, her face lights up and she comes running toward me.

“Would you like a B roll? Or me?”

“Are you some kind of newlywed or something?”

And don’t abbreviate bread roll to B roll naturally. Are you enjoying it?

“Newlyweds, that’s….., I haven’t even registered yet.”

“What do you mean “not yet”? I’m scared.”

“That’s right, Seita kun is only 17 years old. Then, let’s just call it a de facto marriage, shall we?”

“Don’t say such heavy things when you’re so excited about deciding what to serve for dinner…..!”

Yua, who’s excited at the cultural festival, is more aggressive than usual. Despite the pressure, I felt a sense of relief as if I could finally catch my breath.

“I mean, come and have some. I recommend the ‘heartburn B roll’ made with red beans, cream and custard.”

“Can’t you do something about the name?”

“I also recommend the ‘Sloppy B roll’ with sausage and lettuce, which is protein, fiber, and carbohydrates all at once.”

“Apologize to the hot dogs.”

“I’d better go. I still have to bring in more customers. Please drop off your money at our place.”


“Well, then.”

Yua waved her hand and left. And then, from her side, she called out to the customers on the hallway.

“Hey, miss ! Won’t you have a B roll with me?”

I can’t understand why the store is thriving with that tout. Or is it possible that the macho gorilla maid is becoming the talk of the town?

Yua is calling out to everyone she can. She’s a bundle of energy. Seeing her enjoying the cultural festival to the fullest, I can share her energy. But at the same time, I felt somewhat lonely.

I wasn’t in the mood to go out alone to eat bread roll, but I wanted to make some kind of contribution to Yua, so I sent Makabe a message on a chat application on my smartphone.

[There is a maid with big tits in the first year class D.]

I wasn’t lying. He has such big pecs muscles. It wouldn’t be wrong to call them giant boobs.

The reply came immediately.

[I’m not interested, but I’ll go along with your story, thinking it’s a privilege of being a high school student to be able to act in such a ridiculous way.]

 — What a pain in the ass……!

But it seems that I succeeded in touting him, so that’s good.

Just as I was about to go somewhere where I could relax by myself, I received another message from Makabe. I opened the app, thinking that he was making excuses again.

“By the way, Hiyoshi san has been looking for you.”

–Hiyoshi san is?

She is the director of this performance. What in the world does she want from me? Did she change the timing of the writing?

I sent Makabe a poop emoji for the time being and headed for the second year class B classroom.

“Ah, Izuma kun!”

Hiyoshi san, who was sitting by the window and staring at the script with a difficult expression on her face, stood up as if she had taken aback.

She ahs a small figure, with a short haircut and black-rimmed glasses with her bangs trimmed. She had a somewhat subculture-like air about her. Probably, she must like the Village Vanguard. The performers and backstage staff standing around her also looked at me.

“I have a favor to ask you.”

“What is it?”

Hiyoshi san clasped her hands together and began to say something outrageous.

“Would you be willing to be in the performance?”

What did you say?

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