“Shion san, the cake was delicious. Um, how about taking a bath?”

“Can I come in?”

“Yes, of course. Well then, I’ll wash the dishes.”

“No, I’ll do that.”

“No, that’s okay. You see, uh,…..I want to help Shion san, too. Please leave it to me.”

“Sendai kun,……yeah, I understand. I’m going to go take a bath then.”

Senpai, who normally wouldn’t let me wash the dishes, simply backed down and went to the bathroom today.

I wonder if such a trivial change is due to the fact that Senpai and I started dating.

Does that mean she’s starting to rely on me?

I’m glad to hear that.

“Now, let’s do the dishes…….”

As I put the plate and fork down in the sink, I noticed a fork with a bit of cream on it.

The fork from Senpai’s mouth.

For some reason, I’m strangely conscious of it.

“…… no, no, no. What’s the point of licking this thing? I’m just a pervert.”

I immediately shook my head to shake off my evil thoughts as the idea of indirect kissing with this fork in my mouth came to my mind, a little perverted.

I immediately rinsed it off under running water and polished it clean with a sponge.

“Huh. I really am a hopeless man.”

Even though Senpai chose me.

If things continue like this from now on, I’ll soon run out of affection.

I have to be careful for now.

Then, slowly nurture my love for Senpai as a lover.

First of all…well, let’s hold hands and go on a date.

Well, we’ve held hands many times.

Walking around town holding hands as lovers……no, come to think of it, we did that too.

Well, then, we went out to eat something together……no, no, it’s too late for that, we have dinner at home together every day.

I’ve been doing things with Senpai like lovers without even realizing it.

I thought it was normal for Senpai to do so because she is an adult.

But now that I think about it, was she also trying to make a move on me?

Well, I can’t be sure now.

Anyway, I’m going to do something that is like a lover.

…I guess it’s kissing after all.

“Kissing with, that’s tough.”

Right now, it doesn’t seem like we’re completely in love with each other.

According to the information I looked up on the internet, there are people who say that even if they don’t particularly like you, if someone confesses to you that it’s okay, they will try dating you first and then think about it.

I’m sure Senpai is like that.

If a cute girl like Miyama san had confessed to me and asked me to go out with her before I met her, I would have said yes even before I fell in love with her.

In reality, I think that is the case in many cases when people go out with someone.

It would be ideal if both people were in love with each other, even before they started going out.

But that’s not the case.

I’m happy that she thinks it’s OK for us to be in a relationship.

So I have to do my best to make her like me more and tell me that she likes me too.

“Okay, for now, my goal is to make Senpai tell me she likes me.”

Once that’s decided, I’ll talk more with Senpai and go on dates with her on the weekends.

I’ll make her tell me she likes me.

“I love you, Sendai kun. I love you. I love your everything.”

The bath is a little warm from Sendai kun’s body heat.

I love it because I feel like I’m one with him.

I’m so happy that there is nothing to wash away.

But I have to clean up properly.

We’re going to sleep together again today, right?

We’re going to be husband and wife.

We’ll sleep together every night, right?

Yeah, that sounds idealistic.

We’re in love with each other, we get engaged, we live together, and then we get married.

We took separate baths today because I wanted to have time to bake a cake.

But tomorrow, of course, we’ll take a bath together, right?

I want to make out in the living room afterwards.

I want to kiss him again.

His lips felt so good.

I wonder if he will kiss me first.

But he’s shy, so that might be a little difficult.

What should we do after I get out of the bath? 

I should ask him where he wants to have the wedding.

There is a church with a view of the sea at Akaitohama, isn’t there?

I wonder if they would let high school students go down there to check it out?

“I’ll check it out with Sendai kun after I get out of the bath.”


Having set the goal of getting Senpai to say she liked me, I first started tidying up the living room.

It was a bit messy, and if I was just spoiled by Senpai, there was a chance that she would run out of love for me.

I didn’t want to be fastidious, but I needed to show her that even though I was younger than her, I had a strong side.

“I’m out of the bath.”

Just as I had finished my work, Senpai came back into the living room.

She was wiping her hair with a towel and wearing a light pink sweatshirt today as usual.

I don’t know if “as usual” is the right word.

No matter what she’s doing or what she’s wearing, she’s beautiful.

“Okay. I was just tidying up the living room.”

“Tidying up? Did someone come over?”

“No, it was a little messy. I can’t invite guests like this.”

Of course, there aren’t many people I’d invite to my house.

Senpai’s expression darkened when I casually answered that.

“……Will you invite someone over?”


“Who are you calling? That girl? Did you call her?”


I think she turned her head slightly and slowly approached me.

Senpai looked up and stared at me.

She glared.

“Hey, who is it?”

“N-no……, it’s not who.”

“You lied? Sendai kun, did you lie?”

“I-I didn’t mean that…….well, the guest is just a metaphor.”

“Then why did you suddenly start cleaning up? Is it because you don’t want anyone to see any evidence that I live here?”

Senpai is approaching me.

The sudden change in appearance made me back away from the room, and then I sat down on the sofa.

She looks down at me from above.

Senpai is clearly angry.

I have no idea why.

Maybe I moved something she didn’t want me to touch or something.

Anyway, I have to settle the situation…….

“I-I’m sorry. I took the liberty of doing that.”

“You don’t have a guest?”

“Y-yes……I don’t have anyone I’d like to invite to my house.”

“Really? Are you lying? It’s no good to lie, right? You can’t lie to your partner, okay?”

“I-I never lie……I……wanted to show Shion san how good I was, so I did something I’m not used to doing, like cleaning up……”

I had no idea what Senpai was angry about, but there was no doubt that I had done something to anger her, so I told her the truth.


“Is it….for me?”

As if something had fallen out of her possession, Senpai’s expression turned into a scowl.

“E-erm..I wanted Senpai to say, uh, that she likes me……so, I tried a little harder……I’m sorry, I suddenly had to do something I wouldn’t normally do.”

“Do you want me to tell you that I like you?”

“O-of course, I do. But……”

In the end, it seems that my actions backfired on me.

I looked up at Senpai, regretting that I shouldn’t do something I’m not used to doing.

“I like you. I love you.”


Senpai said to me.


“I love you, Sendai kun. I love that you’re so selfish.”

“Senpa……Shion san……”

Senpai laughed a little.

I was almost terribly excited to have Senpai say she loves me for the first time.

I realized that I had somehow forced herself to say something, and I calmed down.

Senpai is kind and she is like a big sister.

I dared her to tell me that she loved me, and she’s trying to fulfill my desire.

There must have been something to be angry about.

I wonder how kind of a person she is to put up with that and adjust to me.

……I need to do better, I guess.

“Um, anyway, I’m sorry. I’ll go make some tea.”

“No, it’s fine. I’d rather enjoy the clean living room. Do you want to watch TV with me?”

“I-I’d love to.”

“Yeah. I love you.”


After this, we were sitting on the couch together watching TV.

Senpai would see an opening and mumble [I love you] next to me and smile.

She was probably making fun of me.

Of course, I didn’t even think she thought I was cool or dependable.

Still treating me like I’m younger, I guess.

Not in this teasing way.

I have to work hard to make her say she likes me from the bottom of her heart…….

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Dayum maybe… just maybe yanderes are a little scary lol I feel like he’s gonna end up not alive at the end