“I-I wonder why. This feeling……”

The next day.

The closer he got to the university, the more he felt something that stung his skin.

He checked his arms and legs, but of course there was nothing.


“It’s not my imagination, right? Y-yeah……”

I got goosebumps even though it should be warm outside. For some reason, it makes me shiver.

“A-anyway, let’s go inside……”

I went through the main gate while rubbing my shoulders, and headed towards the school building at a quick pace.


I can feel the gaze from all directions.

I look to the right while slowing down my walking pace a little, but my gaze is quickly averted.

Next, I look to my left, and again my gaze is averted.

“I-I feel like I’m being looked at like a monster……”

This is a situation I have never experienced before.

For the time being, it was time to shrink my shoulders and try to hide my presence.

“—Yo, Yuuto.”


A bonk from behind ! A hand was placed behind my back and squeezed with a strength that made my bones creak.

I slowly turned around and saw him standing there with a dark aura. I have a friend who got into this university just because he wanted a younger brother or sister.

“G-good morning…..”

“Good morning.”

His eyes were not smiling.

“Well, it seems like you had fun yesterday. Was it a holiday date?”


“Well, I was worried about you. You’re going to meet your long-lost sister, so I wondered if you’d be able to get along properly. I wondered if you would have a good time.”


Yuuto did not say anything.

“I was worried about that. I really did. And as a result of worrying, why did you show me that kind of flirting? Hey Yuuto.”

A dull pain runs through me.

The only thing his friend can show him in such a situation is the Insta post.

A picture of the three sisters and himself together, and the words “Date ♡♡”.

“Did you have fun? On your date.”

“It wasn’t a date, but it was fun……”

“I see, I see. I remember you ignoring my message.”

I remember that he sent me a message saying, [I’ll kill you.].


As he makes eye contact with a cramped smile, there is his friend who looks at him without blinking.

It’s as if he is an emotionless robot.



At this moment, Yuuto made up his mind.

Gently caressing the hand that grabbed his shoulder…the moment the power has weakened–.


“H-hey, wait ! Let me hit you !”

“I don’t want to !?”

He ran away.

“Hey, squad A, he went right ! Stop him with all your might !”

“Yeah !”

“Leave it to me !”

“W-what the hell !?”

Just as he thinks he has shaken off his friend, reinforcements appear from the shadows of the trees. They were two people he knew at least.

He changed his stance to the right and stepped to the left. He feinted and scattered them just in time.

“Hey, what are you guys doing ! I’m not buying you a Haagen !”

“I-is he ever that fast !?”

“That’s why I explained it to you in the first place !”

“As expected of a date with triplets…””

You should hurry up and go after him too ! Squad B, seal off the entrance to Building A !”

It was that kind of escapade that began in the morning.

* * * *

“Haa, haa……. Haa……. T-that was bad. Even if it was joke, they were in formation and…..”

Breathing heavily, Yuuto escaped into the limited lecture room and sat down on the chair with a feeling of relief.

He wore a hood over his head to hide his appearance.

‘Haa……haa. Anyway, I should apologize for ignoring his message…….”

He even launched the LAIN app on his phone and open his friend’s message section.

“Well, um,…..I can’t think of anything at all……”

Now that I’ve just been attacked, I can’t think straight with the overall lack of oxygen.

What kind of text should I use……? Three minutes of spinning my head in that direction.

“U-um…..excuse me. May I sit next to you?”

“……Ah, go ahead.”

“Thank you very much.”

A relaxed girl’s voice came to him, and he answered with a big nod while looking at his phone.

Normally, I would’ve looked at her face and replied, but because of the high possibility of being attacked again, I couldn’t afford to move away from my phone for even a moment.

“All right……”

The girl turns her back to the long desk, lowers her heavy backpack onto the desk and pulls her arms out.

Perhaps because of her small stature, she didn’t break her knees, but pushed the bag on top of her body.

(Heh, you’re so smart…… So that’s how you prepare it because it’s heavy…… I mean, I don’t have time to think about this. ……)

Yuuto checks it with a sideways glance, but soon faces reality.

In the meantime, the small girl is taking out educational materials from her bag.

The speed at which she takes them out seems to indicate that she is excited about the class.

“Yeah, I didn’t forget anything…….”

The girl, pointing a small finger to confirm, holds the bag with both arms and lowers it to the floor.

(Seems like a lot of work with that small body. ……I mean, I don’t have time to think about that–)

Just as I was about to type on my phone.

A citrus perfume tickled my nostrils.

It was a perfume that I had smelled once before. No, that perfume I smelled yesterday.

“Eh……? Mashiro san?”

I took off my hood, and when I turned to look next to me, I saw the person I had expected.

“Eh, Yuuto Onii san !?”

“Hey, you’re talking too loud……”

“I-I’m sorry !”

Mashiro covered her mouth with both hands while widening her round blue eyes, but it was already too late.

[H-hey. That’s the rumored three sisters’…..]

[Onii san?]

[Did she just say that……?]

[Mashiro chan’s big brother?]

The class room was giving Yuuto a wild look.

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1 year ago

You see this jealousy in Japanese media so much, i often wonder if there’s any truth to it. I have a hard time believing that Japanese dudes are this crazy when another dude gets with a hot girl. If they actually are? Well… The entire country needs therapy.