“……Sendai kun?”

After kissing him.

I held his hand for a while and waited for that moment.

Today, I can finally become one with him.

My heart was filled with such anticipation and I was moistening here and there.


“Did you fall asleep?”

I looked at Sendai kun, who had quieted down, and saw that he was dozing off with his eyes closed.

After that, I saw him fall into a dream as if he had reached his limit.

“…….Geez. I’ve only kissed you.”

It was his first kiss.

I was just a little nervous because I had kissed him a lot yesterday, but Sendai kun, you went over the limit of nervousness with the kiss.

He’s cute. I like him.

But I’m a little disappointed.

My body is responding honestly, you know.

“However, Sendai kun’s body seems to be in the same mood. Just a little bit is okay, right?”

When I reached for his lower body, I found that it was ready for me to embrace him.

What a waste.

Besides, if it stays like this, it will definitely be painful, right?

Yeah, he’s asleep now, so I’ll save the first night for tomorrow.

“I’ll make you feel better. I’ll make you comfortable, just wait and see.:


When I woke up, the room was still dark.

I wonder when I fell asleep.

If I recall correctly, I went to bed with Senpai yesterday……


I suddenly remembered that I was kissed.

I was so flustered that I looked next to me and she was no longer there.


As I touch my lips, I search my memory and realize that what happened yesterday wasn’t just a dream.

However, no matter how I think about it, it’s not a dream.

I was kissed by Senpai.

“……But, I fell asleep last night.”

I don’t remember much.

I don’t even remember what the first kiss tasted like.

It tasted slightly sweet, but that was about it.

But I do remember the cold touch of her lips on mine.

After that, I was looking up at the ceiling for a long time, unable to look at her.

I didn’t even know what to do after the kiss, and I was desperately trying to pull out the knowledge I had gained from the erotic books, trying to turn my spinning head.

It seems like I just fell asleep.

“……Oh no.”

But whatever the case, we kissed.

With Senpai.

Um, Hyori Shion and I kissed.

I have to make sure that it wasn’t a dream or an illusion.


When I hurriedly left the room and headed to the kitchen, I found Senpai cooking in an apron, as usual.


“Good morning, Sendai kun. You fell asleep last night.”

She looked a little sad as she turned around and said so.

However, she did not look embarrassed.

The only thing that makes me think that we didn’t kiss each other is her usual expression.

“G-good morning…um, did I fall asleep right away?”

“Yeah. I thought it was quiet so I looked in and saw that you were asleep.”

“I see.”

“Yeah. Breakfast will be ready soon.”

After saying that, she started cooking again as if nothing had happened.

Maybe the kiss was a dream after all?

“Um, Shion san…..about last night.”

“Did it feel good?”


“It was my first time. Um…was it bad?”

“First time,……n-no, it was my first time too……but it felt really good.”

When I saw Senpai shyly asking, I was finally convinced that everything that happened yesterday wasn’t just a dream.

I knew I had kissed her.

And it was the first time for me too.

I’m so happy.

But I guess I forced her again.

“I’m sorry I made you do it. I’m a guy, I should lead.”

“No, it’s fine. But it’s a little bitter.”

“Bitter? Was it bitter?”

“Yes, but I didn’t dislike it. Don’t worry about it.”


I put my hand over my mouth and exhaled.

But I brushed my teeth last night and I don’t think I have bad breath.

Kiss, I guess she didn’t like it after all.

“Um, was there anything you didn’t like about it?”

“No, nothing. I was very happy too.”

“R-really? Then that’s fine.”

Senpai did not show any signs of displeasure, and I was relieved to see that.

Then, just as I was feeling relieved, I suddenly remembered the feeling of a kiss.


I want to do it again.

I’ve heard that lovers often kiss each other to say good morning or to greet each other.

Yesterday, I ended up with Senpai taking the lead.

I’m a guy.

So I’m going to be brave and ask her.


“What’s wrong?”

“Well……now, if I say I want you to do it again here, is that, you know, not okay?”

That’s all I can do.

Let me kiss you, or something.

I couldn’t say very straightforwardly.

I thought the flow of the conversation should convey the message.

I was at a loss for words when I asked her,

“It’s so early, it’s embarrassing.”

She refused.

“Ah…..I-I’m sorry. Y-you’re right, what am I talking about in the morning?”

“Uh, it’s fine. You’re a boy after all.”

“W-well…I-I’m going to change clothes !”

I tried to be aggressive and ended up getting Senpaiinto trouble, so I ran back to my room.

Yes, Senpai is an adult, but she is pure.

I’m sure she must have been very shy when she kissed me.

But she did her best for me.

I should do my best too, but I should not get carried away and be too aggressive.

“Geez, Sendai kun, you’re so naughty.”

You want me to do it in the morning.

I’m not averse to it, of course, and I’d even rather do it for you.

Of course, if I did that, people might think I was a shameless woman.

I thought it would make Sendai kun feel more comfortable if I was a little shy.

Besides, I should save up enough for tonight, right?

“I won’t let you sleep tonight, I promise. Ehehe.”

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