“Now, those of you who have been studying hard will notice that I have a report for you.”


“Studying hard……?”

She suddenly said that to me during morning homeroom.

Those of you who study hard will notice … June …… Eh, perhaps it’s that time of year already?

“Well, it’s already been two months since you entered high school. You must be getting used to life at this school, and you must be feeling less nervous.”

Well, that’s natural…I see reactions like this all over the place.

I’m even able to blend in, because there are only nice people in this class, and even a gloomy person like me is able to manage.

…… Well, I heard a rumor that a fan club has been formed for beautiful girls like Saaya, but I’ll ignore it.

“So… two weeks before the test”

“””””Hee ……?”””””

Yes, that’s how it was in junior high school. ….. Two or three months after entering school, the first semester mid-term exam would come around.

The teacher was grinning at the faces of the despairing students……

After spending this period of time, I found out that this teacher. She has quite a bad personality.

No, she’s a nice person, but… She seems to think that misfortune tastes like honey.

“I completely forgot about that.”

“Too lazy~……”

“I used to study all the time in middle school, so I might as well see how long I can get it with no studying.”

Most people had either forgotten about it or knew about it but wanted to escape reality.

Hey, that’s what this public high school is all about! ….. Well, I forgot about it too!

・・・・ I mean, there was one person who said something outrageous.

“Oh no~, I haven’t studied at all since I finished taking the exam wwww *Laughs”

“I know, me too”

“Me too, me too~”

I can hear voices from various places saying that they are not studying.

It seems like most of them aren’t studying…well, that’s the way it is.

When it comes to choosing between studying or hanging out with friends, it’s definitely friends.

“Well, I guess it’ll work out somehow, right?”

“It’s just like adding on to the junior high school stuff anyway, right?”

“Well, isn’t that what the first semester midterms are for?”

“Then it should be a piece of cake.”

The students were trying to guess what the scope of the regular exam would be, and based on their guesses, they were discussing whether or not they would be okay with the exam.

I can predict the range of the exam since it’s the second time in my life.

Well, regular exams are different from school to school.

(And by the way, ….. I miss this feeling.)

Before a regular exam, I usually have a reaction like this.

The first regular exam in high school is usually not very motivating, and some students start taking it seriously from the midterm of the second semester.

I missed that kind of scene somehow. …… Yeah, but I used to look at those people with a cold eye for a certain reason……

(But well, ….. High school entrance exams are strange, aren’t they? The fact that everyone basically hates studying the same, but the test results are different.)

How well you improve your results depends on your own efforts in the end….. That’s why there are differences in deviation even in high school.

Well, sometimes there are those who have outstanding talent and can manage without effort, but they are the exception.

(But to be honest, I don’t want to study that hard either.)

I am naturally filled with a feeling of wanting to skip studying because I think it is too much trouble.

But in reality, I can’t afford to think so naively.

“By the way, …… This school not only posts the top five in each class, but also the five worst students who got bad scores.”

“”””Haa….???? “””””

…… Huh?

No, I think it’s a good idea to put up the top ones….Eh? What did you just say?

“Apparently, this school is a high school that is tentatively ranked among the highest in the nation in terms of deviation. And there will be a lot of people who will be lazy this time of year. …… So we decided to experiment with your year.”

” …… W-Worst?”

“Ah, yeah. There’s no make-up exams or anything for that ranking, unless you get a red mark, but if they put it up, you’re going to have to accept it…… I wonder how they would feel.”

No, that’s …… All you would feel is self-hatred and embarrassment.

Look at the students around you, teacher. …… You can see the look of despair on their faces from many places.

The teacher saw such a reaction ….. She was grinning so much, it was almost sickening.

“Well, all of you, by all means, study hard for the test. …. That’s all from me. End of homeroom.”

And so ended the homeroom of despair. ….. After school today was amazing. Everyone was all ….. came to beg Saaya to teach them how to study.

“Teach me to study! Amami-san!”

“You’re the one I’m counting on!”

All the girls in the class talked to Saaya at once…. If it had been Saaya until now, I think she would have refused …… I didn’t miss the smirk on her face for a second.

Then Saaya gave me a look.

(What should I? Hold a study group?)

I knew what that look was saying in my mind because we had been together until now.

At first I looked at Yuki and the others. From the way they looked ….. I guess that means they are going to leave it up to Saaya’s judgment, so I’m going to–

(Let’s do it, study session.)

I sent back such a look, and I am sure she would understand immediately.

Saaya’s face relaxed for a moment when she saw my gaze.

(O-okay~, you should come too, Futaba-kun♪)

She replied to me.

Then she said OK to the girls and started to make preparations.

Well, this is the first study session in this high school …… I wonder what will happen.

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