April is the month when some students move on to the next grade, while others enter elementary school, junior high school, and high school.

For some students, it is the time to enter elementary school, junior high school, and high school. Usually, this is an event that everyone experiences only once, but for me, a reincarnated person, it is the second time in my life, and I am beginning to feel freshness.

“Futaba-kun, what’s wrong? “

As I was thinking that reincarnation is a strange thing, I was approached by my childhood friend who was standing next to me.

This childhood friend was dressed in a new uniform, not the one she had been wearing in junior high school.

She is wearing the beret I once gave her, and she is talking to me with the same smirk on her face as ever.

“No, I’m getting nervous thinking that our high school life is going to start here,”

“You’re usually so carefree, but you’re the most nervous at times like this, aren’t you?”

“It’s okay right? It’s my personality.”

“Yes, there are a lot of people like you. …… I’m starting to get angry when I think you’re just like the other monkeys. Why don’t you stop doing that?”

“That’s unreasonable. ……..”

Apparently I shouldn’t be as nervous as the rest of the apes, which I think is beyond unreasonable.

But still, this girl doesn’t seem to be nervous, I’ve really never seen her nervous.

“Saaya doesn’t seem to be nervous?”

“On the contrary, I’d like to know how you get nervous”

“No. ……. don’t you think about making new friends?”

“Everyone comes up to me on their own. Maybe it’s because of my good looks, or maybe they think I’m going to be a top student in the school caste.”

“Putting aside the self-praise, …… Well, I guess you’re right.”


……. Girls are scary because they think they will be the top of the school caste, so they become friends.

When I hear conversations like this, I’m glad I’ve been reincarnated as a man.

“Well, even so, …… I’m glad we got accepted.”

“That’s right. …… At that time, my heart was seriously racing all the time.”

The day before the announcement of acceptance, I am so anxious, but on the day of the announcement, I am even more anxious, and it is really bad.

I heard that Kaname and others were so scared on the day of the announcement that it boosted their confidence. ……. I guess everyone has their own way of feeling.

“Although I was so scared, I was still confident. Saaya taught me and I worked really hard.”

“You were trying so hard with such a desperate look on your face.”

“Well, now, ….. I’m worried about whether I’ll be able to do well at this school.”

Yes, …… The next issue for me is whether or not I will be able to make friends in high school.

Things went well in middle school, but the standard here is high and the only friends I have are Kanametatsu, so I have to make friends in high school.

As I was getting anxious thinking about this, Saaya wrapped her hand in mine.

“Well, new environment …… I can’t blame you for being anxious about it.”

“Right? I’m not crazy, am I?”

“But you know what, …..How were you able to become such good friends with me? You patiently continued to be with me even though I was always talking badly about you.”

“Ah, ……”

“And I don’t like the fact────that you’re scared of people who are easier to get along with than I am.””

……. You’re right, Saaya is right.

The old Saaya, who thought of everyone but herself as dust, kept saying rude things to the people around her and distancing herself from them.

But I didn’t give up and after several years of hard work, I finally ….. I was able to make friends with Saaya.

I’m not sure why I’m so freaked out about it.

(…… I’ve been getting a lot of encouragement lately.)

In the past, I encouraged Saaya a lot. …… Now our positions are completely reversed.

I’m supposed to be mentally older than her, but Saaya says the words I want to hear as if she understands everything about me.

I still think of Saaya as my little sister, but she has a more mature look about her and she is more …….

“I’d be embarrassed if someone looked at me with such passionate eyes♪”

“…… !”

“Hahaha, maybe I shouldn’t have said that?”

You bastard ……. Saaya is grinning at me with her licking face at me.

This smile that makes me want to punch her.

But being beautiful is still not fair……When I saw this girl’s cute smile, that feeling disappeared somewhere.

“Haa …… Yes, you are too cute! So it’s no wonder! Honestly I want to monopolize that smile and not let anyone see it…….. Ah.”

I found myself blurting out something outrageous …… This is not good. The people around me start to look at me as if they’re making smiling…stop looking at me like that.

“Heee, you think so~~~♪”

Saaya giggled at me as I let my mouth slip unintentionally,…….

But why …… That highlight of Saaya’s eyes has disappeared somewhere.

“Actually, I want to start making fun of you from here, but we don’t have much time, so let’s go quickly.”

“Ah…I see.”

“We’re about to start our high school life, so let’s face it with confidence, Futaba-kun.”

“O-ou …… Okay.”

“Please escort me properly?────My bodyguard?”

“I didn’t intend to become like that!!”

“Ahaha♪ Well, that’s fine.”

Thus, Saaya and Futaba’s new high school life begins. …… While Futaba is thinking about such things, Saaya….

(I’d like to limit him to saying things like cute, but…I don’t know what to do…There’s a mysterious romantic comedy main character correction, Futaba-kun)

Saaya was thinking about that.

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