After touring around the station area, they ended up spending some time at a café to relax.

After the fun outing was over, Mashiro, who “only had one period today,” accompanied Yuuto to the university without telling him about it, and went home.

She took out her laptop, water bottle, and textbooks from her bag and finished preparing for tomorrow’s lecture.

“I’ve spoiled myself……seriously.”

Mashiro sits in her Aeron chair facing her illustration equipment–an LCD tablet–while letting out such a voice.

It’s not that I don’t have a lot of lectures from the beginning of the year, but this is a timetable that takes work into consideration.

In other words, the original plan was to go home immediately after the first period and start working on the illustrations.

(I guess….this is the first time I’ve done this.)

If there is work to be done, work comes first at all times.

She always follows the schedule and never puts off work until later.

That is what Mashiro usually does.

But today, she put her private life first.

Even though she still had work to do, she invited Yuuto to hang out and had so much fun that they spent a long lunch time that could hardly be called lunch time.

(I need to be more professional…..)

Mashiro, who has nearly 300,000 followers on Twitto, receives a variety of work requests.

She doesn’t take on everything, but chooses the jobs from among them to receive great rewards and satisfaction.

It would be unbecoming of her to put her private life on the back burner by putting off the work she has already accepted.

Since Mashiro is a serious person, she reflects on her work and proceeds with her one-person job while bracing herself for the task ahead.

Mashiro usually concentrates and keeps her hands busy for several hours. She tries to make progress as quickly as possible to free up some time.

Today, too, she tries to follow the obvious path of 5 or 10 minutes, but–.

“–I really enjoyed hanging out with Yuuto Onii san……”

Unconsciously, this kind of voice comes out.

Although she was bracing herself, the time she just spent was such a fulfilling one, a time that could be called precious.

(The fact that he remembered my favorite things, that he carried my bag, and most importantly, that he still considers me family……)

My emotions were rising higher and higher. If I squint my eyes with joy, my hand unconsciously stops.

The more I think back, the more I feel.

“I really should prioritize my work, but….I’m glad I invited Yuuto Onii san !”

It’s not to the level that deadlines can never be met. There is still plenty of time to do so, as long she proceeds according to plan.

That’s why……there was Mashiro with a smile on her face.

That face is definitely not the kind you make at work.

“No, no, focus……”

At the last minute, self-control wins.

Shaking her head from side to side, she concentrates again. ……But it doesn’t last forever. Rather, it will come to an end too soon.

(I have to keep it a secret from Miyu and Kokono…)

I know they will be envious. Perhaps they might attack me by pulling my cheeks.

Not only did we attend a lecture together, but we had a date just the two of us, so I had it all to myself.

This is something I have to keep to myself.

(Even so, Yuuto Onii san was really big after all…..)

I had been thinking about this since yesterday, but today I learned the details.

“Because his foot size is 27 cm……”

Mashiro looks at her (tiny) bare feet, which are about 22 cm long, and realizes how big they are.

“His hands are 20 centimeters in size…….”

Out of the corner of her eye, while looking at her own hand, she sees a ruler used with an LCD tablet.

Mashiro picked up the ruler and placed it over her own hand as if to recreate that moment.

“It was really this big, Yuuto Onii san’s…….”

If I had held hands with him, it’s big enough to wrap my hand.

Three sisters who have been concentrating on their work since high school,

I have not had a lot of experience because [I wish I could date one of three of them because they have the same face.], I didn’t have a lot of experience because of that.

“W-well, he’s a man after all…..Yuuto Onii san….”

When I said that it was [just the two of us], I suddenly thought so.

I realized that I had been looking at him as the opposite sex, despite the fact that we’re family.

(W-whatever…..yeah. It’s not like I like Yuuto Onii san as a member of the opposite sex, but it can’t be helped if it’s like this, right……?)

“He’s always been kind to us in the past, and he’s still the same brother……”

What’s really surprising and doesn’t make sense is that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, nor is he popular.

[If no one goes after him, I’ll have him all to myself….right?] That’s what I think.

“I wonder when I can go out with Yuuto-Onii san next……”

I reached for the phone on my desk and held it with both hands to stabilize it.

When we parted, he said to me, [Please invite me again anytime], but if I don’t hold back, I will definitely cause trouble.

He’s a kind man, and I know he will force himself to make time for me.


Knowing this, I just can’t send him an email about the next schedule.

(I-I have to restrain myself here. I have a lot more time to spend with Yuuto Onii san after all. I have a job, too. I’m not a child……)

I chewed on that, and just as I put my phone back on my desk, a notification sounded.

I don’t know if it was from Miyu, Kokono, a friend, or work, but I immediately looked at the screen and saw–.


There was a text message from someone I had not expected.

[Thank you so much for today, Mashiro san. I had a lot of fun. If it’s okay with you, I’d be happy if we could go out again next week or the week after that.]

The sender was [Yuuto Onii san].

“Fufufu, geez. How could you do this to me…..”

The timing is as if he knew in advance that I was troubled.

Normally, I would send an email right after we parted, but I’m sending it after a while…

“Seriously……Yuuto Onii san…….”

Mashiro’s cheeks blushed and she carefully typed the email while wiggling her toes.

She was beginning to see her step brother as a man.

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