It was Sunday, the day of the meeting.

“Is everyone ready〜?”

The voice that sounded as if it was full of musical notes was echoing in a room of an apartment building.

“Mashiro Onee chan, wait…… I haven’t finished getting ready yet…….”

“Wait for me too. My hair isn’t done yet.”

“Geez !”

I had decided on a time to leave the house since yesterday, and yet here I am.

The first daughter, Mashiro, was whining and checking on her younger sisters one by one with a purring sound.


She knocked on her door and opened the door to find her standing in front of the mirror, examining her various outfits, leaving her always clean room scattered with her clothes.

“Geez. I told you to get ready yesterday.”

“I was ready yesterday. But today I thought it wouldn’t look good on me…….:

Her hair was perfectly set. The bangs, which are always over her eyes, were swept to the side so that her step brother, whom she hasn’t seen in over a decade, would remember her.

The only thing left was the clothes.

“I brought everything from home that looks good on you, so you can be confident, okay?”

‘But, give me five minutes,,,,:

“……Alright. Try to be as fast as you can.”


Looking at Kokono, whose eyes were slightly moist, Mashiro gave permission.

She planned to arrive at the family restaurant 15 minutes before the meeting time at 13:00, so she wouldn’t be late.

Once she had talked to Kokono, she went to the washbasin.

There was Miyu, who was waxing her bangs.

“Geez, I really can’t decide what to do ! Why can’t I decide for today !”

“I think you’ve already decided.”

“No, It should be more like….you know? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, so I’m going to have to go with something like [This is it !].”

“You’ve got five minutes, so make sure you get ready on time.”

“Hm, I’ll try.”

In Miyu’s case, her clothes were perfect and all she had to do was set her hair.

Seeing Miyu, the second daughter, giving a thumbs up and starting to straighten her hair again, Mashiro moved to the entrance.

“Five more minutes, five more minutes……”

With time to spare as well, she takes a look at the mirror in the doorway and checks it out as well as the two of them.

Mashiro looks like she could be mistaken for an elementary school student, but she’s a solid college student on the inside.

She earnestly checks her hair tips to make sure they are not messy, her sleeping habits are not out of place, she is dressed in an adult-like manner, her clothes are not wrinkled, and many other things.

I get to see my step brother again for the first time in over a decade ! Because I have such a strong feeling, so carefully–




When Mashiro looked next to her, she saw her two younger sisters, who had already finished their preparations, staring at her intently.

“Mashiro Nee is the slowest to get ready.”

“Yeah, she’s the slowest.”

“T-that’s not true ! While you two were getting ready–“

“–It’s already been three minutes since we finished getting ready.”

“You didn’t even notice.”

“T-then tell me sooner ! I mean, ah….I didn’t use perfume.”

“See, you’re the slowest one after all.”

“Hurry up.”

“I’m sorry, okay !?”

They didn’t aim for this similar exchange, but it was the three sisters who ended up being in the same situation.

“……Okay. Well, I guess it’s good.”

And Miyu, who finished her final confirmation by looking at the mirror that the eldest daughter had been using until a while ago, went outside.

“Okay, good…….”

The same goes for Kokono, who also finishes her confirmation by looking in the full-length mirror.

“Yeah ! Perfect !:

The last person to finish the confirmation with arms outstretched was Mashiro, who was spraying a citrus perfume.

* * * *

[I-it’s strangely dangerous over there,]

[Their surroundings are sparkling, right…..?]

[They must be models.]

[That little girl’s pace is too cute……]

The three sisters attract attention even when they are alone, but when they are all together, their impact is unparalleled.

Especially today, the three of them are all dressed up in fashionable clothes.

Miyu and Kokono walk toward the station with Mashiro in between them.

“Mashiro Onee chan, the meeting place is a family restaurant, right?”

“Yeah, it seems that Yuuto Onii san will come soon after finishing his part-time job, so we have to take a seat for four people first.”

“So Yuuto Nii is taking a part-time job? I’ve been thinking of doing a part-time job recently, too.”

Said Miyu.

“Mom said that he works part-time at Starbucks.”

“Hmm. Starbucks….huh.”

“Then Yuuto Onii chan is definitely fashionable…. I can’t go to that shop.”

Kokoko is a shy person who spends most of her time at home alone, except when she’s on campus. There are many places that are too difficult for her to go.

“…..I was just thinking, if it’s a four person seat, someone has to be next to Yuuto Nii, right? What about the seating position?”

“I-I can’t sit next to Yuuto Onii chan. I’m too nervous.”

“I’ll get nervous too…..”

“Me too, okay?”




It’s a reunion with the only step brother who used to be very dear to them.

The three of them who gave the not good expression because they didn’t want to show their strange appearance due to tension looked at each other.

[Then, what should we do?] that kind of words were conveyed to each of their hearts.

‘”Then, rock-paper-scissors…shall we?”

“Well, that’s the only way. It’s a flow that can never be decided.”


The two immediately accepted Mashiro’s proposal.

“Then, let’s start !”

And so the rock-paper-scissors game begins.

–Actually, the winner had already been decided by the time the game was called.

[ [ [—Rock, paper, scissors !] ] ]

The result is that there is one person with [Paper] and two people with [Scissors].

The second and third daughters, who knew that they’re sister had a complex about being small, knew that she would throw the biggest shape in rock-paper-scissors.

“Yes, Mashiro Nee will be next to him.”

“It’s rock-paper-scissors, so no complaints.”

“Ugh…… I’ll try not to be the one to start it next time……..”

The innocent Mashiro, who was aware that she kept losing at rock-paper-scissors, always believed in this superstition.

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1 year ago

I like the light hearted comedy in this one. Thank you for the TL