“Thank you for visiting !”

Time passed and the sun was setting at 19:55.

After the third period, Yuuto moved immediately to his part-time job at Starbucks, where he stood at the cash register and handled a large number of customers.

This café is located near the station. It’s a busy store because it’s a place where many people gather, and it’s a busy workplace that often makes you think, [It’s already this late !?].


The more you work, the more tired you will naturally get.

When he took another rest so as not to be seen by the customers, one of the employees he was working with called out to him in a friendly manner.

“Yuuto san, it’s almost time to take a break, right? So now you can leave this part to me !”

“Oh, can I leave it to you then?”

“Sure !”

“Thank you. I’ll be back at 20:40.”

“Got it !”

Yuuto’s normal break time starts at 20:00, but it is the store’s policy to be flexible.

The staff can decide amongst themselves.

So, Yuuto entered the staff room to take a 45-minute break, but he found himself in a situation that was not suitable for a break.

“One iced tea.”

After finishing such an order, Yuuto looked around the restaurant for a seat while holding a cold cup.

This is the time of the day when customers come and go become intense.

The timing was not right, and it was hard to find an empty seat.

(W-well……. I don’t think I can find a seat anywhere….. But I don’t want to go back to the staff room either…….)

He was looking around, and letting out a troubled voice in his mind.

“–Ah, you there, Mister.”


Looking at the customer who raised her hand as if to appeal, a blonde girl with a gyaru-like appearance approached him.

Her shiny hair was tied up in a single bun, and for some reason, she looked somewhat similar to the girls he had met this morning and afternoon. Including the fact that they are completely different types.

Sharp yet large blue eyes. A well-defined nose and pink lips.

She also had the same well-groomed appearance.

“You were the staff at this café, right, Mister? I remember you when I was paying my bill earlier. Are you looking for a seat?”

“Ah, that’s right. I’m on break right now, so I’m looking for a seat……”

“Well, you can sit here if you want. It’s empty.”

She indicates the spot with her nail-polished fingernails.

She is sitting at a small table for two. Which is empty because she is sitting there alone while studying.

“U-um……are you sure you don’t mind if I sit there?”

“Yup. I don’t really mind. It’s a different story if you’re a flirty person, okay?”

“T-thank you very much. I’m sorry to bother you.”

He had never experienced anything like this before, of course.

He was in a state of mixed feelings of gratitude and bewilderment, amazed at her amazing communication skills.

Yuuto sit down in the seat, having been asked to make room for her, and while sipping his iced tea, he considers the topic of conversation.

“–I was wondering, can’t you take a break in this cafe’s staff room?”

As expected from an excellent communicator. She brought up the topic first.

She stopped her study once and looked at him.

“Ah-. I usually take a break there. But today the manager was on a work call in the back…….”

“Did you read the air and come out?”

“Ahaha….. Something like that.”

“I see. If you can’t take a break in the staff room, it’s inconvenient, isn’t it? I thought. Well, you can take your time here. I don’t know how that works since I’m a guest here.”

“No, no, I really appreciate your help.”

Perhaps it was the way she led the conversation, but he didn’t get the impression that this was their first meeting.

Maybe she’s a customer who visited this place several times, but Yuuto doesn’t remember her because he works in such a busy place.

And it’s strange that he doesn’t feel awkward, and even feels easy to talk to.

“Um, are you studying, Miss?”

“Yup, that’s right.”

She brought up the topic earlier, so I returned it.

On the table there are cafe drinks, college textbooks, notebooks, and pretty stationery.

He knows she’s studying without even having to ask, but for now, it’s important to communicate with her.

“Isn’t it tough that you’re working so hard on your own?”

“Ahaha, you’re certainly right.”

It might sound rude, but you can tell just by looking at the way she takes notes that she is quite a hard worker despite her playful appearance.

They are even color-coded with highlighter pens for easy review.

There are also sticky note stickers attached to her college textbooks.

“Isn’t that……exam study?”

“Yup. I have an older sister and a younger sister, and they’re both very smart. I know this is lame, but I can’t keep up with them unless I study behind their backs like this. From a long time ago.”

“F-for that matter, aren’t you using the same kind of materials used by the most prestigious universities?”

“That’s not true. I”m just so-so.”

She is being modest, but she’s like Yuuto, who is studying at a university using the same teaching materials.

Don’t be fooled by appearances.




She was looking at the English material and stopped her hand with a wrinkle between her eyebrows.

“Huh……? Seriously, why is ‘Some’ used here instead of ‘Any’…..? It’s not even wrong to use Any…….”

The first to react to this voice is Yuuto, who puts his iced tea on the table.

“If you don’t mind…….can I have a look at that material?”

“Eh? I don’t mind.”

Even though she is in the middle of studying, she shows the material to him without giving him a sour look.

“Ah. I think the reason ‘Some’ is used here is because ‘Some’ is a word used in positive sentences, requests and questions.”

“Eh, really !? I had completely forgotten about that.”

“There are exceptions, of course, but……I think it’s basically okay if you remember it that way.”

“Let’s see, positive sentences, requests, questions……”

She quickly takes notes. She writes smoothly and her handwriting is very neat.

“Who are you, Mister, to think that you could answer this question with such ease? You looke like a college student, did you go to a really good college?”

“I’m just so-so.”

“….Don’t copy my words.”

“Ahaha, sorry about that.”

“Hey, Mister. Do you see what’s going on over here?”

“Let me read it to you. ……Ah, this is–.”

Then, before she knew it, Yuuto would teach her what she didn’t understand.

The 45 minutes soon passed.

* * * *

(Seriously, that mister is too smart. His teaching was so easy to understand.)

Soon after he left. Miyu rereads her notes with her hands outstretched.

(This is my first time here, but it would be great if he were here……)

I didn’t expect him to teach me how to study, so it’s natural to feel like this.

(Okay, okay. The gap between Mashiro Nee and Kokone has narrowed a bit.)

I didn’t want to be left behind in my studies because we were sisters who had shared the same joys and sorrows for a long time. Because of that feeling, I was able to enter a difficult university.

(Well, let’s keep going and do more)

It was at that time that I was about to start working on my studies again when my condition improved further.

“Thank you very much for your seat earlier. Please take this if you don’t mind.”


When he called out to me and I looked up, there he was.

He was dressed in his Starbucks uniform, wearing a nametag with the initials Y,Y on it, and placing a tray with another shortcake and tea on it on the table.

“W-wait. This is your own expense, right? It’s not right. It was your break time, and you even helped me study. I.”

“No, no, I was just having fun during the break. I’m sorry. I’m at work now, so if you’ll excuse me.””


When he sees that a customer has come to the cash register, he bows his head and immediately returns to the cash register.

What remains in front of me is the same shortcake and tea that I bought earlier.

(……Seriously, how is this possible? Normally…….It’s not fair. That mister is definitely popular with the ladies……)

If you glance at the cash register, you will find him serving customers in a friendly manner.

(……Anyway, I’m going to brag about it to Mashiro Nee and Kokono.)

Miyu, who narrowed her eyes and smiled, suddenly thought about such a thing.


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