“I’m sorry for being late. I got caught up in a bit of a mess at my part-time job…….”

“D-don’t worry about it. …..Okay?”

“Y-yeah. We were waiting for you slowly.”

“I-I see……. So you were….waiting.”

Now he sits down in one of the empty seats and is having an awkward exchange.

[Actually, I have an important meeting to attend, so I wanted to dress up even a little.]

The three sisters heard those words from their step brother.

[Hee ! Actually, we have an important meeting, too, and we’ve dressed up really well. We all stayed up until the last minute looking in the mirror to make sure everything was just right.]

Because the step brother had heard these words from the three sisters, he was surrounded by an awkward atmosphere from the very beginning, but—it naturally relaxed.

Even though they didn’t recognize each other’s faces, it was not their first meeting. It is not that there is no relationship value.

They were a family that used to live under the same roof, and they were surrounded by feelings of nostalgia.

“Did the three of you have ordered something?”

“Um, I ordered the drink bars for four first. The rest of the drinks are ordered after Yuuto Nii….Yuuto san arrived.”

“Mashiro Nee, she was about to get an elementary school charge for the drink bars. Just like always.”

“The speed at which she took out her ID was amazing.”

“Ugh ! Geez ! Why did you say that in front of Yuuto Onii san ! You promised not to tell him !”

“Did I?”

“I don’t remember.”


Yuuto thought the little girl sitting next to him was the third daughter, but he did not expect her to be the eldest.

But as he could see, her childhood personality has not changed, and he knows that the blonde hair, cheerful girl is the second daughter, Miyu, and the brown hair ,quiet girl, is the third daughter, Kokono.

“I’ll pay for it today, so you can order whatever you like.”

“We can’t accept that. We three will pay for it here.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t be too stiff here.”

“I think that’s good…..”

The three of them are at odds with each other, but the atmosphere is very gentle.

“No, no, let me be cool for now.”

“Yuuto…Nii, you’re trying to look cool with your clothes, aren’t you? You’re here with your best outfit.”

“T-this and that are not the same thing.”


I was poked where it hurts. I’m being teased.

She’s still the same old naughty second daughter.

“A-anyway, what should we order?”

“Yuuto Onii san, please take a look at the menu.”

“Thank you.”

The menu is being handed by Mashiro, who is standing next to Yuuto, because Miyu and Kokono is in front of Yuuto.

“Mashiro Onee chan. I think you’re too close to Yuuto san…..”

“That’s what I thought too. Just because Yuuto Nii helped you, you get a little attached.”

“This is because we looked at the menu together. ….Ah, are you two perhaps getting jealous~?”

“T-that grin is so annoying ! !”

“…..I’ll definitely get back at you.”


Mashiro secretly provokes his sister with a smug look on her face.

As a result of losing at rock-paper-scissors, she got the best seat, so this will probably happen.

And because the incident where she almost got charged as an elementary student was revealed. It will be like this after all.

Yuuto, listening to their friendly exchange, smiles as he selects a menu item.

“Then I’ll have the Japanese demi-glace hamburg set.”

“I’ll have carbonara pasta and Japanese salad.”

“I’ll have the same as….Miyu Onee chan.”

“What should I choose…….Ah, um, Yuuto Onii san, what do you think of women who eat a lot?”


Suddenly, Mashiro asked him with an upward look.


“I don’t mind it at all. Or rather, I would be more happy if you ate without hesitation.”

“T-thank you so much ! I’m going to press the ping-pong button then ! Leave the ordering to me !”

Mashiro presses the call bell with her small hand. A waiter immediately comes and takes their order.

“Let’s see, one Japanese demi-glace hamburg steak set. Carbonara pasta and two Japanese salads. I’ll have the Japanese set of lemon steak, the grated fried chicken set meal, and a mixed salad.”


Obviously a lot of orders from the latter half of the day.

Clearly many orders from the second half.

[Ah, is that tiny body able to fit that much !? That was almost two set meals !]

Miyu and Kokono nodded their heads in agreement.

Yuuto was astonished, wondering where in the world such a large amount of food could fit.

“——That’s all for the order !”

“I’ll be right with you. Please wait a moment.”

And so it was time to wait for the food to be served.

“I’ll go pour myself a drink.”

“I’ve finished my drink, too, so I’ll go with you.”


[Shall I pour the drinks for you?] Yuto tried to propose it, but he was able to understand Mashiro’s feeling of [I want to go with you], and he answered.

* * * *

“Hey, Kokono, isn’t this seriously bad?”

“Y-yeah. It’s bad…….”

 The two were on their way to the drink bar when they saw Miyui and Shinshino talking secretly to each other.

“You know, the kind person that we talked about before was Yuuto Nii, right?”

“Right. What an amazing coincidence…..”

Isn’t it great?

“…..The greatest.”

When Kokono gave a small hand sign of Good Job, Miyu responded in the same way.

“I’ve been thinking, but……nothing has changed since the old days, about Yuuto Nii.”

“He’s very kind…… He treated us like that even though he didn’t recognize us.”

“Well, seriously, that person is really….something. Rather than feeling glad that we went to the same college, I’m feeling so happy that I was about to go crazy.”

“I’m happy too…… Mashiro Onee chan is also very happy. Look.”

Looking at the drink bar machine, Mashiro is following Yuuto like a baby duck.

She was in a good mood as if a musical note was standing above her head while happily choosing a drink with a smile on her cheeks.

“The plan is to meet at a family restaurant and then split up…..what are we going to do now?”

“No, I don’t want to……”


“But is there anywhere else to go? Yuuto Onii chan has just finished his part-time job, so I don’t think he’d like to go shopping.”

“Bought something at a convenience store, or his house?”


“Don’t you want to know Yuuto Nii’s address….? I haven’t seen him for more than ten years, so I want to get involved with him in various ways.”


“Then I’ll measure the timing and let it flow naturally, and will you cover for me?”


Because the other party is Yuuto, they secretly plan the future so that they can spend more time together.

Once that calculation is over–

“Now !”

Miyu gets up and occupies Mashiro’s seat with an obvious look on her face.

“Okay, I got it.”

“Miyu Onee chan, that’s not fair……….:

“First come, first served~”


The first daughter, who came back in a good mood, was naturally angry at Miyu, who smiled wryly at Konono, who conveyed her dissatisfaction by repeatedly hitting her desk with a light thump.

“What ! Why are you sitting in my seat, Miyu !”

“Ahaha, but this might be a good time to switch seats.”



Yuuto, who was sitting beside Miyu, has no idea why she has a triumphant look on her face.

The next time someone leaves their seat to get another drink, another person will occupy that seat.

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