“Hmm, ah……”

I wake up, and I feel a sluggishness and a heat in my body that I don’t usually feel.

“Ah~, I’ve been had.”

With the mere movement of trying to get up out of bed, a headache of unbelievable pain hit me and I stopped getting up. What the heck, I knew my body didn’t feel well yesterday. ….. Well, I caught a cold… Yeah, I’ve got to get up and get started.

I had to get up to start anyway. …… Yeah, I still can’t. I’m sure I have more fever than I think.

I stop the phone that is ringing the alarm and call my mother who is at work with a relaxed motion.

“Uiiiii~, Mother~”

“I was wondering what’s wrong all of a sudden. …… You caught a cold, didn’t you?”

“Nn……. That’s right.”

“You look worse than I thought. …… I’ll call the school anyway, okay?”

“Ui. ….. I’m counting on you.”

“I’ll take care of it. …… I want to go home as soon as I can, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to…..”

“I’ll manage on my own. Bye.”


“Ah, ……

Mom was about to say something, but…it’s okay. I don’t have time to think about such things right now. Do I have to contact Saaya? I have a feeling she’ll come anyway after school.


I’d like to at least take a cold remedy and a glass of water, but I’ve lost the energy to do so. I could sleep twice if I wanted to, so I’m just going to go back to sleep.

Forcing his thoughts to stop, Futaba went back to sleep.

───── ding dong, ding dong ding dong ding dong


Futaba was awakened by the sound of the intercom being hit repeatedly.

With my head not spinning at all, I somehow expected it to be Saaya, but ….. Funny, the time is only 9:30 a.m. …. It should still be school. Then I wondered if it was my mom, but she should still be at work, and she should be able to come home with the key in the first place.

Then who is this …..? I thought, and then I got a notification from my cell phone.

[Open? Now.]

Saaya had sent me a message ….. Eh?  Ah, finally a phone call. I didn’t want to make her wait any longer, so I managed to get to the front door and opened it.

“Ah, good morning, Futaba-kun.”

“This is …… You seem to be more serious than I thought.”


When I opened the door, there stood Saaya in her school uniform and her father, Naoya-san. ….. What’s going on?

“I’m sorry for the sudden …. I was asked by senpai to take care of Futaba-kun.”

“Yes, yes, was asked♪”

“Ha …..? But I understand Naoya-san, but Saaya’s at school, right?”

“Aha♪I took a day off!”

“….. Are you sure, Naoya san?”

“I really want her to go, too, but she won’t listen to me.”

“I can’t help it, I was so anxious.”

“That seems to be the case. …. Give it up, Futaba kun.”

“hahaha ….”

I feel guilty that Saaya missed school. …. But at the same time, I end up feeling happy that she took the day off for me ….. This is not good.

“For now, I’ll turn the car around and take you to the hospital, Saaya, help Futaba-kun get ready.”

“I’ll take care of it~”


Saaya pushed me into the house forcefully, and with that momentum, I was pushed down and on my back, and then Saaya mounted me like that.

“Saaya …. You take good care of the sick, okay?”

“Why ….?”


“Why didn’t you tell me first?”

“Because… Because you have school…”

“I don’t care about school. …. There’s too much of a difference between you and school.”


“Not but….. I was very worried. So next time, you can count on me first.”

Saaya appealed to me with eyes that looked a little like they were about to cry. …. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

If I were in her shoes, I would want her to report to me first.

And yet I …..

“…. Sorry, I didn’t think that far ahead.”

“All you have to do is understand. ….. Let me do this for a little while.”

Saaya wraps her arms around my neck and hugs me …. Oh, I can feel Saaya’s heat on me. ….. We’ve been together for so long that it really makes me feel safe, this.

And after a few minutes of this…….

“Sorry, that was sudden…. Well then, let’s get ready.”


Thus, we, or rather, thanks to Saaya doing most of the preparations for me, were soon done, and we got into Naoya’s car and went to the hospital.


I quickly went to the hospital for a checkup and was firmly diagnosed with a cold, and I was treated with intravenous fluids and felt better than before. By the way, they said my fever was 39.8. …. Yeah, that’s right, I can’t move. Well, thanks to the intravenous drip, it went down a little, so it became easier.

“Futaba-kun, over here, over here.”

Saaya was waiting for me when I went out of the examination room of the hospital, and she immediately leaned over to me and supported my body. Then we got in Naoya san’s car again and went home.

When we drove to the hospital and when we left, Saaya kept asking me, “Are you all right? How’s your nose? Is your throat and cough okay? Tell me right away if you feel any pain,” she said that line every five minutes or so. Naoya san, who was driving, couldn’t help but chuckle.

And then we got to my house.

“No. ….. I’m fine on my own now, okay?”

“No, you can’t do housework or anything, can you?”

“Ugh. ….”

To be honest, I said I was done with it since the two of them had taken me to the hospital and given me cold medicine… Well, Saaya didn’t approve of the idea. I don’t know if Naoya-san anticipated what was going to happen, but he left first. Well, we’re in the neighborhood. ….

As for me, I thought I’d just take a cold pill, go to bed, repeat the process, and call it a day. …..

[No, you have to eat well and do your chores or you will cause trouble for your mother.]

I was told, and here I am today. ……

However, I can’t help but think that since I’ve been indebted to the Amami family so far, I can’t do anything more than that…

“Hey, are you perhaps thinking that we’ll be in trouble or something like that?”

“How do you know, …..?”

“I know. I know everything about you.”


“….. You know what, Futaba kun?”

Futaba forces my head down and takes me to her lap…hmm, this is a lap pillow!!!??

“Hey, Saaya?”

“Just listen to me as I am. ….. I don’t.. No, we don’t find you annoying ….. Because it’s too late for that, don’t you think?”

“But, but…”

“No. …. Whatever you do, we don’t find you annoying … please be as sweet as you want to me.”


I felt a tremendous sense of relief at Saaya’s words. ……Oh, this is terrible. Overlapping with Saaya’s lap pillow──

“Okay, just go back to sleep. ……  Good night.”

With those last words, I was defeated by the oncoming sleepiness, and my consciousness fell into darkness.

“….. Yes, I will never leave you ….. But I’ll never let you get away from me either.”

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