Time passed and it was winter break for the ninth graders. …. I have not remembered much about it lately, but that thing is looming. Most people will know what that is.

Yes, it is the high school entrance exam. By this time, everyone has finished their three years of study and may have done the past examinations for private schools, and some may have done the past examinations for public schools if they are early enough.

Then you may be wondering if I’m doing it, and the answer, of course, is ….. .the answer is NO. …… No, it’s not good, is it? Seriously, it’s a bad idea.

I got carried away by the advantage I had in my previous life and …… I completely forgot to study for the exam. This is bad. …..Especially if I’m going to the same school as Saaya

Of course, Saaya has been studying for the past three years, and her academic ability has become amazing. In proportion to this, of course, the high school of her first choice has a very high deviation score.

[I’m confident that no matter which high school I go to, I’ll be able to do anything, so I’ll adapt to where you can go]

That’s what Saaya said, but I guess it’s just my pride…I didn’t want to go to a place with a low deviation value even though I had the advantage of my previous life.

So, well, ……

“How’s it going? Did you do the problems I gave you?”

“Oh, I did it all in one step~, Saaya.”

I visited Saaya’s house and made sure that Saaya was watching me study.

Well, I thought it was my fault too, right? But you know what?

[I’ve already finished all of my high school education, so there’s no need to worry. I can teach you how to study even though you lack intelligence due to slacking off on studying♪]

……. She said something that would make all the students in this world angry.

No, really. ….. Geniuses are scary, aren’t they? Everything they do is out of the ordinary.

I wish I could share half of my talent.

“Hmmm, looks like you got it right, huh?”

While I was thinking about this, Saaya-sensei was finishing her check.

I hope I got everything right. ……

“Oh, I got all the questions right, didn’t I?”

“I put in a few difficult questions, but you got it right. You understand and apply what I have said very well. As expected.”

“Oh, that’s great. I don’t mind if you praise me, okay?”

“…… Now, let’s get on with it.”

“You’re not ignoring me, are you?!”

She perfectly ignored what I said that I wanted her to praise… Well, I guess it’s okay to praise me once in a while. I couldn’t help but puff out my cheeks and glare at Saaya…


Seeing me like that, Saaya giggled and reached out to touch my face.

I was looking at her, wondering what she was thinking…but then Saaya started patting my head.

“Normally I don’t say much, but I’m always praising you in my heart. But you’re the type of person who gets carried away easily. Please bear with me once in a while.”

“….. Hoe?”

“…. Sometimes, cravings just overflow, don’t they?”

Saaya looks…. with passionate eyes as if she was looking at her beloved. She keeps looking at Futaba.

Saaya couldn’t contain her desire and with blinding speed, she goes behind Futaba’s back and reaches her hand to Futaba’s stomach.

“Hey, ……. Saaya-san?”

“Just bear with me for a little bit……♪”

(No, I mean…… You’re right but?!)

I won’t say what, but ….. Something soft was touching

Of course that would happen if she hugged him…if he were a gentleman, he would gently pull Saaya away, but Futaba couldn’t do that.

(What is this ….. I’m wrapped up in a happy feeling…)

For Futaba, this feeling was more pleasant than he expected, and he did not have the power to resist. Rather, Futaba did not think about anything, just unconsciously ….. Touching the hand that Saaya extended, and forcing a lover’s connection.

“Ah, ………♪”

Saaya can’t help but smile at Futaba’s unconscious actions, and the feeling of happiness that already filled Saaya fills her heart even more…

And even this is not enough for Saaya, so she hugs Futaba even tighter.

(Saaya is usually a cool, poisonous character, so ….. When she does something like this, she seems twice as cute as usual because of the gap between her and the usual …..)

With a little reason, Futaba could just barely identify that he would really get out of control if she hugged him any more, and began to think about pulling Saaya away, but there was no need to do so. Because she took her arm away

“I’m sorry, I got carried away. You should be studying, but this was a bad idea.”

“No, it’s okay…… It was a reward.”

“Reward …..? I thought you were thinking of something impure.”

“What if I told you that ….?”

“Then I guess you’re just a horny teenager, aren’t you?….Well, I forgive you.”

“No, no, no.”

“I’m used to it.”

“What, you’re used to it? Did I look at you like that a lot?”

Apparently, a new fact has been discovered here… It seems that I was doing this without even realizing it.

I’ll have to keep a firm hold on my reason from now on.

“Well, to be honest, I think we’re done with the studying. I’m sure we’ll get accepted anyway.”

“By your standards, I’m scared. …..”

No, really, by Saaya’s standards, I’m scared. ….. I’m not saying that I don’t trust her or anything like that,……. I think Saaya’s one hour of study is equivalent to about 48 hours for an average person.

No, I’m not exaggerating. I am quite serious.

That’s how much of a genius she is.

“There’s really nothing to worry about, you know?—-We’ve already talked about it.”

“…… What are you talking about?”

I felt a little uncomfortable with Saaya’s comment.

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