“……. Whew, I’m so tired!”

The regular examinations took place over a period of four days.

The subjects of the test I took were 11 subjects. …… Too many.

And today is the last day of the test, and since the test is over, there are no afternoon classes, and each student is going home.

In other words, now that the test is over, they can go home without thinking about what they are going to study.

“I’m finally done!”

“I’m so tired!”

“I got a definite red mark, I’m done, done ……”

When the test is over, there are those who were satisfied with their performance, those who are dying of lack of energy, and those who got a red mark.

But everyone is probably very happy to be released from the test, and in the end, everyone has a smile on their face.

“Everyone, thank you for the four days of regular examinations. The results will be returned over two days on Saturday and Sunday at our school.”

I see. …… I guess some of them will be divided into those wishing for Saturday and Sunday to be over soon and those wishing for Saturday and Sunday not to be over because they want to escape from reality.

“Looking at everyone’s face….. Looks like a lot of them want to know the results as soon as possible. I too am curious to see who got the red marks.”

“That teacher sucks. ……”

“If you got a red mark, I’ll make sure you get your make-up work done, or at the very least, work hard to finish early.”

The teacher who tells those words seems to be very happy, and I wonder what kind of nerve this teacher has to wish for a red mark.

(But well, ….. Most people seem to be doing okay. Even the club students stayed in the study group and studied properly a week before. …… I’m sure the red marks will be fine. Some of them were mumbling painful things earlier though ….)

Well, but …… I studied hard enough to make sure I wouldn’t get a red mark, even though I didn’t study much. I’m sure I don’t have to worry about it if I’ve studied hard in the study group and also had Saaya teach me.

“Futaba-kun, let’s go home!”

“Are you sure you don’t want to have lunch with someone?”

“Don’t worry, I turned them all down.”

“Oh well ….. You could have gone with someone else, you know?”

“I don’t think I have any intention of staying friends until after school… Yuki is with me today, is that okay?”

“It’s okay, in fact, you’re more than welcome.”

So we packed up our things and left the classroom early.

Anyway, Yuki and I haven’t talked together recently, so it’s been a while.

“I’m sorry for getting in between you two.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I really don’t need you here……”

Saaya told Yuki some rather harsh words that she didn’t need her here.

But Yuki didn’t care about that and started talking to me.

“Futaba-kun, where are you going after this?”

“Umm… I want to go have lunch for now, where do you want to go? Saaya.”

“Hmm? Is going there fine? Just as ────”

“Let’s wait a bit, Saaya.”

I couldn’t detect what Saaya was going to say after that, so I interrupted Saaya’s words.

Then I asked Saaya, who suddenly looked like what was wrong.

“Are you taking her to that store over there?”

“Yuki is fine, isn’t she? She seems strong.”

“No, we’re just special.”

“I think she’s special, too.”

“What are you talking about?”

Yuki interrupted our conversation.

“Hey, Yuki, you don’t like spicy food?”

“I’m fine with it, though ……”

“The place we are going to is a place that serves spicy soup curry, right?”

“I see… So you’re saying that I can’t eat it all?”

Yuki made a face as if she had been underestimated, and spun her words.

“Let’s go, I’ve been underestimated”

……. I honestly don’t think Yuki will be able to eat it all. That’s why I tried to persuade her, but when I saw Yuki’s face, she had a straight face that made me think, ‘Oh, she’s not going to listen to anything else I say.’

” ….. Honestly, I think we should stop, you know? We’ve just always liked spicy food. There are other family restaurants and such, and I think it’s fine to go there. ……”

But still, I tried to convince Yuki to keep her dignity.

But Yuki, unaware of my desperation, ……

“Let’s go.”

With that one word, my efforts were ruined.


We arrived at the restaurant and were escorted into the store and seated.

The order from right to left was me, Yuki, and Saaya.

I looked down at Yuki, who was sitting next to me. She was slightly teary-eyed and holding her nose.

There’s a very hot one… Poor thing.

“Um~…… What is this ‘Flame of Emma the Great’?”

“I heard it’s spicy like the flame of Emma the Great, and it feels sweet in a roundabout way!”

“It’s said that it’s like the fire of Emma the Great, and it makes you feel sweet all the way around!

“My nerves will go crazy…”

It seems that Yuki has finally realized how terrifying this store is…but it’s already too late, and Saaya’s plan is already in play.

“Then I’ll ….. I think I’ll go with this flame thing, it’s important to go back to basics.”

“That’s right …… The basics are important, I’ll go with that one too.”

“Then I’ll have that one too.”

And so we order it and chit chat until it comes.

“Thank you for the wait~”

I stare at the red soup, which is just barely in its original form of soup curry, as it arrives.

Yuki looks at it and says, “……. Yes?” and looked at it as if she were staring at something out of this world.

Honestly, this alone was hard on Yuki, but the two childhood friends, who both like spicy food, lit up their eyes.

“The food has arrived, so let’s eat it right away.”

“Ah, hurry up before it gets cold.”

“I…I see…”

Saaya and Futaba ate it without hesitation, as if forgetting that it was spicy. Probably because they were both hungry, they ate quite quickly.

“Hmm!! This place is definitely delicious!!”

“Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve eaten it, so it tastes better than usual.”

The two took a bite and expressed their satisfaction.

The two of them, however, remembered Yuki and looked into her face.


There was Yuki, her whole body tense, her eyes frozen open without blinking. ─────

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