“…… Where am I?”

When I woke up, I was on a bed in the infirmary, not in the classroom or in the hallway.
Right, I went to see Tokiwa kun, but I was still in pain, so I was brought to the infirmary…….

“Tokiwa kun……”

Tokiwa kun was asleep in my lap, sitting in a chair next to the bed.
He had been nursing me this whole time.
You are so kind. I love you.

I remember it vaguely.
He once rebelled against Sensei and asked her to stay here with me.
I remember how he held my hand and called out to me with concern.

“No…..if you’re that nice to me, I’m going to be more and more reluctant to leave.”

I’m already afraid to go back to class like this.
I want to stay here all the time, watching his sleeping face and killing time until the sun goes down.

Tokiwa kun, why are you so wonderful?
Are you the prince who always thinks of me first?
I…..I’m the kind of woman who can’t even breathe when I’m just a few feet away from Tokiwa kun.
Are you after my body?
No, I don’t think so. Tokiwa kun is a gentleman.
Is it because you liked my meal?
That would make me happy, but I don’t feel safe at all when I think about someone who cooks better than me.
After all, the happier I am, the more anxious and bitter I become.
On the other hand, if Tokiwa kun says he doesn’t like me, I will probably kill him and then myself.
I wonder if there is any way to stay with him forever.
How can we be together forever?
Hey, tell me, Tokiwa-kun……

“You’re awake, Hyori.”
“Sensei……yes, I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

Taniguchi sensei returned to where she was as I watched Tokiwa kun sleep soundly, my thoughts spinning around in disarray.

“You were hyperventilating, but you seem to be okay now. Are you ready to go back to class?”
“……It’s difficult today.”
“I see. But I’m not going to let him skip class, too. I’ll wake him up.”

Sensei reached out to shake Tokiwa kun’s shoulder.
At that time, I quickly brushed her hand away.

“Stop it.”
“W-what’s wrong, Hyori?
“I’ll wake you up. Please don’t touch him, Sensei.”

No matter what kind of woman she was.
I did not want her to touch Tokiwa kun.
A strong emotion inside me made my body move reflexively.

“……I see. Then you can wake him up.”
“Yes, I’m sorry.”

I know Sensei didn’t mean any harm.
So I apologized.
Then I slowly put my hand on his shoulder and shake it lightly.

“……Nn? H-hm? This is.”
“Good morning.”
“Ah, Senpai? Was I asleep?”

Someone shook me and I woke up with a jump.
I was not aware that I had been asleep, and in a panic, I woke up and turned over the chair.

“I’m sorry, I was here with the intention of taking care of you…….”
“Yeah, it’s fine. I’m already feeling better.”
“I see. Erm, are you going to be able to go back to class?”
“No, I don’t think so. I’ll be here a little while longer.”
“O-okay. Or rather, what time is it?”

I looked at my watch as I asked.
The hands of the clock were pointing to 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

“What, it’s already lunchtime? I must have skipped the whole morning.”

I looked at my phone and saw several messages from Kaneko.
From reading the messages, it seems that it’s going well with the teacher.
The problem is not with the teacher, but with my classmates.
They were all talking about me and Senpai skipping school to go out and have fun.

“I wish I could just skip school.”

I didn’t feel like going back to the classroom with such an atmosphere, and I also didn’t feel like going back to bed.
But Taniguchi sensei, who was standing by my side, said, [I won’t allow you to skip class without a reason.]

“I know…….well, what are you going to do for lunch, Senpai?”
“I have a lunch box.”
“Ah, thought so. Then, do you want to go back to the classroom to pick it up?”
“Yeah. But I think it’s a little hard.”
“I see. Hmm.”
“You must be hungry, right? I’ve prepared lunch for both of us.”
“For me, too?:”
“Yeah. I have to go and get it.”

Senpai was trying to stand up with a weak body.
Seeing her like that, I said to her.

“I’ll go get it.”

Senpai was still not at full strength.
I couldn’t force her to wake up and go get lunch just because I was embarrassed.

“It’s okay. At least let me do that. Uh, what class was it?”
“…… Class 1. It’ll be in the back of the room.”
“Okay, I’ll go get them.”

Although I didn’t feel like it, I decided to leave the infirmary and head to Senpai class.

The second grade classrooms are in the school building directly across from the building where the first grade classrooms are located.
When I arrived in front of the classroom with the nameplate [2nd Grade Class 1] at the very front of that first floor, I felt countless stares from inside the classroom.

“……Excuse me.”

Still, I couldn’t leave after coming this far, so I entered the classroom with my face down and went to a seat in the back.
Then, next to what would have been Senpai’s seat, I found the paper bag that Senpai had been carrying that morning.

“Is this it?”

I quickly pick it up and turn around to head for the exit.
The stares of the upperclassmen are painful.
The fact that I, an underclassman who is rumored, came to this place and took the Senpai’s baggage for her is like I’m trying to make an already established fact by myself.

“Hey, wait.”

I wanted to leave as soon as possible because of this situation, but someone stopped me and made me stop.


When I turned around, I saw a familiar boy standing there with a scowl on his face.

“Is it true that you’re dating Hyori?”

The older male senior who asked me that was the one who had confessed his feelings to Hyori in the courtyard before and had been rejected.
Soccer club, I think.
No, that’s not important right now.
I’ll just have to fake it and get to Senpai as soon as possible.

“OU-um. What does that have to do with you, Senpai?”
“Nothing, that’s not important. Just answer the question.”

I wasn’t sure how to answer the question.
If I clearly say, [No, I’m not] maybe that will reassure him, but then I think I might have to explain from scratch why I’m here to pick up her lunch.
On the other hand, if I lie and say that we are dating, the rumor will become big, and I may end up getting punched in the face by this person.

But I don’t care about that, I just want to get to Senpai as soon as possible.
Please let me go…….

“Hey, how is it?”
“Is that wrong? Some people are saying that you’re stalking Hyori. You might have tried to take that baggage out without being asked to.”
“T-that’s not true. I was asked by her.”
“Then show me the proof. Call her now and show me if it’s true or not.”

When he told me to contact her, I realized.
I don’t have her contact information.
I don’t know anything about her.

“Hey, what’s going on? Don’t tell me you don’t know her contact information?”
“Haha, so it’s just a rumor that you’re dating her, huh? You’re the one who started that rumor, aren’t you?”
“I’ll go get that baggage for her. Give it to me.”

The man in front of me tried to take Senpai’s lunch from me.
The people around me who were listening to the conversation were also making a lot of noise, saying, [Good, do it !]

I resisted desperately.
But I couldn’t compete with the upperclassmen of the sports club, and soon the paper bag was snatched away from me.

“Damn. Don’t misunderstand, someone like you can’t get close to her. I’ll make sure I deliver her lunch.”

I wanted to say back to the man who was swearing at me as I fell on my butt, which one of us was the misunderstood son of a bitch.
But I couldn’t.
I was too scared to say anything.

The man, happily holding the paper bag containing the lunch box made by Senpai, glared at me and was about to leave the classroom.

And that’s when.


Most of the people in this classroom raised their voices.
All eyes were on the doorway at the back of the classroom.
I turned around to see what was going on,


Standing there was Hyori senpai.

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