“Why did I say those embarrassing things!?”

Shiki Futaba was alone in his room, writhing in agony as he recalled what he had said to Yuki.

It’s true that thanks to Saaya, he doesn’t show that kind of behavior much these days, but he is still a shady guy after all. There was no way that he would not remember what he had said to Yuki.

“[Saaya is mine! Okay? I will never allow her to be your hand and foot. Even if it is for the good of the world.

I will protect Saaya, I will monopolize Saaya, and even if I make an enemy of the world, I will not give Saaya to you. Saaya is mine and mine alone, that’s the love I have for her. ……. ] Is that a confession? Even though I have memories of my previous life and I’m getting pretty old in terms of mental age? A pedophile? Could it be that I am a pedophile?”

It’s not that Saaya is a Loli by any means….. Well, I guess it’s just an age thing (appropriate).

“…… But that line came out pretty easily. ….. I wonder why on earth.”

I really didn’t mean to say that, and it’s true that I was emotional. …… It really came out on its own. In no way is Saaya mine or anything, Saaya is Saaya…..

(Maybe I ….. have a monopoly on that girl?)

When I heard that Yuki is using Saaya ….. Of course I was angry at her, but more than that, I was afraid that I might lose something important …… I was scared.

(…… No, no, no, I can’t feel this way!!)

Exclusivity for a childhood friend that I’ve spent so much time with….. If this was some kind of lover or something, it might be okay, but right now this emotion of mine is just too ugly….. I should just dump these feelings somewhere else.


And well, just as I was trying my best to suppress the possessiveness that was coming up from the bottom of my heart, I received a phone call.

Who on earth is it? I thought, and when I took out my phone, I found Saaya’s name on it. Well, it is not unusual to receive a call from her at this hour, so I quickly picked up the phone.

“Hello? What do you want today?”

“You see, I suddenly felt a wave of distress.”

“I don’t understand?”

“Well, well, we’ve been friends since childhood, so why don’t we just call it that?”

“I don’t know why I don’t have that childhood friendship skill.”

Apparently, she sensed that I was troubled. …… No, I don’t know what that usually means, you know?

I wish I had that skill …… I thought subconsciously.

(Oh, mouu. I’m really sick!)

I can’t believe it’s exclusivity…. It’s like a heroine’s privilege in anime. I’m a guy, I’m just creepy. I punched myself in the cheek to blow that thought out of my mind.


“Hey, I just heard a great sound. What’s wrong?”

“Aah, nothing. I just punched myself in the face because I was too disgusting.”

“This is a serious injury. …… Especially the brain.”

“Saaya, did you just say something rude?”

“Well, let’s leave it at that. ….. Okay, I’m hanging up now.”


For some reason, Saaya suddenly hung up on me: …… No, no, why? Why?

Wouldn’t that be the case if she didn’t called me out of the blue? As expected

But still, before the phone hung up….. I think I heard the sound of the wind whistling, or was it just my imagination?

──── ding dong!

Suddenly the intercom rang. My mom and dad have to work until well past midnight today, so I have to answer it. ….. I wonder what it is, I have a guess who in the world is here. As far as I know, there shouldn’t be any deliveries or anything today…. I guessed it would be her and opened the front door of the house.

“…..Yahoo, it’s been a while.”

“…… Well, it’s you after all.”

When I open the door, I find the expected visitor, Saaya, standing there.

“Why did you come…wait, not that, just get up there.”

“I’m glad~, I’m sorry to bother you~”

I quickly let her go up, thinking that the reason would be enough later, and asked her to come to the living room and quickly question her.

“So? Why did you come?”

“Because you seemed kind of depressed. ….. well okay”

When she said that, Saaya came up to me like the speed of light.

And then …… grabbed me by the head.


And my head was forced to be brought to Saaya’s lap, she is forcing me to manipulate my head with a force that a junior high school girl should not exert.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?”

“Well, that doesn’t matter right now. ….. Why did you punch yourself in the face?”

“Because, well, that’s …..”

When I told her it was because I felt bad about myself, Saaya looked a little unhappy.

I was wondering why on earth she would make such a face, and then she put her own hand on my face.

It was as if she was treating something extremely precious, with such gentleness…..

“…… You don’t quite understand ….. the magnitude of your own life.”

“Ha …. ? My life is so small.”

“I wonder why you think so mean ….. Then what would you do if my life was in danger?”

“…. Of course I would save you, that’s what I would do.”

Right? It’s the same in the opposite situation. I would save you, absolutely – even at the cost of everything.”

……. I felt happy when she said that I was important, that I was special, and I saw in her eyes that she was going to do it. ……. It made me happy.

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