“Hey, hey, Futaba-kun! Where shall we go today?”

“Saaya, is that what you say when you come barging in here early in the morning ….?”

“Well, well, I’ve already got mother’s permission♪”

“Hmm, let’s talk to mom later.”

…Haa I’m not sure how this happened.

I don’t remember doing anything that made her like me this much.

I was just going along with her story,

No seriously, I really didn’t do anything.

But well, I’m glad that my childhood friend Saaya is here, she’s the most important person in the world.

And this childhood friend is a genius among geniuses who has been able to speak since she was 0 years old, even though she talks like this.

And Saaya and I were born in the same hospital and grew up together.

As two prodigies.

But I am neither a prodigy nor a child prodigy, just an ordinary person.

So why am I called so?

It’s because I’m a ….

Rreincarnated person. ───────


“Haaa—-Life is so boring”

I said to myself as I was walking home alone at the end of the school day.

“I’d like to know why I have to do the same thing over and over again every day”

Well, I’m talking to myself like a loser in life.

I can get 90% on a test by studying at home with a reference book, so what’s the point of going?

I was seriously thinking that way.

But there was another reason why I didn’t want to go outside.
That’s ───────

“Aaah, …… I want to go home and watch romantic comedy anime.”

Yes, I don’t find that much value in life, and the only thing I find value in is anime.

It showed me a lot of things I didn’t know about the world. It was as if the world that had been pure white was now colored.

“The beautiful student council president, the brocon younger sister, the sassy junior high school student, the innocent heroine…. They’re all good, but I guess it’s the childhood friends, isn’t it?”

I always liked the childhood friend who was always considered the losing heroine.

After all, when she was little, she kept thinking about the main character and didn’t see any other men, and that’s the childhood friend heroine.

Even so, I quite dislike the main character who has his sights set on other women.

*This is Futaba’s personal opinion.

“Well, they all have attractive looks and personalities, don’t they? I guess it can’t be helped… I’ve never been popular, so I don’t get it!”

I always thought the main character was lucky. …. Haa.

I was thinking about something pretty unimportant.

A girl in front of me was trying to cross the street even though it was a red light because she was on her phone while doing so.

(Wait, isn’t she going to get hit over by a truck coming from the side?)

The truck was coming at her at a very high speed.

The driver must have fallen asleep at the wheel.

The moment I thought that, my legs and hands went to protect her.

Boom! ───────

Then my body went up in the air.

A tremendous pain hit me, but it was so painful that I felt as if I had lost my sense of pain.

There was a moment of silence around me, then all at once I heard fits of frenzy and screams.

(Aah ….. My life, it’s going to end here.)

It was a really boring life.

Rather, my life may have finally gained value by being able to save someone here.

(At least in my next life….. I hope my next life will be worthwhile…)

At the moment I thought that, my consciousness fell into a deep darkness.

Then I woke up.

…… Hm? I woke up?

And all around me were women and men I didn’t know, and the people around me were ridiculously big.

(….. Eh?)

I’ve seen a lot of anime, I get it, I get it.

(Oh, maybe I’ve been reincarnated?)

I have been reincarnated.

” Ah, he’s so cute, this little guy.”

“Yes, he is. Our child.”

The two people talking in front of me must be the mother and father.

And surprise, surprise, I’ve only been born for a day or so.

(Why would they reincarnate me at this time of the year?)

I found the answer to this question sooner than I had expected.


Then the months passed and I came home.

“This is Futaba’s house~”

“Yes, yes, this is the house we will live in from now on.”

Our house was one of many houses.

And it was quite clean, which made me happy.

When we were about to enter the house, a family beside us spoke to us

“huh, senpai?”

“Oh, it’s Naoya and Kaori!”

“Yes, it’s been a while!”

“Fufu, It’s been a long time.”

It seems that these four are senior and junior students.

I’m listening to what they have to say. The four of them seemed to be very close and were neighbors across the two houses from each other.

“Yeah, this little boy is ….?”

“Listen, this is my son, Futaba.”

“Isn’t he cute?!”

“Waa~, he’s so cute”

The four of them started talking about me.

I can see a future where they talk to me~

“Nice to meet you, Futaba kun”

“Nice to meet you!

“….. Nice to…. meet you”


I’ve been hospitalized for a long time since I was 0 years old for my intelligence, and I’m already 1 year old.

I can talk if I want to, but, well, it’s just in case.

Apparently, when Mom and Dad told them about it, they said.

“Actually, so is our child.”

“”…… Eh?””

“Our child also has an abnormal intelligence.”

And so the two parents showed them what they thought was their child.

“Nice to….meet you”

“….. hmm.”

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