“T-Touka san ! ! I can’t do this ! ! Anymore than this ! !”

“Eh? But this is a punishment game for Asumin who ran away♪”

“Guuuuu ! ! ! !”

A room in the ship.

Just as I was seriously trying to think of a way to escape, I was caught by Touka san, who stormed into the room.

And I’m working on a certain exercise.


First of all, I’m not doing anything naughty.

I’m doing……

“W-with this, it’s a hundred ! !”

“Okay, push-ups are done♪ Then, next is sit up♪”

Yes, it was muscle training.

Why am I doing muscle training? I don’t even know why.

But since Touka san insisted that I do it, there was no way I could disobey her after my failed attempts to escape.

While sweating, I followed her instructions and did the muscle training.

“U-um, Touka san, please tell me the purpose of this muscle training ! !”

“I’m not really doing it for any reason, you know? Asumin, your stomach has recently become plump, hasn’t it?”

“Eh !?”

I look down at my body.

Hmm, if you ask me, it looks like my stomach area has gotten a little thicker…

No, but it’s only been about a month since I was confined, and it’s not like I haven’t been exercising.

Although it is true that I’m eating delicious food that I would never have been able to eat in my previous life.

I-I wonder if I’ve really gained weight?

“Maybe, I mean definitely, isn’t that your fault? So I thought I’d have you work out so that you could at least maintain your figure.”

“Y-you’re the one who locked me up ! !”

“That’s why I’ll watch over you here♪ I know it’s hard, but if you meet your quota, you’ll get a reward♪ Do your best♪”


I wonder what kind of reward Touka san is talking about.

Since it’s about this person, there’s a possibility that there’s a little bit of a naughty reward…….

“I-I’ll do my best ! !”

It’s not that I’m expecting it or anything.

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who wouldn’t be happy to be told they’ll get a reward.

“Excuse me.”

“Hm? Aoi chan? Good morning.”

“Good morning, Onii san. Good work.”

When I had done a number of rounds and was rehydrating, Aoi chan came into the room.

She looks at me and bows to me.

But apparently, it was not me who she had business with.

“I brought you that thing, Touka Onee san.”

“Oh, thanks♪”

Aoi chan handed a suspicious liquid in a test tube to Touka san.

“What is that?”

“Fufufu♪ This is a special protein that Aoi prepared for Asumin♪ If you drink it, you’ll become bulky in no time♪”

Eh, no, I don’t really want to become muscular…….

“U-um, at the very least, if I can get rid of the meat around my stomach, that’s all I need.”

“Eh? Don’t you want to be macho anyway?”

Well, if you ask me if I want to be macho, I might be interested.

I imagine myself as a macho man.

“I don’t like the idea of looking like a bodybuilder.”

“I like any kind of you, Onii san.”

“Eh, that so?”

“The current you, the muscular you, the fat you, the skinny you, I like all of them.”

O-oh, I’m a little embarrassed when you say that much.

“Hey, you can’t create an atmosphere that leaves me out of it ! ! Putting that aside, just drink the protein ! !”

“Mugu !?”

I had a test tube shoved into my mouth and its contents touched my tongue.

At that moment, an unimaginable taste filled my mouth.


“Hm? Asumin? W-what’s wrong? You’re suddenly quiet. Hey?”

I wonder why, but I can see the universe…….

Is this really protein? It does not taste bad by any means.

No, in fact, it tastes very good.

But for some reason, it tastes like something that makes you see the truth of the world in a strange way.

To put it bluntly, it was a mysterious taste.

“Ha ! ! H-hm? What am I doing?”

“A-are you okay?”

“N-no, I mean, the moment I drank it, it tasted like I saw the universe or looked into the truth of this world.”

“Pfft, what’s that? That’s funny♪”

“S-seriously ! ! If you doubt it, you should drink it too ! !”


With eyes that look as if they doubt me, Touka san drinks Aoi chan’s special protein.


“How is it?”

“Hm, yeah. This certainly feels like the universe, or rather, it tastes like the truth of the world.”

Touka san turns her attention to Aoi chan, who brought the protein.

“Aoi, are you sure this is protein? Or is it some kind of dangerous medicine?”

“How rude. I would never let Onii san drink something dangerous. There are zero ingredients that are harmful to the human body. ……I haven’t checked the taste though.”


Silently, Touka san approaches Aoi chan.

“Touka Onee san, why are you approaching me with a test tube filled with protein?”

“Well, why don’t you drink it? Just one drop.”


Perhaps influenced by Touka san’s silent pressure, Aoi chan gulped down the protein from the test tube.

Then, Aoi chan stopped moving with her mouth half open.

Aoi chan’s unusual appearance made me worry.

“Ha, w-what am I…… A-and this taste.”

“Right? It tastes amazing, doesn’t it?”

“…..I’ll try to improve the taste.”

After saying that shortly, Aoi chan left the room.

Perhaps because I had been exercising all day that day, I fell asleep soundly…..

When I woke up, I had arrived at my destination.

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