Three days have passed since he got involved with a college student who looked like an elementary school student, a college student who looked quiet, and a college student who looked like a gyaru.



“Hey, Yuuto?”


A classroom waiting for a lecture.

With a hand that was shaped like a rock on the long table, Yuuto was looking up at the ceiling as if he were a bronze statue.

Then Yuuto was touched on the shoulder, and he jumped.

“Hey, hey, what are you staring at? Your friend is calling you….you should be more like, you know? That’s a little sad, you know?”

“A-ahaha……. Sorry, sorry.”

The one who called out with an eyebrow raised in the shape of an eight is a male friend who applied to this university because he wanted to have a younger brother or sister.

“If you don’t mind me asking, are you tired because of your part-time job? You work five days a week, after all…… Shall I get you an energy drink?”

“Thanks, but I’m fine. It’s a little different.”

“Hm? Is it?”


I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tired from my part-time job, but I have been working at that café for almost a year now.

Living alone after entering university is still a lot of work, but thanks to the fact that I’m used to the work environment, it’s not that hard.

Touched by his friend’s kind concern, Yuuto smiles and speaks honestly.

“This is something I told you before, but do you remember…..that I have sisters who’ve separated from my life?”

“Ah, you mean the three lovely sisters?”


I don’t think I said ‘lovely’ when I told him before, but I remember I gave them a lot of attention and cared for them back then.

“It’s been decided that I’ll meet with those younger sisters the day after tomorrow.”

“H-huh !? You’re disgusting ! I’m too jealous !”

“Hahaha ……”

Where did the kindness you showed me earlier go? He ignited jealousy and yelled at me.

Of course, he probably doesn’t mean it seriously. ……Maybe.

“I’m really happy to have come across an opportunity like this, but I haven’t seen them in over a decade, so I’m very nervous…… Here, look at this.”

He makes a wry smile and changes his fist into a paper shape, you can see that his hand is shaking.

“This is an act, right?”

“How much better it would have been if it was an act……”

“No no, no matter how you look at it, you’re too nervous. You can’t last until the day after tomorrow like that, you know?”

“I’m trying not to think about it as much as I can, but I’m unconsciously thinking about it.”

Although he had forgotten about his step sisters’ name, their existence remained a precious memory. Engraved in his heart.

The reunion with such precious people was just around the corner. There was no way he could stay calm.

“I wonder if I can talk properly……. I wonder if the atmosphere will be awkward…..”

“You’ll be keeping distance from each other, so the atmosphere will probably die if someone doesn’t lead the conversation.”


What Yuuto fears the most is exactly that.

I want to avoid thoughts like, [I wish I hadn’t met you if this happened].

“W-well, I don’t know how you feel, but if the other person wants to meet you, it should be all right, right? It’s not one-sided, so lighten up a little, okay? You can’t go in the right direction if you don’t take it easy, right?”

“T-thanks. You’re absolutely right.”

Come to think of it, that’s true.

This time, I didn’t force myself to do it. Rather, it was a proposal from the other side.

It was a remark that slightly lifted the weight off my shoulders.

“I mean, didn’t you have three younger sisters who’s in the first year?”

“Yeah. It’s just a coincidence, but they attend the same college, and the purpose of our meeting was to help them if they need a hand.”

“You know, the only new students at our university are the same grade as the three sisters, it’s those girls who have always been rumored to be so cute, right?”

“E-eh? ……D-don’t tell me.”

He paused for a moment while widening his eyes and waved his hands in denial.

The rumors about the three sisters are really amazing.

Last summer. The rumor has been around since I attended the open campus of this university.

[Perhaps three very cute sisters will enroll !] They said.

Then, in March of this year. When the university announced their acceptance.

[Hey, hey ! Those three sisters have been accepted !]

At the entrance ceremony—

[Oh my God, they’re really cute……]

[Isn’t their face too well-defined?]

[The impact of the three of them together is amazing !]

It was such a hot topic.

Although it has only been a few days since they entered the college, there are probably no other students at this university who are as famous as the three sisters.

It was hard to believe that they were his three sisters who had been separated from him.

“But they’re three sisters, you know? And they’re one year below you.”

“Y-yeah. I’m sure this memory is correct.”

“Then it’s confirmed, isn’t it? No kidding.”

“No, that’s why I don’t think that’s……”

“By the way, if your step sisters were those three sisters, I’d kill you.”

“Why would you…..”

“Because I’d be jealous !”

“No, that doesn’t mean it’s true…..”

The answer to this question was given two days later. 

Then came the nerve-wracking day of the event.

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