“Y-Yuuto Onii chan….. Did you wait?”

“No, not at all.”

The place where he had such a conversation with Kokono was at the entrance of Building A. It was a place where they met.

“Then let’s go right away. There will be a lot of people, but I think there’s still space.”

“What if there are no empty seats?:

“Then we’ll just have to make do with strawberry milk candy.”

“……No way.”

“I don’t want to either.”

While talking lightheartedly, they headed to the cafeteria.

It seems that he always matches Mashiro’s pace out of habit, now he did the same to Kokono who was walking at a much slower pace.

“Does Yuuto Onii chan always have lunch at the cafeteria?”

“Basically, I eat at school cafeterias, and when I can’t find empty seats, I often eat at convenience stores or family restaurants.”

“…..Do you eat with your friends?”

“Ah, sometimes.”

“……I eat alone most of the time.”

“You’re only in your first year, right?”

“Yeah. That’s why…..I’m mostly alone.”


Kokono repeated the same words.

Next to him, you can see the third daughter looking at him with upturned eyes as if expecting something.

“…….I’m mostly all alone.”

The same words are repeated again and again, and then she grabs his hem and pulls it.

Yuuto felt that she was giving him hints, so he was thinking if it doesn’t bother her, then

“Then, can I invite you out when you’re alone, Kokono san?”


“Ahaha, thanks.”

—It was an immediate answer.

The expression on her face hasn’t changed much, but her eyes are shining as if she were wagging her tail, if she had one.

“If you have any plans, you can feel free to decline. It’s not like I’m only going to ask you out once.”

“I apologize in advance.”

“I’m totally fine.”

It would be difficult to say, [Don’t hesitate,] as her step brother. But just saying a few words would make a difference.

Kokono is still a first-year student.

It would be more pleasant for Yuuto to have her prioritize her surroundings and expand her circle of friends.

And while he is thinking about this, they arrive at the school cafeteria.


As soon as they entered, he heard a surprised voice coming from Kokono. She blinks and is taken aback.

“There are a lot of people here. But it’s okay if it’s this many. In fact, it’s still empty.”

“Thank goodness.”

“There are two ticket machines, one here and one there, but the menu is the same at both.”

“Should I give the ticket I bought to the person over there?”


Since Kokono is using the cafeteria for the first time, she looks restless. 

It was just like Yuuto a year ago, and he was surrounded by nostalgic feelings.

“I’ll have the gingerbread set meal, what about you, Kokono san?”

“I’ll have the udon. Wakame udon.”

“Oh ! That sounds good.”

She used to choose pasta when she was at a family restaurant. She must like noodles a lot.

“Don’t you want salad or fried food? The sides are good too.”

“I’m curious about the potato salad…… but……”

Kokono glanced away from the ticket machine and turned her attention to the student carrying her lunch on a tray.

There is a thick potato salad.

The third daughter’s expressions don’t change very much, but little by little, he gets to know her better.

“Would you like to eat it together?”

“You would?”

“I’m curious about the potato salad too, so I’d rather you order it.”

“Thank you…… I’ll pay for it.”

“No, no, no, it’s my job as your brother. Here, put your wallet back.”


“P-put your wallet back. And zipper it up.”

“Yuuto Onii chan, look up.”

“Up? What’s up there?”

It was the moment when he lifted his head with such an instruction. Yuuto heard the sound of bills being sucked into the ticket machine.

“Eh !?”

He immediately looked at the ticket machine and saw the electronic display of “10,000” floating on the screen.

The amount of money is filled with the thought, [I won’t let you pay a penny] and there is Kokono, who bought the ticket.


“Because you lied to me, Yuuto Onii chan.”


“The person who ordered the set meal got a small plate of potato salad.”

“E-eh? I didn’t know that…….”

“Even though you’ve been to the cafeteria many times, there’s no way you didn’t know about it.”

After buying the meal ticket, Kokono puts the rest of the money into her wallet. She did that because she knows that he deceives her.

“I don’t like it when you’re too nice to me……”


“…..I-I knew it, it’s nothing. I’m going to give you the meal ticket……”

“Ah, y-yeah.”

Kokono pulled Yuuto’s hem and headed for the counter. 

* * * *

“H-hey, that two people in front……that’s not the distance between brother and sister, is it?”


“There’s no way…..”

“I guess….you could say that.”

The two students lined up behind Yuuto had caught a good look at Kokono’s face as she headed for the counter.

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