It was time for the sunset light to shine through the curtains.

“Oh, it’s time for Mashiro Nee to come home. I just got a call that she just arrived at the nearest station.”

“It’s that time already…….”

“Ahaha, she sure is fast.”

The three of them killed time playing party games in the living room using a game console called Suitto

Yuuto, who does not have a game console at home, was completely defeated by them in a game called Smash Bros. but he was able to enjoy the game without any awkwardness.

And Yuuto was also smiling as he watched Miyu and Kokono fight each other in a shouting match.

“Ah, Miyu Onee chan. Did you tell her that Yuuto Onii chan was at home?”

“I didn’t tell her. I thought it would be better to surprise her.”

“I’m going to be the surprise……?”

The present is a [person].

Although Yuuto thinks he is not good enough for the role, both of them did not agree.

“It will be a good surprise.”

“I know, right? Mashiro Nee said she wants to see you again.”

“Is that true !? Actually, I’m trying to make her feel happy…….”

Yuuto’s voice of joy returns instantly.

There is Miyu who looks at him with suspicion mixed with jokes and immediately denies it.

“No, no, I’m serious.”

“Since Miyu Onee chan’s appearance is flashy, it can’t be helped if she’s being misunderstood.”

“Wow, you’re still bitter about that game you lost to me earlier.”

“…..It’s not true. But before going to bed, let’s play one more game.

As expected from the sisters, Yuuto realizes that he is frustrated with this reply.

“I don’t mind, but next time I win, you will buy a bottle of juice from the vending machine downstairs.”

“Okay. If you lose, buy my juice.”

“Three bottles are fine.”

“Then I’ll have three bottles, too.”

“Nihihi, you’re too confident.”

It seemed that they had reached an agreement.

The two of them are so happy together even in their casual, everyday lives. If Mashiro joins them, the space will be even more lively.

The more they blend in, the lonelier it makes Yuuto feel to go back home alone.

“Well then, can I ask Yuuto Nii to greet Mashiro Nee? Please stand at the entrance.”

“Okay. Should I get ready now?”

“Hmm. I’ve calculated the time I’ve just spent and the time I’ve sent the email to her……and it looks like you should be ready in 8 minutes.”

“Mashiro Onee chan’s steps are small, so it will take her a long time to get home.”

“Oh, haha. I see.”

Kokono sees through his expression, and carefully explains.

“If you say that to Mashiro Nee, she would be pissed off. And your explanation too, Kokono.”

“You too, Miyu Onee chan, she got angry because you didn’t deny it.”


Miyu widened her eyes as if she was getting hit by a counter attack.

There is also Yuuto, he realized that they would be scolded.

“L-let’s forget about the conversation just now, okay ! Let’s kill the rest of the time by playing “Look at that way” and if one of us gets hit 10 times, that person loses.”

“Okay, let’s do it !”

“Yuuto Onii chan, you’re too excited…. Surprisingly.

“I was beaten up in a game a while ago. I’m going to fight back here.”

“Great, let’s do it then !”

“……I think Yuuto Onii chan will probably lose.”


The game began as a way to kill time.

At this time, Yuuto had no way of knowing yet.

When playing rock-paper-scissors, Miyu and Kokono always throw out almost the same hand. They would point fingers at each other at the same time.

As a result, victory and defeat is decided, and the game will be tattered……

Eight minutes later.

“You will stand here, weak brother !”

“I think it’s better to go a little earlier…”

“Really? Then here !”

Now his name has changed.

The left arm was held by Miyu and the right arm by Kokono as they carefully adjusted their standing positions at the entrance.

“I think she’ll be here in three minutes, so don’t worry ! I’ll be sneaking a peek to see how she’ll react.”

“I’ll watch too.”

“Ahaha, I don’t think you’ll get the reaction you’re expecting.”

“No, I’m sure she’ll be surprised. It’s Mashiro Nee after all.”


Yuuto thinks that they often greet each other from their interactions so far, and replies to them as they walk into the washroom with a smile on their face.

And the time they have been waiting for comes quickly.

He hears the sound of small footsteps.

It would be difficult to recognize the person just from this.

As Yuuto straightens his posture and prepares to greet her, he hears the sound of a key being inserted into the hole.

Next comes the sound of a ‘clunk’ to unlock the door, and the doorknob goes down.

Then the door slowly opens.

“Everyone, I’m home !”

“–Welcome home, Mashiro san.”

Yuto greets her with a smile as she returns home with a natural expression on her face.

At that moment.



Her movements, her expression, all hardened like a stone, like she was being born again.

There is Mashiro who only takes half a step into the doorway and leaves her mouth open.



A dozen seconds of silence with eye contact.

Frankly, it is an unexpected reaction to be so frozen.

He blinked and looked at her, but he couldn’t do it any longer.

“Mashiro sa–“

The moment he said that.

“A-ah……aah ! !”

“M-Mashiro san !”

The front door slammed shut with a loud thud. She is not going into the entrance, but outside.

“Wait, what? Don’t run away, Mashiro san !”



The two were also heard laughing behind Yuuto, as he rushed to open the front door.

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1 year ago

Lol, should have said “welcome home, do you want dinner, a bath or me?” Bet she’d faint on the spot from bloodloss

11 months ago

Thank you for the tl!