“M-Miyu san? How long is this going to……?”

“Nihihi, until I’m satisfied.”

Right outside the nearest Katsurazaka station.

Miyu, answering Yuuto’s question while grabbing his arm as she walked forward. It was as if she was appealing to him that he was hers, and seemed to cover up the loneliness of their impending separation.

“Until you’re satisfied !?”

“–I’m just kidding, I have bad eyesight and my legs are a bit unsteady right now, okay? It’s so bad that I can’t even see Yuuto Nii’s face clearly.”

“Eh, really !?”

“I was wearing contacts, but both of them fell off apparently.”

“S-seriously. That’s a lot of work. ……You should bring a spare next time, okay? It’s dangerous if you can’t see the street at night.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Then let’s walk slowly, okay? You can hold onto my arm too.”


Miyui smiled once as she thanked him, but she blinked and made a dumbfounded expression.

(S-somehow……no, this development, it can’t be, right……?)

Although it was an obvious lie. She was waiting to say [Of course not].

But it took an unexpected turn.

With round eyes and a rectangular mouth, she glanced at Yuuto’s face, and she checked her feet with a serious expression. To find the steps as quickly as possible.

To make sure she doesn’t trip over herself.


I recognize this face. It was just a moment ago, when the train got crowded.

It’s the same one as when he protected me from being swept away by the waves of people, protecting me from being crushed.

(Seriously, you’re so kind…….. It’s not normal to let worry win over the discomfort of a situation……where both contacts can be made).

I didn’t have the slightest intention of deceiving him, so I felt guilty, but……I was a little frustrated.

(I just warned him, [Don’t be fooled by a bad girl.]……)

Objectively speaking, Miyu is a ‘bad girl’ right now.

The one who is easily deceived by such a bad girl is the man who is seriously checking for safety while holding her arm.

(It’s not like he’s easy…..since he’s dealing with his step sister……)

I’m sure he does this to everyone.

(Really, you can easily take him home with you if you do this…… Too easy)

Join the drinking party, pretend to be drunk, and ask the participants around you to put their hands around you to help you.

This would be enough to take Yuuto to your home.

If he was easily swept away like this, the development will turn that way.


Miyui thinks this when she meets her step brother again.

(Not good. I don’t want him to have a girlfriend. If he’s being targeted, I want him to avoid it.)

If Yuuto has a girlfriend, he will not be able to visit her at her house. She won’t be able to do this kind of thing. They would have less time to get to know each other.

For her……a chain of unpleasant things would happen to the three sisters.

I’m filled with the feeling that I want you to take care of me a lot from now on because I haven’t been able to see you or be involved with you until now.

“Hey, Yuuto Nii. I know I told you a while ago but, don’t be fooled by a really bad girl, okay?”

“Ahaha, don’t worry. I’m sensitive to such things.”


(You’ve already been deceived by me though.)

Such unconvincing words. It’s not the time to smile.

“You don’t have to worry about me.”


(No, I’m worried because you’re being deceived.”)


The person himself doesn’t know that he’s being scolded for such a thing.

(unbelievable. Why does my brother have such a gap…’s just like the old Yuuto Nii, so it’s fine.)

I can’t help but be bothered.

If he didn’t have any gaps, I wouldn’t have to worry about him like this.

(Since he’s growing up, I want that part of him to grow up too……)

She pretends to get her foot caught on a step and squeeze Yuuto’s thick arm.

Same as when they got on the train. Just by doing this calms her body and mind.

(I wonder if it’s because of what happened ten years ago…..this thing.)

Back then, whenever I tried to get Yuuto Nii to take care of me, I would grab his arm and try to keep it to myself.

I even remember falling asleep while holding his arm.

It’s no wonder there are remnants of that.

(Well…..he was my first love, so it’s only natural.)

She even told her friends about him on the school trip.

It’s that kind of person that probably makes Miyu a bad girl.

“You know, Yuuto Nii. I have one thing I need to apologize for.”


“You’re walking north right now, right?”

“That’s right.”

“My house is on the south side.”

“……Eh !? Then you’re getting further and further away from home !?”

“Nihihihi……sorry, okay? I just wanted to be with you for a little while longer.”

She knows she did something wrong. But when she tried to apologize, it was embarrassing, so she laughed it off. 

I’m not sure if I’m being funny or not, but I made this expression.

“…….Then, let’s continue like this for just a little longer.”

Maybe he was embarrassed, he said this while turning his face a little.

“Eh……is that okay?”

“If I don’t like it, I will say it.”

“R-right. T-thank you……seriously.”

“Same here…..”

“N-no……you don’t have to say that…….”

He told her that he has the same feeling. For Miyu, it was kind of cheating.

(I’ll keep what happened today a secret from Mashiro Nee and Kokono……)

Because they would get angry at me for bothering my step brother. That’s one reason.

However, the main reason is within Miyu herself.

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