Shirasaki University, which boasts one of the highest deviation scores in the country. In its cafeteria–

“Sigh. I want a little brother or sister.”

“Ahaha…… That is a bit sudden.”

It was mid-April.

Yamashita Yuuto, a second-year college student, was having lunch with his new friend, as he made the following comment to him.

“The reason I entered this university is because I wanted a younger sister or a brother you know? They would reconsider if I passed the entrance exam.”


This was the first time he had heard of this.

“That’s why I studied so hard…..”

“Erm, um……I guess it was a trap to motivate you?”

“Yeah, I fell for it. [I’m too old for this] he said. So, as an apology, he took me to a sushi bar and I ate a lot of things.”

“I-I see.”

He’s making a bad expression on his face, but it’s probably a fair action.

The fact that he is paying back with money in mind shows his kindness.

“Come to think of it, you have a younger sister, right, Yuuto? I seriously envy you.”

“Hmm. well, technically I have…..but, at the same time, I don’t.”


Out of 100 people, 100 people would have the same reaction if they heard it.

Yuuto continued his explanation as if he had guessed it.

“This is a complicated story, but my sister and I were separated in our childhood…… She was also my younger sister from a second marriage, so we’re not related by blood.”

“I-I see….. I mean, when you say you’re separated, does that mean your stepmom and your father are divorced and separated?”

“I guess something like that. I don’t think they communicate with each other even though they have contact information.”

“It feels like….you have it pretty rough.”

“Haha, I get that a lot.”

His birth mother died of illness when Yuuto was one year old. His second mother divorced his father when he was six years old. He was raised by his father, who raised him as a single man.

He is very grateful to his father for allowing him to go to the university he wanted to go to and for letting him live on his own, even though his childhood was difficult.

“So you haven’t seen your sister at all?”

“I haven’t seen her in over ten years. It’s terrible to say, but I don’t even remember her name.”

“I see.”

His father and second mother were married for one year.

It happened when I was a child, something I can no longer remember due to the long time that has passed since I could count on both hands.

It is something that I can’t even ask my father, a single father, in order not to gouge out old wounds.

I remember that she is one year younger than me, so if she is in college, she must be a new freshman.

Although I said this, I also remember the personalities of my younger sister–my three sisters.

The eldest is the firm one who holds everyone together and loves sweet things.

The second sister was a big spoiled brat, the kind of girl who would storm into the bathroom to take a bath.

The third sister is shy and quiet, always asking me to hold her hand when we go outside.

They were triplets, and although their faces were similar, their personalities were different.

“Speaking of younger sisters, did you know that there were three ridiculously cute sisters in this year’s freshmen class?”

“Ahhh, I haven’t seen them yet, but I heard rumors about them. I believe it was rumored from the time of the entrance exam.”

“Right. By the way, I heard that all of them don’t have boyfriends.”


“Wait, what’s with that disinterested reaction? You’re supposed to react like [Seriously !? Then, let’s go !].”

“No, of course I’m not uninterested, okay? It’s not that I’m not interested….but I have a sister who was separated from me and there were three of them, so there’s some overlap.”

“Huh !? You had three sisters ! !”

“The unusual triplets.”

“A-are you serious ! You’re on the winning side of life ! !”


Maybe it was because I had a lot of younger sisters, maybe it was because of the rarity, but for the time being, my friend was too excited.

A grain of rice that flew from his mouth passed by Yuuto’s eyes like a pistol bullet.

* * * *

“I’m home, everyone〜 What the–“

A room in a certain apartment.

The moment when a girl moved from the entrance to the living room.

“–Hey. You’re scattering the manga again ! Clean up properly !”

There was a scene where she put her hand on her arm and scolded her like a mother.

“A little bit is fine. I’ll put it back when I’m done reading it.”

“I’m always the one putting them away ! I’ll get angry with you if you don’t put it away !”

In fact, she was already angry. Her anger piling up.

But, unfortunately, she doesn’t convey any of that fear.

It’s the same as when a person in a cute stuffed animal suit gets angry but doesn’t seem scary, and that’s definitely because of the way she looks.

“Mashiro Nee, you’re noisy.”

“Noisy…….!? It’s Miyu who’s making me so noisy !”

The one who is arguing with Mashiro, the eldest sister, is Miyu, the second sister, who has dyed her hair blonde.

“……Miyu Onee chan, you better get a grip on your attention, because you only clean up about once every 20 times.”

And in between them is the third sister, Kokono, who picks up the scattered manga and proceeds to read them as a matter of course.

“Hey, Kokono is having a good time, so you should be on my side. You can’t do the reading you’re good at anymore, can you?”

“…..Mashiro Onee chan. Don’t bully.”


Although she said the most straightforward thing, she was bribed and lost allies.

Mashiro, puffing out her cheeks and holding the manga in her hand, quickly put it away and returned.

“Haa, haa……. I’m going to put the cherry tomatoes that Miyu hates in her meal !”

“Ah, I bought strawberry pudding for Mashiro Nee today, you know?”


Hearing those words, Mashiro opened the refrigerator and widened her eyes.

“W-wow ! It’s the pudding from the shop I wanted to try ! Huh, didn’t you have to line up !?”

“Well, I guess I’m lucky because there weren’t many people there today, and I was able to buy it in five minutes.”

“……I heard you waited for an hour.”

“Don’t say unnecessary things, Kokono !”


The third girl’s glutinous cheeks were pulled by Miyu.

After putting a damper on things, Kokono immediately returns to her own time.

Mashiro, who has heard the truth, and Miyu, who has been told the truth, look at each other.

“K-kohon. I understand. I’ll try not to put cherry tomatoes in today.”

“No, I haven’t waited for an hour.”

“I still won’t put the cherry tomatoes in today.”

I knew she was trying to hide her embarrassment.

“Ufufu, it’s pudding. Let’s eat it together after we finish eating, shall we〜?”



The three of them ate dinner and snacks at the same time every day.

It’s fair to say that their friendship is second to none.

“Then I’ll make dinner right away !”

“I’ll leave it to you.”

“Please do.”

The eldest daughter is in charge of cooking.

She puts on a small apron hanging on the wall and immediately begins to prepare the meal.

She opens the refrigerator and stands on tiptoe to pick up the miso paste on the top shelf.

“Mhm, mhm, mhm……”

With her hand buzzing, she stands on her tiptoes with all her strength to pick up the miso that’s a few centimeters away.

The distance has shortened by about 0.5 cm, but the result remains the same.

“Do you want me to get it? You’re so small, you can’t reach it.”


The word “small” stops the movement of her body.

She slowly turned around and said to Miyu while opening her pupils.

“……I’m going to put in cherry tomatoes, I promise.”

“Wait, I was just trying to be considerate !”

“……It happens every time, so I think it’s good to put it in the lower tier. The best place to store them is on the top shelf, but it probably won’t make a difference.”

“……I’ll definitely put shiitake mushrooms in for Kokono.”

“…..I was just giving advice.”

The second daughter, Miyu, is 165 cm tall.

The third daughter, Kokono, is 155 centimeters tall.

The eldest daughter, Mashiro, is 145 centimeters tall.

Mashiro is the oldest sister and the one who holds all the cards together, but when they touch her complexes, she turns into an unreasonable demon and silences them both.

So the eldest daughter tries once again to pick up the miso placed on the top shelf, and Miyu and Kokono look at the scene with stern eyes as if to say, [That’s why you can’t reach it……].

The result was as expected.


Exhaling as if giving up, Mashiro moved the stepping stool that was placed in the corner and picked up the miso.

“What is it? What’s with those looks?”

“It’s nothing.”


It is because they are being subjected to an unreasonable situation that they responded to.

After such an exchange, the meal was ready.

“–Eh, Yuuto Onii san is also attending the university we’re attending !?”



Mashiro picked up the phone from the mother of the three of them, who gave the same response, and let her voice echo through the living room.

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Its look promising

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